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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Founders Left Out a Right

You're asking what right so important at this time, that wasn't important back then? It's the right to be free from everyone else. Otherwise, do what you want, but don't disturb my world with your grandiose delusions that change nothing, or only make your over-sized ego larger.

You want more taxes? Fine, but you get what I give you only. If I decide not to, then guess what? Yeah, you you understand. You're power to be obnoxious and overbearing disappears quickly when you're scrambling for the money most people won't give you.

I'm thinking the thought of leaving people alone was so ingrained, nobody could imagine a society where constant meddling was accepted. Times have changed, and I think there would be eleven amendments in the Bill of Rights if the founders could have seen the future. Liberty meant more than just the first word in the name of a life insurance company.

Wisdom for Today

Few people are patriots if being one jeopardizes a check from the government.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Economy is Shrinking

If I spend too much money, spending more doesn't make up the shortfall and revitalize my bank account. That's the real world.

In the fantasy world of Washington D.C., where the average annual income is substantially more than in the real world, they believe spending more money is the answer for the deficit and shrinking economy.

I don't know what recreational drugs they're taking up there, but they're powerful hallucinogens and everybody seems to be affected. Maybe it's in the water, or maybe they really don't care and the peons be damned. . 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When It Comes To Protection...

...progressives, socialists - whatever you call them this week - can't protect themselves, so they want the government to do the job, but they can't protect themselves from the government, or anything else that requires their protection..How screwed up can you be and still manage to exist?

So Why and Why Weren't The Citizens Notified

The Army decided to take part, or orchestrate an urban exercise in Houston, but failed to notify the citizens of their intentions. To make matters worse, nobody is fessing up to their mistake and facing the consequences.

This is unacceptable. An apology is in order from all concerned and those responsible need to be removed from their position. You don't use your office to terrorize citizens and you don't ignore the fact that all citizens are sovereign and deserve their privacy.


They're out there. Constantly probing, looking for information and attempting to lure you to a website so post counts can go up, or do the same to search engines so the website is more likely to be one of the first hits on a search.

It's insidious. The software to launch spambots creates another software need to fight the spambots, which leads to better spambots, which leads to better software to fight the goes on forever.

Meanwhile, I get hits from spambots, which makes my traffic increase, but I'd rather have real people read my blog. I don't do this for money. Maybe I should. Spambots work cheap and they sure are tireless.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I Was Trimming The Drive and Patio

When I was growing up, we had one of those old type edgers. Weed whackers weren't invented, so it was an engine, an adjustable steel blade, a drive belt and all was mounted on a three wheel cart, with handles.

It was easy to use. You started the engine, set the blade to the correct height and ran it down the edge between concrete and the yard. Simple? Right?

I finished the drive, so I need to go edge the patio. Next to the house was a walk that was elevated from the drive. I left the engine running, pulled the blade up, tilted it back and eased it up on the walk. No problem and everything was good.

Now, I'd reached the point where the walk ended and needed to roll the edger on the grass a short distance to edge our small , concrete back-patio. I reached down and grabbed the handy handle on the top of the edger and the next thing I remember, I was laying on my back staring at the sky.

I spent a few moments wondering who tackled me, looked around and slowly stood up. The edger had died and was laying on the side. I looked again, but couldn't find who knocked me to the ground, so I carefully reached down to pick up the edger and place it back upright.

I made a discovery. My hand, and fingers, were a perfect match for the handle and the top of the spark plug right under the handle. During my effort to pick up the edger, I managed to place the top of the spark plug between my middle and ring finger.

My arm ached for about an hour and I was sore for a few days, which was much better than finding I'd managed to fall into the spinning blade on the edger.

You live and you learn. It looked a lot like the photo below, but if you notice, no top handle and exposed spark plug on the newer models.

Bots Like Cantaloupe

How do I know? Because they've spent the majority of the day examining this post and many are from Romania.

Do You Want To Know?

What a traitor is? This is one. Anyone that has the intention of disarming the honest citizens of this country is a traitor. There's no other way to describe it, since it's a right guaranteed by the Constitution and the final result of such an action would ruin the country.

For you that live in San Diego, you've got a big problem on your hand. Get rid of this guy and do it fast. What he suggests is dancing on the line of treason. Personally, I think he already crossed the line.

It's Monday

I could write about a few things this morning, such as the interview with Hillary and Obama and what nefarious plot they might be hatching - but I won't. I didn't watch the show, don't really believe anything they say and have boycotted CBS for a long time. Otherwise, if I was the intended audience, they've failed miserably and their advertisers might look for a different station for selling their product.

Have a good day and try to think of at least one impossible thing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What If They Don't Show Up?

I never thought about such a thing, until I moved to a rural area. I've had a few times where I had to call the sheriff's department, or a game warden and the time it took for them to arrive made me think thoughts like the title of my post.

That's why you keep a gun - shotgun preferably for protection in the home - know how to use it and keep it ready for when a drunk stranger beats on your house in the middle of the night and refuses to leave, until you go help them pull their car from a ditch. Their attitude changes completely when they hear the sound of a shell being chambered in a shotgun and you know they have little chance of causing you harm if they decide not to go, or break into your home.

That's what the second amendment is about, beside the fact it might be your only hope when government employees lose sight of liberty and become pawns to a rogue administration. Good people respect those that are willing to defend themselves. Bad people don't and are criminals, whether by nature or following illegal government edicts.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Short Attention Span

Just about every day, I look at the right side of my blog and wait for the inspiration for chapter 10 of my book. It will come and the remaining chapters will follow. When is the big question.

I'm hoping writing about my thoughts will jar them into spilling out. We'll see.

Let's Do Some Math

We'll take 7 million and divide it by 14% of 50,000

7,000,000/(.14*50,000)= 1000

Now, what is the significance of this problem? I'll explain:

President Obama spent $7,000,000 of taxpayer money for his Christmas vacation to Hawaii. This equals to the paid taxes of 1000 workers, or families that made $50,000 and paid a federal income tax rate of 14%. That's an entire year of labor and nothing to show for it, except for the President to fly to Hawaii to play some golf and dick around for a few days.

Seven million is a drop in the bucket of government waste, so the number of people that have to work all year to pay for this waste is substantially higher.

I don't know about you, but these types of things infuriate me. The arrogance and condescension is intolerable. Write your congress critter and let them know. I do, and I'm not polite. 

In The Middle of Nowhere

Almost twenty years ago, we had a project in a small town in Central Texas. The best way to describe the place is the middle of nowhere. There was a store and a church, which didn't sit next to each other. I think I counted a half dozen homes within sight and some others in the distance.

I liked the scenery: rolling hills, big open skies and the rich, fertile ground found in that part of Texas. The cows were fat and looked like they'd been in a feed lot.

We were there in the late Spring, which can bring some hefty thunderstorms along the dry line, or weak frontal boundaries. We had a few, including tornadoes and large hail. They'd grow into monsters as the sun heated the unstable air. Even though I'd been around thunderstorms my entire life, these were different. Only someone that's lived on the plains that stretch from Texas to the Canadian border can understand the significance of the storms. They're awe inspiring and can bring moments of sheer terror when they arrive.

The most notable thing about the site was the general store a few hundred feet from where we were working. It looked like many of the old stores I was familiar with, but this one was different: it had damn near everything someone would need.

There were tools, hardware, food, soft drinks, beer, fishing gear, pipe and fittings, sundries.....just about everything. The selection made Walmart look like a specialty shop.

The old man that ran the store was shrewd, to say the least. He knew his customers, which were scattered about in the surrounding area and kept the things anyone that lived in a rural area required. Only if you've lived in the middle of nowhere can you appreciate some of the things he had, such as PVC pipe, fittings, glue and primer.

Since there was nowhere to eat, and we were there every day, the store owner let us keep our lunch meat, and anything else we wanted, in one of his coolers. We'd bring the unfinished packs back in and pay him for more when it was needed.

We finished the job, left and I never thought much about it, until a few weeks ago. Out of curiosity, I looked on Google Earth and found a photo of the store. It's now closed and up for sale. Maybe someone will buy it, make it like it was, and I'll have the opportunity to drive the few hundred miles just to retrieve some memories.

If you're ever in San Gabriel, Texas, take a look at the old store. If it's now open, go in for a soft drink. If not, just sit on the bench by the porch and think of how things used to be. It's a beautiful place and full of memories.

Meanwhile, in Egypt

Apparently, the "feel good" aspect of the Obama Administration is not being felt by many of the citizens. They know the meddling, obvious involvement with people that want to take away all freedoms with violence and monetary rewards to corrupt government officials will only lead to more deaths and terrorism.

The sign at this link says it all.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Right On The Face

A fly landed right between the eyes of Obama, while he was giving a speech.  I think this means something and I don't think it's a good thing.

We Need Some Solutions

It's obvious many Congress members don't believe their oath of office carries stipulations. Since the oath demands they defend the Constitution, and some ignore the laws mandated by the Constitution, the only solution is impeachment. I'll hold my breath while Congress does its duty by removing those that are in violation of their oath of office.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary and Distractions

I think it's great they finally got her in front of some congressional committees. It's a good distraction from all the progressive canaries talking about abolishing the Second Amendment, with gun sales out the roof and states telling the to go suck eggs.


The Inauguration is Over

Now that the fanfare, parties and balls are over, it's time for the administration to go back to playing golf, wasting money by flying Air Force One all over hell's half acre for no reason, hiding criminal acts and wallowing in incompetency. I think the new slogan is "forward", which is ironic, since the entire country is obviously going backwards.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What He Should Have Said

I've listened to snippets of the inaugural address today. Personally, it was more empty words with promises of progressive meddling. Otherwise, the shit was deep and the spreaders were enamored with their self-importance.

What should have been said:

"...We've reached a point in our destiny were self-reliance is most important. With that in mind, the development of energy independence is paramount and the development of all energy sources - including hydrocarbons - will be my goal for the next four years. 

How shall we accomplish this? With a strong effort to relieve excessive regulations on those that develop and produce energy. My goal is to make the greatest country in the world a shining example of self-sufficiency and fiscal responsibility. It's our heritage and a continuance of the efficient industry our ancestors developed. Energy independence will help with financial security and remove the reliance on foreign nations that can't even protect those that help with their own energy development. 

Now, we need to bow our heads and pray for the families of the Americans killed by terrorists in Algeria. While we can't change what has passed, we can change what is to come and never expose our fine citizens to the same dangers ever again..."

I can wish. A good man would have those goals. We don't have a good man in the White House. May our future leaders never make the same mistakes.

A local man was one of those killed in Algeria. It was heartbreaking to hear his daughter try to explain her sorrow. Her tears and sobs were the same I've experienced when close family members were killed way before what we perceived was their time.

I'll pray for the family tonight. It's all I can do and I'm sure it will not be enough.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ignorance and Arrogance

Todd had some good qualities. He was resourceful, had more than an average ability to observe and was much more intelligent than anyone could imagine. Put to a productive use, he could have been anything, but he could only be described as a sociopath.

Todd's parents were good people, worked hard and did what they could to raise him to be a productive member of society. In their mind, they were doing a good job, but they were unaware of the thoughts of their son.

At the end of grade school, Todd had his first encounter with a bully. The student was new, big and willing to punish for his enjoyment. He caught Todd one morning in front of school and shook him down for money. Todd although completely without fear, pretended so and gave the money to the bully. They bully walked away feeling smug; Todd started planning retaliation.

Todd watched his prey for months. He analyzed every move he made, discovered patterns and eventually made his move.

It was a typical day of class. The children were hustling up the stairs to class and Todd was ready. The bully, unaware and following the crowd as usual, was soon sent down the stairs by an "innocent" trip by Todd. The result was broken limbs and a concussion. Todd, still planning more, waited for the bully to return. He didn't have long to wait.

Within days, Todd saw his opportunity. The bully, slower than anyone, due to his casts and crutches, was slowly making his way to the side door. Todd was waiting. With nobody watching, he quickly moved behind the bully and placed the knife he kept in his sock against the neck of the bully. With a few short words and a prick of the blade, he made the bully fully aware he was completely helpless, a future target and would spend a long time in fear. He quickly relinquished what money he had. Todd promised more visits, which only increased the fear of the bully.

Over the rest of the class year, Todd played with the bully. He'd give him days, or weeks unmolested, but he would eventually find the time, and place, to get some more money. The bully, even with efforts to change his path or schedule, realized he was helpless. Todd was his master and he was a pawn to Todd's whims. His bones were healed, but his mind would never be the same.

Although he could have been better, Todd was an average student and eventually graduated from high school. He entertained the thought of college for only a short time, before he decided to go to work. He'd have time for that in the future, but for now, he'd see what life would offer and his thoughts were of all the prey he watched every day.

As a security guard, Todd was in the perfect position to acquire the things he wanted. Somebody would leave something, or allow Todd to notice something of value they thought could be locked away. He would find the opportunity and take what he wanted, even if he had to pick locks, which was a skill he learned during his youth. Lockers in school were his favorite target. Affluent children were his usual targets. They'd have money, or expensive items he could sell. It wasn't hard to find a fence for the goods and even as a very young man, his fence was sufficiently aware of the dangers of crossing Todd. He made the error only once of attempting to cheat Todd out of his money. His leg bore the scar of the cut he described as falling while working at home.

In his early late teens, and still living at home, Todd decided it was time to move on. His parents, completely unaware of the monster they raised, offered to help with college, which was their way of prodding Todd to move out if he wasn't going to be more productive. Todd took the hint and started planning.

Todd started jogging. It wasn't for his health, which was excellent. Jogging offered him unencumbered access to the miles of neighborhoods, which he categorized and placed in his thoughts. Working shift as a guard was a benefit that allowed observation of people in all hours of the day. He knew when they came, or went and he knew what people had. Their open garages, or types of cars gave Todd all the information he needed for lucrative burglaries, which gave him money for leaving.

One morning, after realizing he wasn't making the progress he wanted, Todd started formulating a new plan. He need more money and a vehicle to leave, which turned his thoughts to new endeavors. To get the big money, he needed to go beyond the petty crimes and go for something larger. His plans bore fruition by accident. As a predator, he was soon stalking his prey.

While in the grocery store one Saturday, Todd noticed an elderly woman bought her groceries with a hundred dollar bill. This raised his interest, especially since the woman carelessly allowed him to see her wallet had lots of cash and he knew where she lived. He also noticed she had credit cards, which were the same as cash.  He started planning, which included more frequent jogs in her neighborhood.

Todd soon found out the woman went to the grocery store every Saturday. She would shop, drive to the garage and open the door with her remote in the car. After she pulled in, she would close the door behind, which he knew would obstruct any observation of what went on in the garage.

Todd spent time examining the house and realized the woman was alone. She might come and go, or some friends would stop by, but she was definitely alone. Todd started his plan.

It was a miserable Saturday. Light rain was interspersed with heavy showers, which only added more misery to the early fall day. Todd, putting on his rain gear, left early in the morning - before it was light - and hid by the side of the house of his prey. Like clockwork, the garage door opened at 8:00 am and the woman left for her trip to the grocery store. Todd, knowing it was time, soon gained access to the house through a side door. If there were any neighbors around, he determined they were indoors, assuming nobody would be out in this weather and complacent. They'd be sleeping in, or watching television. Nobody would be alert and out watching the neighborhood.

Todd made a quick pass through the house. Looking in all the usual places, he found little and only a few hundred in hidden cash. It would work for now, but it was time to prepare for the return of his victim. He went to the garage, found a place to hide behind a cabinet and waited, with the heavy pipe wrench he found hanging in a closet. She must have lost her husband and his tools remained.

Todd was alerted when he heard the car in the driveway. Within seconds, the door opened and the new sedan pulled into the garage. Patiently waiting, Todd waited for the woman to leave the car, open the trunk and reach for the first bag of groceries. Moving swiftly, he hit her on the back of the head with the wrench. Prepared for another strike, he was surprised when she immediately slumped to the floor. He quickly dragged her into the house and started looking through her purse.

The purse was a bonanza of prizes. Not only was there a new bank envelope with a thousand in cash, there were three credit cards, which he knew could be used wherever there was no demand for identification. It was time to go, so he waited for a heavier shower, started the car, opened the garage door and pulled out on the drive. Before he pulled to the street, he closed the garage door. As far as any observer could see, the woman was going on another errand. The heavy rain prevented anyone from determining who was driving the car.

Todd headed toward the beach. When he was a child; his father brought them every summer and he knew the path by heart. He would hide until dark. After that, he would make a strong push toward the west to the nearest large city, where he would abandon the car. After that, he knew he could survive. He had enough money; the rest was easy.

At first, Todd was a little confused when he reached the beach. The stores were all closed and the heavy rain obscured the landmarks he remembered. Eventually, he found an access road to the beach and pulled to a spot where he felt was obscured from traffic and observation.

Realizing he was hungry, Todd went to the trunk to see what there was to eat. There was little unprocessed food, except for some apples and crackers, but he was glad to find a bottle of peach brandy. He'd never had any, but he decided to sip on it while waiting for nightfall.

As Todd ate, and drank, he thought about his future. He had no real plan, but he had the resource he was born with. There were always more to take advantage of and he knew the larger city would increase his source of victims.

The brandy soon made Todd drowsy. Deciding to take a nap, he leaned the seat back and soon fell asleep.

A heavy clap of thunder awoke Todd. Looking from the window, he realized the light had faded and night would soon fall. It was time to go. Starting the car, he started to pull toward the road he'd taken when he arrived.

Pulling ahead, he realized the surf was much closer than when he arrived. Waves had washed almost to the dunes and the path had areas where the water had washed deep gouges in the beach.

Not sure of what to do, Todd accelerated through the low areas. The sedan bounced and the wheels spun as he passed to the other side. Thinking he was fine, he let off the accelerator, which caused the car to bog down into the sand. His progress soon slowed, which caused him to push the accelerator to the floor. The car stopped and the wheels spun in the sand.

Irritated and not knowing what to do, Todd reached to open the door and survey his predicament. The door was locked, so he found the button and unlocked the door. Opening the door, he stepped out into the fading light and started walking around the car.

The tires were mired in soft sand. Todd, analyzing the situation knew his plan required the car, so he had to free it and leave. Maybe he could push it. His effort was fruitless. He had to come up with another plan. Night was falling rapidly and the drops of rain signaled a heavy shower was on the way.

He looked for something to place under the wheels. His father had become stuck years ago and he used some driftwood to place under the tires for traction. Todd started hunting for driftwood; well aware the light was now very dim and night would soon fall.

Gathering what he found, Todd  used a board he found to start digging under the tires. It was slow work and  and it occupied his thoughts. He was unaware of the approaching tide, which was inching up the beach.

Working frantically, he was surprised when he found his knee was wet. A wave had washed water to within inches and dampened the sand. Turning toward the surf, he was completely off guard when a larger wave washed up the beach and surrounded the car.

A quick flash and almost immediate thunder made Todd realize a storm was arriving. A heavy gust of wind brought immediate heavy rain. He had to make another plan; this one wasn't working and he had little time to grab what he had and leave.

Before he could react, a huge wave came ashore in the darkness. The wave smashed against the car and Todd's head was slammed against the side of the car. Dazed, he was unaware of the wave that followed. It pushed the water deeper and the car started to float. Todd was oblivious of the next few seconds, but they sealed his fate. Since he had left the car in gear, the wheels were now free to turn, which they did. His jacket, which he had opened to work on freeing the car, was caught and the free end was pulled under the tire. As the wave retreated, the car settled back onto the sand and he found his head was pulled toward the car. Before he could attempt to pull away, another wave hit, floated the car and a section of his jacket washed under a frame bolt. As the car settled, the bolt tore through the jacket and firmly trapped Todd in an awkward position. The high winds, now at full strength, brought a series of waves that pounded Todd against he side of the car. Almost unconscious, he fought to survive. The following waves soon removed that possibility as he faded to oblivion. The open car door allowed the car to fill and settle deeper in the sand.


"So, what do you have?"

The young deputy looked toward his supervisor and explained: "I found this car about an hour ago; right after it started getting light."

"Did you find anything?"

"I didn't want to do anything until you arrived. They told us at the academy to treat all occurrences as a crime scene and don't disturb anything unless there's a life in danger."

"That's good advice, unless you got me out of bed because some dumbass left their car in the surf."

The deputy, unsure of how to react, carefully examined the face of his supervisor. She had twenty five years experience and he didn't quite know if he'd made a mistake, or not.

"Did you run the plates?"

"I could only see the front plate from here. The car belongs to a Mrs. Comstock and it's not reported stolen. We haven't been able to reach her."

"Let's go look."

The two walked toward the car, which was buried up to the frame. The open door had allowed the floorboards of the car to fill with sand and water. A partially empty bottle of peach brandy floated on the passenger side.

"Oh God."

The supervisor turned toward the deputy on the passenger side of the car. Before she could say anything, he turned, bent over and started retching. Walking to the other side, she soon found what caused his reaction.

Underneath the wheel was what was left of a person. From what she could tell, she figured it was a man, although it was hard to tell from the face. The crabs had been busy during the night; the soft tissue, including the eyes, was gone and only tattered flesh remained.

"After you're finished, you need to call dispatch and tell them what we've found."

The young detective only nodded and continued retching. She just shook her head and walked back to her car. She had hours of work and she knew her Sunday was now ruined. Taking the cup of coffee from he console, she took a sip and stared toward the horizon. She thought of scenes from the past and quickly pushed the thoughts away.

Whispering her mantra: "What's done is done." she concentrated on what she needed to do. She'd have the rest of her life to think about the nightmares she'd found.

A New Obsession

I have a short story brewing, which I'll have to write, or it won't stop occupying my thoughts. That's the part of writing fiction that can be a little disconcerting. The idea will occupy my thoughts, the characters will develop and I'll eventually write the story. Until then, the story will be an obsession.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Don't Have Much To Write About....

....except after a week of constant clouds, drizzle, rain, cold winds, treacherous traffic and a general feeling that winter was setting in, the clouds broke and it was around 55 degrees today, with sunny skies. That's a good change, although we needed the rain.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Watcha Think?

Obama, surrounded by children, pointed out he really doesn't care about the Constitution, or you, today. How do I know this? His administration allowed illegal firearm purchases, to take out bad guys in Mexico, which ended the lives of many Mexicans and a few U.S. citizens, yet he's wanting to take your guns away, which is prohibited by the Second Amendment..

Connecting the dots: On any given day, this administration can decide to avoid the law, give somebody a weapon and your death may be the consequence of their action. Meanwhile, the same administration is in the process of removing your ability for defense.

It seems to me this isn't the first time people were lulled into complacency. Of course, most of those complacent people are together now, in mass graves without any marker to show their final location. That, or a memory and a mention in a historical text that is not used for teaching these days.

Too Many People are Uninformed

That's why it's best to constantly pound out facts, ignore arguments and constantly use words that steer them in the right direction. For instance:

The issue of gun control is treated like some bizarre badminton contest that never ends. There's only one way to approach the subject : It's my right to keep and bear arms. There's nothing to discuss and you can go soak your head. If the commentators on television can't do this, they only have read what I wrote. I'll repeat it, in a larger font:

It's my right to keep and bear arms. There's nothing to discuss and you can go soak your head. 

Irony or Hypocrisy?

The Second Amendment,. like the first amendment is included in the the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which clarified the rights of individuals. For those that aren't up to speed, it's called the Bill of Rights.

For some reason, many in politics and the media can't grasp the concept of rights, except in certain situation or only for those they consider important. For instance, the media will defend the right of free speech, which is explained in the First Amendment, but act as though the right to keep and bear firearms, which is explained in the Second Amendment is negotiable and think nothing of reporting restrictive gun laws as though a fundamental right - spelled out in the Constitution - is some philosophical item for discussion.

So is it irony, or hypocrisy? I think it's both, but that's not the problem. The problem is that the right to keep and bear firearms - like all rights - is a right that can't be changed for the whims of the ignorant or devious. It's a right and that's what every reporter, pundit, politician, or anyone else, should be using as the focus for their discussion. Until that right is changed by the methods defined by the Constitution, any discussion is moot. It's a right and it shall not be infringed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Planet for Star Wars Video Game

It's going to be a gay planet. How this all works is beyond me. Will killing an evil gay villain be a hate crime?

I've played a few video games and watched others. While I may be missing something, I've never seen any reason for relationships, since everyone is killing each other, or fighting monsters.  Maybe they'll have a "time out" section, where all the characters go to a gay bar, say something out of line and end up in a big fight with blasters.

Who knows what will happen and some gamers are upset. Besides having to explain the characters, they'll have to explain to their children why C-3PO has a lisp.

Is it Embezzlement, or Tax Fraud?

The misuse of Air Force One to take the President, or his entourage on vacation is far from what I would consider official use of public funds. With this in mind, what would you call it?

If it's intentional use of funds without permission for personal use, I'd call it embezzlement. In any other setting, there's no other definition that fits it better. Being the President doesn't exempt you from laws.

If embezzlement is too harsh for the tender eyes of those that are unwilling to admit they're getting screwed, then how about tax fraud? Does he claim the huge freebies as part of his personal income? If not, shouldn't there be some huge penalties and interest due the tax payers?

Yeah, yeah yeah. I can hear the peanut gallery: "Well, President Bush did this, too." So what. If any President misuses public funds, they should be accountable. Send Bush a tax bill, too, with penalties and interest. They'd send their minions to do the same to me. Fair is fair.

The Cost of Life

I know the popular term is "the cost of living", but the cost of life is more appropriate to me.

I pay attention to the price of the different things I require to survive. They've all gone up and not by just a little. While many on the public dole just continue to spend with abandon, I don't have that luxury, so my purchases are guided by what I can afford. Here's an example:

I like to make homemade vegetable, beef soup. The ingredients are the same, so for years I haven't changed any; including the brands. The only thing that might change is the type of beef. I vary between stew meat and roasts - depending on the price.

Four years ago, the two pounds of meat and various items was around $12. Over the weekend, I bought the same items and the price was $20. That's a substantial difference and with the drought, pending freeze in places that don't normally freeze, with increasing prices for various government mandates, the cost will only become higher.

So, the cost of life is higher and my salary is frozen. Meanwhile, Congress is pushing for a raise and government employees are given raises without any thought of how it affects the deficit or attitude of those that actually produce the tax money they spend without thinking.

I don't know about you, but I'm pissed. The arrogance and lack of fiscal responsibility by many in government has reached the point it's intolerable. They may think they can continue without reactions from taxpayers but I have the feeling they've reached the end of their rope. People push back when their survival is at stake. Those that live in Washington, D.C. may not notice the drastic attitude change by taxpayers, but the Congress critters will eventually have to go home. I hope those that are making efforts to bring this fiscal crises under control are treated as heroes. As far as the tax and spend bunch: I hope they're pelted with rotten vegetables and become afraid to leave their houses. They're warts on the ass of progress and need to go.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

For Those That Don't Know

This is the second amendment to the Constitution:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Read it carefully. It's written in English and the words are clear. 

Now, there are - and always have been - discussions about the work "militia" and the meaning in context. Personally, I don't think that's important. The rest of the amendment: "...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..." has no wiggle room or need any interpretation. 

So, if you wonder about your right to keep and bear arms, wonder no longer. It's written in the Constitution as a right that can never be removed unless 2/3 majorities of both houses of Congress pass the amendment and 3/4 of the states pass the amendment. I don't see that happening. 

Another thing: when it comes to amendments to the Constitution, the President is left out of the process. Otherwise, the current President can flex his muscles, stick his tongue out at his constituents and demand changes to gun laws, but all he has is an opinion. He has no power, unless you allow it. I'm thinking anyone reading this is smarter than that. If not, ask some questions and I'll help you out. 

Mathematical Imbalance

A handful of politicians and pundits are clamoring for more gun control. Meanwhile, besides the millions of guns sold, there are millions on back order. I think the numbers speak for themselves and the obvious winner has bullets.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So....What's The Point?

I've noticed the Weather Channel has decided winter storms need names. I was a little surprised, at first, since I don't watch the Weather Channel, except a few seconds at a time, with the hope they'll actually have the real time radar on, instead of some show about AGW or people chasing tornadoes. The National Weather Service doesn't do this, so I'm wondering if there's some big power play between the two giants of meteorological wizardry?

Why would anyone want to name a winter storm...or any storm? Why not give it a numerical classification, such as 2013 WS-1 or 2....whatever. It's easy to determine the type of storm and when it happened. There's no confusion during conversations, such as one where the name Sandy is brought up. Nobody will have flashbacks to the storm, while other's think of a close friend, or like me: fond memories of a lovely, petite, blond comedic actress that warmed our hearts in the 70's.

Bleh. Life's confusing enough without adding more confusion. Don't meteorologists have something better to do? How about showing the weather instead of reality shows? How about drawing some isobars?

In A World of Mediocrity...

...acceptance of mediocrity leads to fat-headed, self-absorbed students without a clue. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Psychological Analysis

I've decided one of the key reasons Liberals are so fond of abortion is due to their deep seated realization they probably would have been a good candidate for the procedure. It's that, or they're afraid their children will breed and they'll be as woefully inadequate with the ability to reason.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't Be Stupid....

...when someone else is better at it than you.

I was driving down the highway on the way home from work, which is a usual occurrence and the typical driver in the traffic knows how to drive. There's always someone that needs some more time to learn, but they usually stay in the right lane; hiding behind the steering wheel, with their eyes closed.

Today, while cruising along at 70 mph, the driver in front decided to slow a little, so they could take the next exit. I understood what they were doing, so I eased off the accelerator to give them a little room.

Meanwhile, a good Samaritan in the right lane decided they would slow a little to allow them in. This was the mistake. Both went into brain freeze and the next few moments were what scare the crap out of me when I drive.

They both continued to slow; the driver in front wanting to exit and the good Samaritan slowing to allow the lane change. The problem was they were pacing each other, the traffic coming up behind didn't appear to be slowing and I had that feeling you get when you know something really bad is about to happen.

I laid on the horn. Meanwhile, stupid 1 and 2 where now at about 20 mph and the traffic approaching was getting way too close to my rear bumper.

Finally - before we all were killed - the driver in front accelerated, passed the car and crossed into the right lane. I had the peddle to the floor and steadily insured I was ahead of the traffic behind. I passed them as they tried to figure out how to get where they were going, since they missed their exit.

Now you know the reason for my title. If you aren't sure what to do in such a situation, here's what's best.

1 - If you decide to slow a little to allow someone access to the right lane, you only give them two seconds to make their decision. If they don't accelerate and quickly move over, accelerate back to highway speeds and ignore their middle finger salute. After all, their being mad is a lot less dangerous than a 5000 pound pickup going 70 mph.

2 - If you decide to move to the right lane and someone decides to allow you in, you have 2 seconds to accelerate, pass in front of the car in the right lane and make the change, or you're supposed to accelerate back to highway speeds, find another exit and realize you're not as good a driver as you thought.

Those are the polite suggestions, which usually work, except in rush hour traffic. My suggestion is to never let someone in, unless you've drank beer with them and know their parents. If they don't fit that description, then you don't let them in and prove you're a bigger dumbass than they are.

One Night at the Club

Jim scanned the audience as he played and sang. It was a little larger than most Friday nights, but not so large as to make him think of buying that new guitar he wanted.

"Maybe I should just give it up." crossed Jim's mind as he repeated the arrangements he learned years ago. He'd finally given up on being in a band and added to his guitar with electronic devices, which he manipulated with his feet. He had drums, bass backup and even choruses he'd sampled and could add to his songs.

Jim noticed a woman sitting at a table with friends. She was staring at him and constantly making eye contact. For a few seconds, he wondered if she was hitting on him, but decided she was bored with her friends and being too polite to just get up and go somewhere else.

Jim's thoughts wandered to his girlfriend, Sheila. He felt his usual guilt of playing the club, while she stayed home. She'd once come to every performance, but eventually stopped going. It was almost the same show every weekend and boredom finally removed any desire to continue. Even though they'd been together for ten years, he was concerned she was feeling neglected. That was the reason his marriage dissolved and he never wanted to make that mistake again.

Jim continued with his show. It was now almost instinctive, except when he threw in an original arrangement. The owner of the club frowned on such things, so it was rare when he did. The extra money helped with the bills and he knew how it would be tougher depending only on his regular job of delivering beer for the local distributor.

Glancing over, Jim saw the woman was still watching closely, even though she was talking on her cell phone. Continuing with his song, he went back to ignoring her, in case she was actually attempting to flirt.

Eventually, it was time for his first break, so he finished his song, told the audience he'd be back in fifteen minutes and went to the bar. It was time for the only drink he allowed during his show and the bartender had already placed it at his usual spot.

After sitting down, Jim took a long swallow and paused before remarking to the bartender: "You're mixing them a little strong tonight, Phyllis. Are you trying to get fired?"

"No; only for you Jim. You look like you need a little inspiration."

"Am I that bad?"

Noting his concern, she remarked: "No, but you just don't seem to be in it tonight. I thought a little extra bourbon would take the edge off."

Pausing and digesting her comment, Jim eventually remarked: "You're right...and thanks."

As Jim sipped his drink, he glanced over at the table with the woman. As he watched, four more people arrived, they all hugged and the owner pushed some tables together for them to all sit together. Within minutes another group of eight people arrived and sat by the other group. They all knew each other and seemed to be in animated conversation.

"That's a good sign." was Jim's thought. "Maybe I can still drag them in."

Finishing his drink, Jim went back to the small stage and returned to his music. Realizing he'd been mechanical with his performance, he continued with the passion he'd felt in his youth. He was a lot older, but he was far from dead.

The difference was noted by the audience. Instead of idly chatting, they were now paying attention as he sang. The attention only made Jim want to try harder, so he added subtle embellishments whenever he could. The result was adding a personal touch to songs long worn out by continuous play on the radio and the audience seemed to appreciate the effort.

It was getting close to the end of his show, so Jim decided the last song would be one of his own.

"I want to thank everyone for coming tonight and would like to play you all one more song. I wrote it for my father and I hope you like it."

The audience became quiet as Jim started his song. After the first few chords, he made a quick glance at the owner, who now had a sour look on his face.

"Screw him." was Jim's thought. He realized he really didn't care if he liked it, or not.

As Jim sang, he put his heart into the arrangement. He missed his father and the words were what he never could say when he was alive. They made him sad, but they also made him proud of the man who gave him so much. The audience listened without talking.

When Jim finished the last chorus, he just sat for a few moments with his eyes still closed. The audience reacted with a loud applause. Standing, he made a quick bow, thanked them and started accumulating his equipment. He'd be home within the hour and was hoping Sheila was still awake. He loved to sit with her on the couch and watch the old movies that came on late.

"Excuse me."

Jim looked up to the find the woman that was staring was standing by the stage.

"I want to compliment you on your show."


Jim waited. He hoped she wasn't just looking for company. He had none to offer. Those days were long gone.

Holding out her hand, she handed Jim a business card and said: "Hi, I'm Becky."

Jim shook her hand and examined the business card in the dim light. Besides her name, there was a company logo for an entertainment agency. He knew of the agency.

"I like to be blunt; I've always found it best."

Jim waited in anticipation. He had no idea what he was about to hear.

"I'll be honest, you'd never make it as an artist, but you're a damn good songwriter. I have a few clients that need some new material and I think you might be the source."

Jim only sat in silence and digested her words.

"Our flight leaves in a few hours, so I don't have time to discuss business. My email address is on the card, so if you'll email me some information, I'll start the process of getting you in touch with my artists."

"Well, thank you." was all Jim could say. He was a little shaken with the encounter and had to think about her offer.

"I forgot something"

Becky grabbed his card, removed a pen from her purse and wrote on the back of the card.

"This it the local law firm one of my clients uses for business in your state. Call and ask for the name I wrote on the card. Call him first. He knows the business and how to insure your legal rights are protected"


Jim had a thousand thoughts and questions, but couldn't find any words.

Becky shook his hand again, said "Glad to meet you Jim." and walked away. Within seconds she left with her friends.

Jim stared for a few seconds and glanced at the bar before he went back to packing his equipment. Phyllis beamed at him and the owner gave him thumbs up.

Feeling strange, Jim finished his packing, had soon loaded his car and was on his way home. He'd see the owner on Monday and get his percentage of the door. 

Light rain started falling as he drove home. His thoughts changed from what happened tonight, to when he was just out of school and met his wife. The bittersweet memories pulled his emotions and the lyrics for a song started appearing. He'd come up with the tune quickly. He smiled as he continued on his journey.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have You Received Your First Pay Check?

If you haven't, you're not going to have as much take home pay as last year.

I thought I should tell those that forgot their head when they went to vote

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spending Limit

If the government reaches the spending limit, it might need to shut down.

I think it should. In the mad scramble to find funds to continue, there's no telling how many billions of dollars would be discovered that was rat holed away, or stolen to fund some useless project.

Meanwhile, some workers would be out of a paycheck; sorta like the workers that found their jobs disappeared when the government destroyed industries with excessive regulations and taxes.

Oh the horror.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last Call

Kevin glanced around the bar, while he sipped his scotch and water. The bartender, who he had made an acquaintance, glanced at him every few minutes to see if he wanted another drink. When he did, he’d just tip his head and tap on the bar next to the drink he was in the process of savoring.

Tomorrow, Kevin was going back to work. He’d ship out at first light and be gone for at least six months. Until then, he’d enjoy the little time left and observe the people in the bar.

Kevin thought about work. They hoped for a few thousand tons of ore, although he knew they might not have that much left. Whether they did, or not wasn't important, he’d make good pay, which was pro-rated on the current value of the ore. Pay was always good and he would come back with more money than he could spend. There was always more ore farther out.

“Do you need another drink?”

Kevin broke his thoughts, looked at the bartender and shook his head: “Maybe in a few minutes.”

Kevin examined the clientele. They were a varied bunch, but they all made him feel a little out of place, with his neatly trimmed beard and short hair cut. Most had long hair, but little anywhere else. Most didn't even have eyebrows and the body piercings were a little hard to fathom.

After sitting for a few minutes, a couple wandered to the bar and sat next to Kevin. Glancing over, he checked them out and decided to strike up a conversation.

“Are you going to college?”

The woman turned, looked at Kevin like he crawled from a crack in the wall and answered: “I’m a professor of advanced human behavior studies.”

Before Kevin could reply, the woman’s suitor added: “I’ll have you know she’s published numerous papers and is respected by the academic community.”

Kevin eyeballed the man. Dressed like most of the others in the bar, his long hair, effeminate manner and strange piercings made him think of circus performers. Tickled, he just laughed, turned away and continued with his drink.

Catching movement from the corner of his eye, Kevin turned to find the young man standing with a menacing look. On guard, he turned and faced the man and waited.

"We don’t have to put up with this.”

The man grabbed the hand of the woman, and they disappeared into the bar. Kevin shook his head and went back to nursing his drink. Glancing at the clock, he downed the rest and tapped the bar.

“Are you ready?”

“Damn straight. “

Within moments, the bartender returned with another drink. Kevin thanked him, over-tipped and watched the bartender wander away to another customer.

Tasting his drink, Kevin thought again on how crummy the scotch tasted. It tasted of chemicals and the fine process of long aging seemed to be ignored. The bottle was supposedly from the best, but the taste indicated otherwise.

Within a few minutes, the bartender wandered back to Kevin and struck up a conversation.

“How long are you going to be gone?” 

“Six months.” 

“You’re a miner?” 

“Yep. Been doing it all my life.” 

“ I've thought of trying it” 

Kevin looked at the bartender and made an instant assessment: He wouldn't last a week and probably come home in a frozen body bag. 

“I hear they’re hiring. You might want to give it a shot.”

The bartender, looking thoughtful, replied: “Maybe I will.”
Kevin waited for the bartender to continue.

“So, how long is that for us?”

“How old are you.” Kevin replied.


“When I get back, you’ll be crapping in diapers….when you’re not constipated.”

The bartender looked hurt, which made Kevin feel a little ashamed - for a moment. After a little more thought, he decided he didn't care. What could he do? Get mad? Throw a punch and get his ass whipped?

Kevin thought of the ore. Without it, fusion generators were useless and the sources were getting further away. Right now, miners were gone for 30 years, Earth time. The sacrifice and pay had equal value, which was huge. Kevin was rich, although every trip brought a new currency standard and an increased respect - or maybe fear - for those that worked the mines. When they returned, they had damn near free reign, within limits. A bar brawl was ignored and those injured could only chalk it up to experience.

“Last call.”

Kevin downed his drink and said: “Make it a double.”

The bartender returned with his drink and Kevin gave him an extra big tip. He knew he insulted the man and felt a little guilty, even though he looked as though he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. In fact, considering the rest of the clientele, he was a bruiser. The thought made Kevin laugh out loud, which brought curious stares from the bar patrons.

Feeling like a trained animal, Kevin decided he’d had enough. He had one stop to make at the local house of ill repute and he only had so much time before the ship left.

Kevin stood slowly to make sure he had good balance, and started for the door. Before reaching the door, he found the couple from the bar sharing a table. A little peeved and completely unashamed, he winked at the woman and blew the man a kiss. Both were shocked and the man started to stand.

Kevin smiled and stepped toward the man. The man quickly sat down and tried to ignore Kevin, who now was only a few feet away.

When he reached the table, Kevin stopped, bent over and kissed the woman on the lips, while staring at her partner. The look of anger in his eyes was only overcome by his fear.

Kevin looked at the shocked woman, nodded his head and stepped toward the door. Within seconds he was outside and walking down the street. He looked at the people walking by and realized he found the citizens were increasingly different after every trip. If this continued, the next time would be more than disappointing. They were like adolescents; small, out of shape and wrapped up in a self-importance that was completely dependent on what Kevin brought back after his six months of hard labor. Without him, their gizmos and technology were useless. Hell, they couldn't survive a week without any of it. They lived in fear the constant supply of ore and generations would be interrupted. It was easier to put up with the whims of the miners than suffer the consequences of hindering the supply.

Speaking to himself, Kevin whispered: “Never again.” and vowed to go to the Europa colony after the next trip. It wasn't home, but neither was Earth. They couldn't even make a decent scotch whiskey.

“Maybe they’ll have a fat woman” Kevin added. Whistling to himself, he continued down the street. He’d better hurry; he only had so much time.

Sniffing the breeze, Kevin heard the test run of the ship’s engine in the distance. They sounded good; he was ready to go back to work.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Tired of the News. It's Time for a Story....but

...I wrote one and sent it off to East of the Web to see what they'd do with it. I have no idea if that's good, bad or means nothing, but over the weekend, while dealing with crappy internet, Blogger wouldn't allow me to load my draft for publishing on my site. So, I took it as a sign, followed submission guidelines and even received a return email stating it could be 5 months for them to completely ignore me.

I have to come up with something else. It will come and I'll write it. Until then, it will be tirades and a general feeling of anger accented by vitriolic satire .

Some Advice For the Republican Leadership

I get up in the morning, go to work, have tremendous amounts of money taken from my check for taxes and work in some of the crummiest weather known to mankind. I've sweated in 108 degree temperatures, shivered in 17 degree gales, been wet for so many hours, my fingers looked like prunes and the skin would tear from my fingers while working.

Now, as the news becomes more apparent today, I find you've bent over and let the Democrat/Progressive President and Congressmen play hide the weenie. Otherwise, for all I've suffered and in complete disregard for the money basically stolen from my family, you don't have the balls to stand up to those that are willing to let those that produce suffer so some parasitic, worthless pieces of human excrement can live without doing anything.  To add insult to injury, the President spent 7 million tax dollars to go on vacation. This is no different than spitting in my face and you allow it.

Here's your advice: We're meaner, more tired, losing just about everything worth having and reaching the point there are few options left to redress the tremendous wrongs you've allowed on the sovereign citizens of the United States of America. Every choice you make has consequences. I trust your future choices, including the election in leadership, reflect the wishes of the majority of the people that produce in this country. I can only pray you make wise decisions.

On the Subject of Vacations

I get paid vacation. Not much, but paid to be off work. It's something many in the construction field don't enjoy. Vacation is the layoff between projects and it's certainly not a set time, or paid.

I've never taken a vacation with a company credit card, chartered a 747, hired a security team and flown to Hawaii to spend my vacation on company money. Even if I could get away with such a thing, the result would be a definite termination of my position and the strong possibility of criminal charges.

Obama took off for Hawaii to continue his vacation, at the cost of 7 million, which I'm assuming is this trip alone. This arrogant abuse of power, in my opinion, should cause the immediate preparation of an invoice, the delivery of this invoice to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. - Washington, D.C. and the start of impeachment proceedings.

Of course, he won't compensate the taxpayer, or face any repercussions. Congress has too many thieving, liars that would do the same thing and never look back. The worst of criminals are our legislators and they're thumbing their noses at those that work hard, ask for nothing, except relief and wonder how far politicians will go before they're forced to stop.

If someone told me a meteor landed square in the middle of Washington, D.C. and all the legislators were smashed like bugs, I'm afraid my response would be: "It's a good start. Maybe God has had enough, too."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff and the Lack of Character

I've been watching the media mish-mash of projection, conjecture and political hype over the last few days. All in all, it's been a waste of time.

So, here we are falling over the fiscal cliff. Taxes are going up, costs are going up, Washington has proven again it's the location where feckless politicians and bureaucrats waste the resources of those that work hard and never ask anything from the government.

It's time for this to change, which I'm thinking should be a new party. Republicans couldn't find their ass with both hands with a map, and Democrats are God hating fascists who taint the air. Neither has proven anything over the last two decades, except they despise the people they supposedly represent.

I'm thinking it should be the Fiscal Party, since the "Party of pissed off people who don't give a rat's ass if even 75% of the people feel the government should have more power" is too long.

Things will change and it will happen quickly. It will start with the general feeling of anger when even those that get substantial government benefits realize the benefits are dwindling and they still have to pay the increase in Social Security taxes. Their move forward for hope and change will leave them in a situation worse than it was before.

The mainstream media will attempt to blame the Republican Party, and it may work for awhile, but they'll find their decreased revenue will lead them to search for those that actually have money. Those won't be the feel good patrons of the public teat and they'll be vindictive in their demand for accuracy in the news and a reduction in the progressive shills the universities turn out in large numbers.

Universities will find most people consider their diplomas worthless ass wipe material and more of all industries will train their own. They'll start with young, impressionable individuals willing to succeed and not be dragged into the quagmire of progressive thinking like their parents.

Some may think this all won't happen, but it will. We're a nation of individuals and we demand the rights of the individual superseded the whims of politics, or the demands of worthless parasites that now pervade our society. While some spit on the Constitution, it's a document more powerful than any group of power hungry, evil people that have allowed their arrogance to consume their sanity.

It will probably get ugly, but that's the nature of change. Personally, I welcome it. I've had enough.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all that read, stop by or are electronic commerce advertisement computer code.