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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Taste of the Tropics

We occasionally receive a taste of the tropics. It's caused by either a low pressure wave, depression, or outright tropical storm. It's different than any other weather, and interesting to observe.

Forecasters have warned of possible torrential rains for days. The original start was forecast on Friday, but as the tropical wave slowed, the forecast called for the worst of the rains to start late Sunday into Tuesday.

I woke this morning to what I call popcorn showers. These numerous showers start in the Gulf, migrate North, and sometimes turn into thunderstorms further inland. Nearer to the coast, they pass quickly, usually don't have much rain, and a short wait will lead to another.

The humidity was high, and the temperature only reached about 80 degrees overnight. With the high humidity, what is usually the coolest time of the day is perceived as hot, and little activity produces a heavy sweat.

This afternoon radar shows the showers are more numerous. As the system becomes closer, the light rain will be almost constant, and occasional heavy showers will lead to the start of the accumulation of rain. By tomorrow, if the weather acts as usual, the ground will become saturated, and the constant rain will be driven by steady winds in excess of 20 mph. Flooding is possible, and some places may be inundated with more than 8 inches of rain.

When the system finally moves away in the middle of the week, the temperature in the 90's, occasional thunderstorms, and brutal sun will make the days miserable. Those days are the worst. Working is hampered by mud, the steamy conditions after the showers only make the heat index rise, and the promise of a few days of this weather only add to the misery. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

No Big Deal

So, the IG report is out. It reinforces what was already known, or suspected, and shows many criminal activities were accomplished by those in office, or in a high supervisory position with the government.

It's no big deal. The gnashing of teeth, posturing, finger pointing, and general fecklessness will start. Those that a less polite society would have sentenced for life at hard labor will skate, as usual. That's how the government works, and it won't change.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Little Rain, But No Relief

Yesterday, we had a shower in the evening. Before the sun could heat again, it set, which allowed some cooling overnight.

This morning, we had a brief, heavy downpour, which left it cool for a short period of time, but this afternoon there is no relief.

It's 3:30, the temperature is 90, and the heat index is 99. This is much different than an actual temperature of 99, with low humidity. There is no relief in the shade. The humidity doesn't allow much evaporation, so the sweat accumulates, and the misery increases.

Tomorrow offers higher temperatures, high humidity, and more of the really uncomfortable afternoon we've experienced. I have to watch the crew, and insure they don't burn out. Starting at 6:00 am helps. The extra hour of relatively cooler air is probably the most productive hour during the day. After 2:00 pm, the heat can be too much, and any production is minimal. We usually stop around 3:00, and avoid the afternoon heat that causes so much stress, one night of rest doesn't give enough relief.

The oppressive heat of summer came early this year. Whether it continues, without the usual afternoon rains, is to be seen. I've experienced a summer where the afternoon temperatures hovered around 105 for weeks. It was a summer where heat was deadly, and many were so influenced by heat exhaustion, they had to go to the hospital.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Derelict Pukes

I see, or read about too many derelict pukes. They have no source of income, except what they steal, or derive from public assistance, and they are involved with too many crimes.

So, what to do about these parasites? My solution are harsh, so I won't elaborate.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

One of Two Things

The last administration is now known to be well involved with activities that were unethical at best, and illegal at worst. Although lower level employees were involved, it's now apparent the most senior officials were also involved.

I think there are only two possibilities on the involvement of the former President in these activities. Either he was blissfully unaware, or he had full knowledge of what was going on. Time will tell, but either only further tarnishes the reputation of Obama. His policies, efforts to subvert the Constitution, and ignore existing laws are known facts to support his incompetence, or sedition. Adding efforts to destroy the candidacy of a member of the opposing party pushes his actions into the area of treason.