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Sunday, March 18, 2018

It's Beautiful, But May Bring Bad Weather

The picture below show the sky to the west this evening. It's beautiful, but it's the edges of very strong thunderstorms that may make it here tonight.

I've seen these before. Usually, the worst of the weather passes North. Sometimes we get the storms, and they can bring high winds, lots of lightning, and some moments of wondering if things will get worse. Hopefully, we will only get a wind shift, and cooler weather.

Poker Politics

In the last two years, the effort to derail the current administration was fierce. Conjecture was prevalent, and the claims the President colluded with foreign powers to steal the election were constantly proclaimed by political opponents and much of the media. Even when the election was over, the pressure continued daily, and only a few made efforts to dig for facts.

This all was like poker. Nobody really knew what hand the other held, but the effort to win was full of bluffs and sometimes outlandish remarks. The cards are now being shown, and it's not looking good for those that would do anything to destroy Trump.

The collusion investigation is not revealing what the special council was instructed to find. Meanwhile, Congressional investigations found collusion with high ranking members of the FBI, illegal activities by the same, and the possibility FISA judges were part of the effort to destroy the President.

An IG report is now out, but not revealed to the public. The report must be damning, since it was used to fire a high ranking member of the FBI just days before their ability to receive their pension. That's an ace, if you're playing cards, and with the firing of a top official, it's probably not a bluff, and the rest of the President's hand is looking like the winning hand.

Now we wait to see the rest of the hands. As it now appears, the effort to destroy Trump failed, those involved with this effort will lose their jobs, if not their freedom, and a coup was prevented. That's a good thing for the United States, and those so willing to commit sedition, and treason, must be prosecuted. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Naked and a Camera Crew

There's a show, where a couple, who are strangers, take off their clothes, and spend 21 days with almost no resources. It can be entertaining, but it's fake.

Sometimes, one will drop out, because they just can't take it. Other times, they make it to the end, and are "rescued". All times have a camera crew, a doctor in waiting, resources on the perimeter, and the understanding they probably won't die.

I don't know what they're paid for their efforts, but in the real world, the half-hearted attempts of survival would have a much different ending. Success would mean either living, or dying.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Didn't Have Spring Break

I never even heard of Spring Break, until I was an adult. We didn't have it in school, and when I did hear of it, it had something to do with universities.

Now, all schools seem to take a Spring Break. I'm guessing it's a subtle long term effort to come up with another national holiday, which allows another reason to not work, and retail outlets to peddle their wares with false guarantees of the lowest prices all year. 

Time will tell.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Advice for Young Folks

I can think of dozens of things young folks should do, or learn. I'll list a few, and invite others to add, or expound, in the comments. The list applies to both sexes.

- Learn how to read, and use a tape measure.
- Cut a board to length with a handsaw. Practice, until you can follow the line. Then do the same with an electric saw.
- Buy a claw hammer, and drive some nails.
- Bake a cake
- Cook a full meal for your family.
- Write, even if it's only a journal. Doing so helps you clarify your thoughts, leads to better writing skills, and gives you reference for when you're older.
- Help with taking care of someone older. It gives you insight of what you will face.
- Learn to drive. After you've driven, go back and read the manual you used before your written test.
- Learn to fish.
- Learn to hunt
- Learn how to clean, and prepare game.
- Learn to shoot, and own a firearm. ..........