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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Not Much To Write Tonight

Sometimes, after a long day and the heat, the thoughts are of something instead of writing. Tonight is one of those times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As Time Goes On

When I was in high school, the Vietnam War was on the downhill slide. A great rift developed in the country and the majority of those most upset didn't know anything of how the U.S. became involved in the first place. It's the same today. An entire generation of young adults were crapping orange from strained carrots when Afghanistan and Iraq started. Their perception is influenced only by what they happen to read on a news report, if they're interested at all. They have no recollection of the event that precipitated the conflicts.

I once had a book that was a historical reference of the Vietnam Conflict. To sum up the book, decades of meddling, political posturing, back door deals and abuse led to decades of meddling, political posturing, back door deals and abuses. When you consider the worst victims of the entire mess wanted only enough rain for their rice crops, maybe a pig or two, a simple house for their family and to be left in peace, the entire mess was a horrible testament to the bumbling, cumbersome power struggle we call international politics.

War sucks, but sooner, or later, some crazy bastard will influence enough ignorant people to follow them until they need to be killed before they kill more innocent people. There sure seems like a better way, but it's damn near impossible to deal with people that are willing to kill innocent people for power. Those type of people are best turned into compost.

The long term crap, like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are a huge waste, in my opinion. War is a nasty business and the best outcome involves the ruthless destruction of the enemy's ability to wage war in the shortest time possible. Anything else is a bumbling gesture that never has a good outcome.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saving The Planet - A Few Birds at a Time

Google, and some California energy companies, own a solar power facility that has the distinction of causing birds to ignite as they fly into the concentrated sunlight. 

The irony is thick with this one. I guess we have to kill them to save them.

It Really Doesn't Exist

I've used the term; so do many others. The term? I-Beam.

While it's commonly used to describe a type of structural steel, there is no designation "I" for describing a steel section shaped like an "I". The descriptions are "W" and "S", with the W shape a designation for wide-flange beams more commonly used for steel construction. S shapes aren't that common, since they don't have the same strength characteristics of W shapes and the inner part of a W shape is not as severely sloped as that of an S shape.

Now you can sleep better at night. I know such things bothered you to the point of restlessness.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

That Ain't The Way to Have Fun...Son

It's strange how some songs job memories. The first time I heard the following song, I wasn't quite old enough to drive legally; I was with my brothers and a cousin;  we were in my grandmother's 1952 mint condition Pontiac and at an A&W in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Off across the hills, a storm was brewing; flashes of lightning too far away to hear thunder. The storm eventually arrived and chased us to my grandmother's house right before it arrived.

The next morning, I was surprised, since you could still kick dust. Rain didn't do much for the parched land.