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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Call It What You Like

Some are calling the police officer in Minneapolis a murderer. The officer is being charged with such, but without proof of the intentional death of the suspect, it's not murder.

Another thing. What happened to all the calls for staying out of the fray, until the evidence is collected, a trial is held, and a defendant is either convicted, or released? Isn't that the way our justice system is supposed to work? Apparently not. Even the President is weighing in, and the public tainting of any jurors completely removed any hope of an impartial jury.

Meanwhile, the agitators, which are being paid to foment riots, are successful with stirring up the bored derelicts to violence. Cities, which are basically semi-organized chaos, are being shut down by a handful of people. Liberal mayors are showing how feckless they are, and the honest citizens are contemplating how they can cut their losses, leave, and find a better place to live.

If I had to guess, I'd guess this is all planned to keep the real tragedy from the news. A rogue set of officials in the last administration attempted a coup. In the past, such criminals wouldn't have seen a second sunrise, which was appropriate.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Executive Tyranny

Regardless of opinion, executive orders are limited to what the Constitution allows. That's why this isolation, social distancing, and shutdowns are illegal. Making people understand this is becoming more difficult because the years of indoctrination, increasing ignorance, and outright tyranny have lulled people into relinquishing their liberty.

Is their a cure for this nonsense? There is, but it's far from polite.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When You Really Think About It

At one time, a Democrat was a member of the Democratic Party, which supposedly was the party of the working folks. Time has revealed that really was never true. The Socialistic laws created to enslave people to the government have been going on for decades. While many felt they were being represented, they were being lured into traps, and their ignorance is being cultivated for further restrictions of liberty.

I see no difference between the modern Democrats and the Chicoms. They're one of the same, enemies of the United States, and the more they're defeated, the better the country becomes.

Monday, May 25, 2020

What Could You Say?

What could you say to someone that died for freedom, and could return long enough to catch up on current events? Could you have a rational explanation of how their life was traded for the country we have today? How could you explain the dependence on a country that not only killed U.S. citizens, they furnished supplies to enemies to help with their efforts to destroy the United States? Not only that, the same country introduced a pathogen that brought the country to the precipice of tyranny. How could you explain allowing bureaucrats to subjugate the nation to restrictions forbidden by the Constitution? How about the debt? What about the known treasonous acts by government officials?

I couldn't come up with an answer. I'm a small voice in a large crowd, and the crowd is cowering at home with masks, unpaid mortgages, and unemployment checks that will end soon. My voice is only as strong as my vote, and my vote is negated by the corrupt officials that count fake ballots. My voice is echoed by many, but the media continues to only report what their masters allow.

We honor those that fell in the past for our country. Maybe we can further that honor by demanding accountability from those that are trying to destroy our country.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Solving "Problems" and Saving Money

I believe the push to put Covid 19 patients in nursing homes wasn't accidental. When you think about the people pushing for shutdowns with isolation, and the minions following their orders, it's easy to surmise the elderly in nursing homes were considered expendable.

Democrats/Progressive/Communists detest those they can't use. Putting people with a deadly disease among those they don't want is their way of solving a problem. While some may think it's coincidence, thinking so is avoiding the fact of how millions were murdered by those with the same political agenda in the past. They never change, and they're a pestilence. They have millions too ignorant to realize their agenda who blissfully fall into their traps.

May they rot in Hell.


All in all, the last months were absurd. People were told to stay home, yet too many didn't have the resources to do so. They stayed home anyway, the government threw them some money, which increased the debt, and to make it more absurd, further deepened the debt by making unemployment insurance payments higher than what a substantial amount of people normally earned.

Masks were mandated, or so deeply recommended, people wore them, yet never realized they're basically ineffective, unless they're a respirator designed for the purpose, and properly fitted. The particle masks most people wore were designed for particulates, such as dust, or sand. To make things worse, the masks worn had large gaps, or were worn under the nose. That offers no protection.

The stores open only allowed one person from a family. This really was absurd, since that one person, if infected, was the one they didn't want in the store. The other family member that stayed outside, or waited a few minutes to enter, was infected too, so it was all an absurd effort mandated by absurd politicians.

Large cities run by Democrats mandated absurd rules. Everyone was to remain isolated. If anyone ignored the rules, they faced fines, or jail time. To make the absurdity more absurd, violent criminals were released to keep them from being infected. To even try to justify such absurd behavior is absurd.

Meanwhile, those considered "essential" continued to work. Those in law enforcement, the medical field, and other first responders were considered heroes. Lowly construction workers, clerks, and those in the food business were basically ignored, even though their ability to be protected was reduced tremendously.  The managers of political entities, (most probably far from essential) continued to receive paychecks, while promulgating the absurdities.

After watching the entire event, I realized there are way too many people willing to trade supposed safety for liberty. That's the biggest absurdity. Without liberty, there is no safety. When everything you do is controlled by those willing to subjugate fellow humans to their whim, your health is not important, unless they feel it's necessary. If you don't follow their rules, they're willing to destroy you for their continuance of power.

Monday, May 18, 2020

A Pause

Work has taken me to Virginia for a certification school. The trip was interesting, since it took me through the Blue Ridge mountains. Since I've never seen mountains before, the trip was accentuated with "wows" and "you could be hit with a boulder". The cuts through the mountains left a lot of fractured rock, and I'm betting it falls on the highway. That leads to some unpleasant thoughts.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


The following are facts:

The U.S. dollar is devalued daily. Inflation eats at the value, and regardless of raises, or interest, with current spending, neither will keep up with inflation.

Several politicians, and administrative officials, attempted a coup. Their attempt is now exposed, numerous laws were broken, and the only thing happening is posturing. In less polite times, somebody would have been drawn and quartered.

The country is suffering the effects of a political effort to destroy an economy, a President, and a liberty. It's called the "Covid 19 pandemic".

The Supreme Court is full of seditionists. Being polite to such reprobates is a fruitless effort at civility, and stupid. They don't care, and they damn sure aren't scared of the people that pay their salaries.

Congress is a useless pile of feckless human excrement. Many are illiterate, ignorant representatives of sections of the United States best described as crap holes.

Democrats are trying to subvert an election with mail in ballots. Those promoting this are traitors, and should be treated as such.

Add to the list, if you want.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Schiff and Sedition

Adam Schiff continuously stated his committee had evidence of efforts by Trump to collude with Russia to sway the last presidential election. He even took part in an impeachment, with daily briefs on how the evidence would prove Trump needed to be removed. His effort, with no facts to substantiate his claim, led to media reports that stirred discontent, and led many to demand removing Trump from office. The money he spent was unconscionable,  and the only thing to be surmised from the entire debacle was trying to change the country by using lies to overthrow an elected President. According to Title 18, Code 2348, his actions - as well as those that took part - was a seditious conspiracy; a felony that can carry 20 years of imprisonment.

I'm not holding my breath, while waiting for the indictment. Like most of the last administration, Schiff will skate and only lose some credibility, instead of his freedom.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Maybe Getting Too Close

Obama is not pleased with the dismissal of the complaint against Flynn. If he was a man of honor, and was aware of the facts, he'd be congratulating the act of the Department of Justice. Since he's not, his displeasure only shows they're getting to close to the root of the original subterfuge. May he be exposed, and his legacy as a criminal be placed in history. May he, other members of his administration, and media members involved be punished for their contribution to this evil.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Branding the Cattle

Ranchers brand their cattle to prove ownership, and breeding information. Progressives do the same, except they make their cattle wear masks. Good cattle wear the masks regardless of any reason, except they were told they would work....when they were basically useless.

Friday, May 1, 2020

How Will This Play Out?

I wonder if any of those charged with ignoring the arbitrary whims of bureaucrats will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court? They didn't break any law, and if a necessary license is removed, will they have grounds for a hefty civil suit? I don't know, but all government officials need to realize they are completely under the power of the citizen they're pissing off.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Getting Them Back To Work

Getting some back to work will not be easy. There's more free money than ever before, many realize they can survive on less than they thought, and many jobs disappeared. The result will be higher government costs, more national debt, and a larger number of people dependent on government. To add insult to injury, many that were furloughed will have a hard time catching up. Their resources are dwindling, and even food is becoming a problem.

The handling of the Covid 19 was a mistake from the beginning. Those that could profit helped in creating an unwarranted panic. Rational thought was thrown out the window, and in the long run, the cure will be worse than the illness. Democrats are trying to remove constitutional rights, and the simmering discontent is becoming more apparent.

I'm seeing more people about. It appears those that are frightened will stay frightened, and those unwilling to sit back and starve are pushing for a return to normalcy. Time will reveal how this all turns out, but the fight to keep individual sovereignty will be necessary. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Terrible Consequence

The first amendment demands with have the right to peacefully assemble. There are no exclusions, and federal law describe any effort by officials to abridge this right - whether by force, or legislation - as a felony.

This coronvirus knee-jerk reaction led to a national effort to ignore the rights described in the Constitution, and the ignorant group of derelicts that make up a substantial part of the media not only are clueless of the law, they ignore the fact most of the problems caused by the virus were the result of greedy politicians using legislation to line their pockets. Those with a vocation specifically protected by the First Amendment don't realize they will suffer for their ignorance.

These are strange, and dangerous times. Foreign influence has almost destroyed our economy, legislators use the citizens as pawns for corrupt activities, and too much of the media doesn't realize they're pawns in an effort to destroy the United States by foreign powers. The supposed brightest members of our society were indoctrinated to believe they received an education which demanded their critical thinking included understanding the importance of a document that protects liberty.

I've examined the thoughts of those that continue to promote those that are self-described as Progressive. They have a bizarre thought process, and are dangerous with their misunderstanding of basic human rights. They don't realize their attempt to try a government that murdered millions is a futile effort that can only be described as that of someone insane. It's a terrible consequence from our education system, and may ultimately lead to the failure of a society created to end the arbitrary whims of those that wish to use their power to control without consequences.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Tale of a Rooster

About a week and a half ago, a rooster appeared in the yard. This isn't a really strange occurrence, since many around have chickens. He wandered about, and disappeared at dusk.

That evening, the rooster flew into my nephew's dog pen, lost a lot feathers, and managed to escape - although he was worst for the wear. My nephew caught the rooster, put it in his chicken pen, and he hid behind their nesting boxes. After a day, my nephew brought the rooster to my sister-in-law's pen. That's where the story gets fuzzy, since one story is he escaped, and the other story is my sister-in-law took it to the neighbor's, and threw it over the fence to live with his chickens. Regardless, the rooster disappeared.

Last weekend, while sitting on the porch, the rooster appeared again. He was obviously moving slow, appeared bedraggled, and was not doing well. I went for a piece of bread, broke it into pieces, and coaxed him closer. He ate as well as he could, but appeared to be having a hard time swallowing. I put him a pan of water, and he disappeared again at dusk.

The next day he appeared in the morning. I had no idea where he'd gone overnight, but he was hungry. I gave him some cracked corn we keep for the ducks, which he ate at the end of my porch steps. He'd appear, disappear, and appear again during the day. Late in the evening, I watched him closely. When he wandered off, his nightly roosting place was soon apparent.

He was roosting on top of a cinder block under my sister-in-laws house. He'd found safety from the world that left him scrambling for his life. His tenacious effort of survival was rewarded.

Over the last week, the little rooster gravitated over to my porch. He stays under it, except to eat, satisfy his curiosity about our activities, and is much better. He lost a lot of feathers, when the dogs attacked, and it will be awhile before the wings on one side grow back. There's no way he could fly, so he is very wary.

The rooster's left eye is usually closed, although he'll open it occasionally. There doesn't appear to be any damage, although there's no telling what injuries he sustained.

We now have a permanent resident. He crows in the morning, and during the day. We bought him some chicken feed, so his diet is good. He warns, when a predator flies over, and ducks back under the porch. We'll never know his entire story, but I have a feeling those that do are not willing to talk about their participation. With nobody claiming him, and the fact chickens don't appear from out of nowhere, I have a feeling he's like most roosters. People only want one, those that are not wanted are expendable, and if they don't make it to the pot, they're on their own.

He's a good rooster, and fun to watch. I think we'll keep him.

I need to add he's a bantam. What kind? I haven't a clue, but he's small. He's some type of hybrid, and there are many hybrids.


Sometimes, I just can't fathom things that happen. Yesterday, on Easter  Sunday, my niece, and nephew, let their dogs loose to run. They found the rooster and finished him off. I'm still fuming, and debating whether it's worth shooting their dogs over. This isn't the first time they've killed neighbor chickens.


My nephew's dogs must have carried the rooster away into the woods by their house, and he escaped. He appeared the day before yesterday with a terrible wound, which is healing. I have him in a cage, his appetite is good, and the next big question is what to do with him. 

Cracking Down on Churches

I've read a few reports of churches, and church goers, being targeted by zealous officials. The officials might be thinking they're doing a good thing, but if you think about it, the judges that will be responsible for collecting the fines will find they have no power to do so. The Constitution, and pissed off parishioners, will not turn their cheeks for the fascist efforts of those that have to live in their community. On the federal scale, such things might take a long time to wander through the courts. At the local level, one trip to a local grocery store will let the wannabe tyrants know nobody has their back. That, and how lonely a road can be, when there's nobody to help you repair your automobile.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Bullfrog Serenade

So, this time of dire emergency monetary manipulation has led to my sleeping habits being adjusted. Otherwise, when a passing front woke me, sleep is not on the agenda.

I made a gallon of tea, fixed a glass, and went out on the porch. I sat, thought about things, and then the bullfrogs caught my attention.

There must be around a dozen in the area. They all have different calls. Some are higher pitched, others lower, and some sound like teenagers; their voice breaking from the effort to sound older.

One was probably the old bull. His loud, low call almost echoed in the night, and when he called, the others were quiet for a few moments. I imagine the females are lining up on the bank for his attention.

I'll soon go back out, sit, sip some tea, and listen to the night. It's more pleasant than anything on television, and there aren't any commercials.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bunches of Questions

This pandemic raises many questions:

- Was the reaction worth the consequences?

- Will there ever be an accurate count of those affected?

- Will there be a demand for returning to work before the authorities are willing to allow that to happen?

- How much of the economy will remain damaged?

- Was the illness as dangerous as reported?

- Will enough people understand the facts, make logical decisions, and have a willingness to self-educate on such things?

This will probably be the most significant event during my lifetime. With the results maybe lasting for decades, my observation time may be limited. I hope more people will realize how tenuous societies can be, and make the good choices for the continuation of liberty. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


After a week of no change, I called my doctor yesterday. They prescribed an antiviral med, and today, the paralysis is showing slight changes. Hopefully this will be over in a few weeks. It will be nice to drink without it dribbling out one side of my mouth.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Anniversry of the Diasaster

I wrote this years ago, and I don't think I've posted it since. 



I was a hundred miles out in the Atlantic, when the Liberty went down. It was a strange occurrence; especially since I served on the Liberty years before.

It was clear night, and the seas were near calm. We’d been fishing for over 36 hours and I finally told the crew it was time to take a break. Fishing was good, they were tired and I needed them for the next big push the next morning. I’d caught a cat nap, while they cleaned the deck, so I was freshest. I’d brewed a fresh pot of coffee and was good for hours.

What was really strange was I was thinking about the Liberty as I sipped hot coffee on the front deck and stared off to the west. We were too far to see land, and the stars shone like beacons in the still night air.

I remembered the forward guns, on which I was a gunner. I had three to help and they were the best – as far as I was concerned. We could lay down more fire than any other two crews combined. Most of them stayed, but I did my five years and left the military. I wanted to have my own boat and knew I’d never had the opportunity if I stayed.

Our chief would constantly give us a ration of crap, but we knew he only did it to not show favoritism. He had more than us to lead and morale could be bad enough without adding any other problems.

As I sat, I thought of how the 100 foot fishing boat I owned would be dwarfed by the Liberty. At almost 800 feet long and over 4000 tons, she was a big ship and well known in the fleet. First in her class, she was long in tooth when she went down.

They never completely determined what happened. Some say it was sabotage; others thought the navigation system failed. I even heard some say they laid the blame on the captain. Maybe so but since he went down with the ship, it was fool’s errand if he was up to no good.

Almost all the crew abandoned ship. With the loss of control, and definite threat of disaster, the captain called for abandoning the ship, while he stayed near the helm. The helmsman and XO refused to leave, so they were lost with the captain.

The first hint I had of something wrong was when something caught my attention on the horizon. I can only describe it as what appeared to be a huge firework rocket; climbing and a dull orange in the thick atmosphere.

Soon, the light brightened. The orange turned to yellow, then finally mostly white. The central area was fuzzy and what appeared as sparks showered from the sides. When it was halfway to the zenith, she started coming apart. What started as one light was now a myriad of lights; tumbling, burning different colors and travelling at different speeds. Trails were apparent and the huge, tumbling mess of light traveled damn near overhead as it burned in the atmosphere.

Within moments, the sounds arrived. There were booms, the rushing sound of something travelling fast and all types of other sounds, including whistles and whirring noises that made my hair stand on end.

As all this happened, I could only stare; wide eyed; my mouth hanging open. The long trail that marked the passage was a shimmering, greenish gold. It hung for minutes after the entire mess continued on toward the eastern horizon.

After about a minute, it was all over. The sound of the night and generator seemed deafening, although they were as quiet as usual. I could only wonder about what I’d seen and had an uncomfortable feeling of dread.

I sat on the front deck until the sky started lightening to the east. I didn’t want to check the radio, or wake the hands. We’d know soon enough, and that was probably too soon.

That fishing season ended that morning. Between the search vessels, restricted areas and general bureaucratic BS associated with what happened, it didn’t take any of us long to count our losses and give it up until next season.

After it was all said, and done, all the money spent was just waste. Nothing was ever determined, except the Liberty couldn’t correct a course error and burned in the atmosphere. Some said she might have made it, but the forward, lower turret (my turret) dragged the entire ship down. We’ll never know and it’s really not important any longer.

Still, every season, on the anniversary, I pour myself a stiff drink, salute the captain, and throw a wreath into the Atlantic. It’s the least I can do. He never abandoned his ship.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

I'm Tiring of the Uncertainty

First, if the Chinese were really sitting on a pandemic pathogen, refusing to stop the spread, and exposing the entire world to illness, may those involved suffer for their lack of humanity. Such things fall under the purges of society by Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and the rest of the liberal Progressives throughout history. There is no punishment really appropriate, except isolation for the rest of their lives in small cells. After a few years, give them a dull knife.

I'm tired of all the B.S. to be found. This virus is deadly, not deadly, spreading rapidly, not spreading rapidly, lasts for weeks without a host, lasts for hours without a host, hospital beds are lacking, hospital beds are empty.....the list goes on.

The media is not to be trusted. Instead of embracing their Constitutional duty, too many fell to the level of tabloid garbage. Conjecture is all the "experts" can present, and sensationalism demands we're told about the illness of an inconsequential wart on the ass of society  celebrity.

If a third of the citizens of the U.S. are as fed up as I am, woe be it to anyone that is the focus of the anger.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

What I've Been Learning

This Coronvirus, which is supposed to be from China - although they disagree, even if that's where it' from - is leading to all important information:

- Whatever you've read, or heard, don't believe any of it. Everyone is lying, fabricating, embellishing, twisting, hyping, and disagreeing. There are no real facts, even if there are.

- Toilet paper is more important than food items. Enough food for months is available, but you can't eat it, since you don't have any toilet paper. So, why buy food?

- Social media is where people are taking out their frustration, and boredom. It's really not much different than any other day, but the arguments shifted to something else most people don't understand.

- People are not qualified to determine what's essential enough to brave disease contamination. They need to have permission from a government official, who represents the most feckless section of society. I'ts like having a blind crossing guard, only more dangerous.

- Influenza isn't important. If it was, people would realize how they expose themselves yearly to a deadly disease and postulate the vaccination is a government plot to reduce the population. Those pesky statistic are all fabricated, and Uncle Pete died from old age.

- A vacation cruise is remarkably similar to an episode of Gilligan's Island, except Maryanne is a whiny, over-weight accountant with halitosis. It's a good thing she's isolated with her cousin on another deck.

- If you have enough money, you can have supplies flown in. Of course, you have to submerge the helicopter in bleach before it lands. That sure ruins the taste of the fresh pastries.

There are other things I've learned, but they're just not coming to mind at the moment. Feel free to add anything in the comments.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Mistake to Avoid

I've noticed a lot of resentment towards Baby Boomers. There's anger toward the state of the United States, and this generation is looked upon as a selfish burden that needs to be abandoned, if necessary.

This isn't good, since it's the same ploy used for decades to divide the country, instead of galvanizing to solve a common problem. Universities taught this, so did many government officials. All were part of the grand plan to try the Communist experiment again on an ignorant society.

I'll warn those willing to sacrifice their elders for safety. You'll never have that safety. Those you abandon are far more resourceful than you imagine, and if forced to defend, they'll be ruthless. Their parents passed on the suffering they once faced, they suffered through illnesses you were never exposed to, and they know how to do with much less. They learned this in their younger years, since their parents cherished the things you are so willing to toss away. They know that those that created this division are also ready to take advantage of a weakened society. They'll win, and you will lose your liberty.

Regardless how we reached this point, we're all in the same boat. It doesn't matter who steers, but it needs to be in the right direction. Pointing fingers, throwing people overboard, and expecting someone else to be responsible is a waste of time. Focus needs to be on survival, self-reliance, and the knowledge a global society is not what our founders wanted. The world isn't a large, healthy community, and there are ruthless people that will enjoy your torment to relish their power.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Everybody has a different reaction to this Coronovirus B.S., which is usual, but I'm seeing too much fear, and not enough anger. Anger? Yes anger, and why not?

First, the media has been a constant source of caterwauling, with an obvious effort to hide the fact liberal government has not only failed at its basic task, its squandered resources on crap like green energy, feel good programs, overpaying officials, and promising retirements that will eventually bankrupt. If there's one source to blame, the media would be that source. It's failed in the reason it was protected in the Constitution. That's criminal, deserves anger, and retribution to those most involved with the propaganda machine to allow corruption.

Second, the basic decency required by government to protect resources, frugal spending of public money, honesty, and focusing on the health of the nation was thrown out the window. Politicians lined their pockets by allowing foreign influence to destroy our ability of self-sufficiency. They protect themselves with foreign accounts, investments, retreats, and personal bodyguards. The bureaucrats they feed are self-replicating parasites on society as destructive as the lice that infect cattle. The bungling agencies not only fail in basic tasks, they corrupt with illegal activities, destructive programs, and squander money with impunity.

There are many that need punishing for their part in the debacle, and their punishment needs to be severe. Millions are affected by the greed, lack of responsibility, and outright disrespect of those that grease the wheels of society and keep it working. They've not only failed, their actions have destroyed the wealth of millions. People will die, and their deaths were avoidable.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Bell's Palsy

So, my sinuses gave me hell on the left side over the weekend. This morning, I wake up with that side drooping. The doctor prescribed a cortisone and an antibiotic. With the eye not blinking as usual, I'll wear an eye patch, when I'm sleeping, if not other times, when I feel like acting like a pirate.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Wages and Producers

Those without the comfort of a public service job are basically S.O.L., the creation of money in the stimulus package will devalue what they make, and the national debt will increase. It's all smoke an mirrors, and the end result may be worse than just letting the virus take its course.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Bureaucrat Goes To Heaven (Posted Again)

I posted this a few years ago. It's just as relevant today


God: Hmmmm. From my records, I see you hounded innocent individuals for months, ruined them financially and had no regrets, yet you took care of your family with your good salary and perks. This brings me to a quandary.

Bureaucrat: I was doing my job as best as I could.

God: Well, I need to do something. You'll spend the next few decades suffering the same anguish you caused. You'll suffer every night of lost sleep, deprivation to survive the financial disaster and feel every moment of dread of every individual. When this is done, I'll still have a quandary.

Bureaucrat: You mean on when you'll let me into Heaven?

God: No, whether I'll have lunch before, or after I turn you over to Satan.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Harsh Realities

Some things on my mind:

- No matter what the government reports, I have no faith in the accuracy, or a motive for my well-being.

- The Center for Disease Control is a political entity with only self-preservation as a bureaucratic goal.

- The main stream media is not only an uncontrolled political entity, they are promoting the goals of a Communist dictatorship, and using their influence to destroy the United States.

- The supposed virus pandemic is far from the apocalyptic description in the narrative.

- Congress is not a cure for problems, but the source.

- Older people will never be considered anything more than a burden on society. Being in that category brings intense anger.

- Children were deliberately indoctrinated to be weak, ignorant, and to be pawns for a political agenda.

- Our economy is nothing but a play toy for extremely wealthy individuals and families.

- The reduction in Christians is not a byproduct of an informed society, but a goal.

- The only thing that prevented the complete subjugation of the United States is the Second Amendment.

-  Regardless of the outcome of this "quarantine", society will forever change, and some of the changes will not be good.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

On the Horizon

I know many people that just can't get by after weeks without working. They'll be desperate for money, irritated because their employer is shut down by government mandate, and not willing to continue with this charade. How they handle this is yet to be seen, but I don't think they'll sit back and wait.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

They Haven't Lost Their Minds

Many times, the description of the Democratic Party is "they lost their minds". I don't think that's a good description. "Minions" is  better, and "indoctrinated". After decades of constant propaganda, the education system has created a citizen unwilling to understand the necessity of the drastic measure of the founders of the United States. What the founders knew as the strong effort for complete tyranny, and their willingness to sacrifice everything to prevent this, led to a bloody war to defeat those willing to destroy liberty for power.

So, I don't think they lost their minds. I think they have a plan to remove the restrictions of the Constitution and subjugate the citizens of the United States. I call it treason, and I have no sympathy for those involved. They've chosen a path that only leads to death and destruction. If that's their plan, those in charge need to be removed from any position that allows this to happen. Also, some need to be prosecuted. They need harsh punishment as an example to those contemplating removing liberty.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

More Hype than Fact

The internet, friends, family, strangers, officials and even preachers are all reacting to what can basically be considered rumor. Officials are corrupting data, internet "experts" are promoting their own brand of facts, and the entire mess of "information" is swirling around the toilet bowl of society. In the end, if the current virus is as dangerous as many think, there is not protection. It will progress regardless of any efforts to contain it, since it was allowed to be circulated by people for so long.

What's the solution? Stop worrying. If your time it up, you have no control of it. From my perspective, this is all politics, attempts to leverage the economy, and the politicians that acquire wealth and power are doing well. Meanwhile, life goes on, people still need to work, and stopping either only prolongs what will eventually happen.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What I Predict

If they can get Bernie to quit, Joe will be the nominee, have a health emergency, and the Democrats will pull a magic rabbit  candidate out of their butts. Their minions will be mesmerized, the media will fawn over this candidate, and anyone with more sense than a bag of hammers will shake their head.

It's election season (which now is all the time) and logic is thrown away. A less polite society wouldn't tolerate such nonsense, and beat the tar out of some of those so willing to sacrifice honor for politics.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bi-Annual Complaint

Again, time is not correct, unless you move your clocks ahead one hour. This is ridiculous, but it's ridiculous on a national scale. We should be ashamed.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Virus Mania

I talk to people about the influenza virus, which I receive an inoculation yearly to combat. Many I talk to don't want the inoculation, yet have only hearsay evidence to support their avoidance. They feel the inoculation is dangerous, and even repeat rumors of it being an effort to remove huge sections of the population.

Considering the deaths from influenza, the percentage of mortalities due to the illness, and comparing them to the corona virus, I don't think many people realize there is no need to panic at this stage of the illness. When you add the economic problems associated with this panic to the needless constant hype by the media, it's hard to fathom how ignorance is allowed to flourish. Caution is necessary, but running screaming into the danger is not.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This I'll Keep and Eye On

Judge Jackson called jurors from the trial of Stone back for questioning about misconduct. Of the 11 out of fourteen jurors that showed up, only two were questioned, which is what the report stated was all allowed by the judge. She asked the questions. The defense, and prosecution, attorneys didn't ask any questions, although they did get to choose the two jurors for questioning.

I wonder why the judge didn't allow all the jurors to be questioned? That, and why the other three weren't there? Maybe those questions will be answered in the future.

I did find that the defense attorneys not asking questions as interesting. In my opinion, this is all theater, they know the judge will lose in appeals, and at worst, Stone will be tried again. They've already won this bout, the prosecutors know this, and the judge is playing CYA.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

People Should Be Paying Attention

After watching a multitude of commercials, and watching people I know, the use of voice activated devices is becoming a dependency. I understand the convenience, but these devices remove certain mental exercises that may be necessary. That, and anything that can listen to a command can broadcast all sounds received.

I din't know how this will all end up, but I really don't see it ending as well as perceived. There's a point where convenience leads to laziness and a lack of initiative. Both lead to dependency, eventual poor health, and a society ripe for manipulation by those without the best interests of citizens in mind.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Best Way to Cook Bacon

Years ago, after being spattered by bacon grease, and having to stand at the stove, I started cooking it on low heat. It cooks slower, but the bacon cooks evenly, and there is no spatter. It's not generally done this way by most people, and I've been criticized for using this method, but it gives me time to sip coffee, avoid the constant turning, and is a more enjoyable to me. Breakfast on the weekend should be pleasant, and not rushed. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Diversity and the Corruption of Words

Apparently, many students sucking up the ignorance higher education allows, believe diversity means segregation. That sounds silly, but that's how they believe. Maybe they don't like diversity, since it means they can't feel sorry for themselves.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

In the Next Few Hours

I was looking at my counter, and realized the number of people (and bots) that visited my blog will pass 5000,000. that's an impressive number, unless you're the federal government. With the government, that's a tiny amount of the money spent in the attempt to destroy the President.

Btw: If you happen to be the 500,000th visitor, and have to pee, don't forget to leave a quarter on the tank. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Necessary Justice

If you really think about it, those so willing to remove firearms from the public know this gives them tremendous power. Not only is the individual helpless against criminals, they're helpless against a rogue faction of government. Considering the rogue elements that tried to take out a sitting President without any consideration of law, the danger of the removal of all rights is is a common goal of those that embrace the subjugation or citizens with Socialism.

The criminal bureaucrats, and the politicians involved with the impeachment fiasco need to be dealt  the harshest punishments allowed by law. They are traitors and should be made examples for those that contemplate the destruction of the United States through subterfuge. Their ultimate goal was subjugation of United States citizens and the criminal activities only prove their only intention was the acquisition of personal power at the cost of removing liberty. If the citizens were not allowed to have firearms, their goal would have easily been achieved after removing the President. The final bulwark against tyranny would have been removed.

Friday, February 7, 2020

I Think It's Coming

The Democrats showed they weren't fighting by any rules, and fought as though they were in a street fight. If my thoughts are correct, Trump will figuratively kick them in the ribs while they are down. His administration is rooting out those involved, and will probably throw a few in prison.

In the past, an evil effort to destroy those in power demanded death; and many times the death was welcomed, after a long, and painful punishment. Those involved with the failed coup should feel lucky they weren't living in the past.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Mitt Romney announced he will vote guilty on the non-criminal charges created by the Democrat clown parade. He should have acquitted, but if not, he should have abstained. His cowardly action only shows he's another two-faced traitor to the United States and his own party.


He reminds me of John McCain.  Both only served their selfish interests and not their country.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Another Lead Balloon

Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton. It's good show, but will go nowhere, unless Hillary has lost her connections. If she has, I wonder if there will be a pile-on. I can only hope they drag her feeble body into the courtroom until she's bankrupt.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Ten More Days....

...and nights until the possibility of my cast being removed. Hopefully I don't go berserk before then.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Maybe the Reason

Pelosi is old-school Democrat. She follows the narrative demanded by those that pull her strings and grease her palms. That's why I think this whole impeachment debacle continues. The party knows it will have little chance in winning the presidency, the new kids on the block might muddy the water, Biden is their choice, and the impeachment removes some of the troublemakers running for President from campaigning at a very important time. They might not get the presidency, but those that can ruin their country club will never become members.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Writing Will Be Tough

After a short argument with a half inch drill motor last week, I was forced to admit youth and enthusiasm will now need to be replaced with age a wisdom. That and learning how to do many things with my left hand. The doctor thinks the cast can be removed in about four weeks. Then again, I do have a diamond blade for my Dremel, if the cast becomes unbearable.