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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Call It What You Like

Some are calling the police officer in Minneapolis a murderer. The officer is being charged with such, but without proof of the intentional death of the suspect, it's not murder.

Another thing. What happened to all the calls for staying out of the fray, until the evidence is collected, a trial is held, and a defendant is either convicted, or released? Isn't that the way our justice system is supposed to work? Apparently not. Even the President is weighing in, and the public tainting of any jurors completely removed any hope of an impartial jury.

Meanwhile, the agitators, which are being paid to foment riots, are successful with stirring up the bored derelicts to violence. Cities, which are basically semi-organized chaos, are being shut down by a handful of people. Liberal mayors are showing how feckless they are, and the honest citizens are contemplating how they can cut their losses, leave, and find a better place to live.

If I had to guess, I'd guess this is all planned to keep the real tragedy from the news. A rogue set of officials in the last administration attempted a coup. In the past, such criminals wouldn't have seen a second sunrise, which was appropriate.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Executive Tyranny

Regardless of opinion, executive orders are limited to what the Constitution allows. That's why this isolation, social distancing, and shutdowns are illegal. Making people understand this is becoming more difficult because the years of indoctrination, increasing ignorance, and outright tyranny have lulled people into relinquishing their liberty.

Is their a cure for this nonsense? There is, but it's far from polite.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When You Really Think About It

At one time, a Democrat was a member of the Democratic Party, which supposedly was the party of the working folks. Time has revealed that really was never true. The Socialistic laws created to enslave people to the government have been going on for decades. While many felt they were being represented, they were being lured into traps, and their ignorance is being cultivated for further restrictions of liberty.

I see no difference between the modern Democrats and the Chicoms. They're one of the same, enemies of the United States, and the more they're defeated, the better the country becomes.

Monday, May 25, 2020

What Could You Say?

What could you say to someone that died for freedom, and could return long enough to catch up on current events? Could you have a rational explanation of how their life was traded for the country we have today? How could you explain the dependence on a country that not only killed U.S. citizens, they furnished supplies to enemies to help with their efforts to destroy the United States? Not only that, the same country introduced a pathogen that brought the country to the precipice of tyranny. How could you explain allowing bureaucrats to subjugate the nation to restrictions forbidden by the Constitution? How about the debt? What about the known treasonous acts by government officials?

I couldn't come up with an answer. I'm a small voice in a large crowd, and the crowd is cowering at home with masks, unpaid mortgages, and unemployment checks that will end soon. My voice is only as strong as my vote, and my vote is negated by the corrupt officials that count fake ballots. My voice is echoed by many, but the media continues to only report what their masters allow.

We honor those that fell in the past for our country. Maybe we can further that honor by demanding accountability from those that are trying to destroy our country.