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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've used computers since the mid '80's. At that time, things were simpler, although there were few bells and whistles, which is why I'm posting.

I'm tired of operatings systems that have to be tweaked, protected, changed, refined and constantly require my attention or they dump the memory and give the blue screen of death. Update my drivers? Why? It's obvious the last drivers are the cause of the wreck. Why should I trust you to choose the replacements?

Also, I'm tired of printers that won't work unless you install software that constantly causes problems with the operating system. I don't need to collate, flip, embelish, add text, check for updates, take polls, give my opinion or find spam in my email that tells me I'm part of the team and should be proud of owning such a fine product. Yes, you can check my computer to see what kind of printer I have. Maybe one day you'll be a little more helpful than telling me what I can see is written on the side of my printer.

I guess I'm behind the times. I should be salivating over the opportunity of a new computer, with more bells and whistles, more memory, a larger harddrive and  83 USB ports. Unforunately, I'm not interested. Leave me alone and quit screwing with my system.


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  1. Actually, my new computer for school works pretty damn good. I've had precious few issues, and those I have had are primarily operator error. It's main failing, IMO, is it is really too big for a laptop. But still I know what you mean, it seems like Techgeekdom is always wanting to fix what ain't broken.