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Monday, September 1, 2014

Musings of the Cloud

Internet servers are full of things that many people would like to keep private. Unfortunately, servers aren't without weaknesses, so that information can be compromised. To make things worse, wireless signal transmissions are like throwing paper airplanes of personal information in huge amounts into a supposed empty canyon for only one to capture and secure.

So, some celebrity figures are now realizing tweets and other supposedly private moments were not isolated to only those they intended to observe. Tits and asses are now to be relished by any pervert that can cover the price for a peek. I should feel sorry for them, but ignorance is a bitch, and the price for ignorance costs more than any amount of money.

Labor Day

Warning: If you're offended by adult language, read no farther!

Today is my day. I've labored for over forty years, so this is my day to celebrate....what? Working hard? Celebrating those that are buying meat I can't afford with food stamps and barbecuing on the porch of their section 8 housing...with a power gate and pass code?

How about the hard work of our government employees....all 1/4 of them that probably have any function, while the rest receive a paycheck to harass me to continue their worthless existence? Politicians? Retailers that marked everything up last week so it appears they're giving you a discount on Labor Day?

And only one day? Hell, the President has pissed off weeks, and weeks, on my dime, with security. Labor day should be at least a week; with pay and bonuses. Politicians and bureaucrats should fan me, offer me grapes and beg those that actually produce something not to place a bounty on them and offer prizes for those that are most revolting.

Yep, it's Labor Day; the day honest labor is rewarded like the pivot man at a circle jerk.

Bleh! I need to go cut some grass and trim some trees.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Doubt Anyone Gets a Refund

Pour ice water over your head, or give some money for ALS research......or not. According to this news report, 28% of funds to the ALS Foundation are used for research. The rest go to something else.

Charitable giving is one of the things U.S. folks are known for. It's a good thing, but many give without doing a little research on the organization they're giving their hard money to for support. Considering how huge the ice water challenge has affected the country, I'm thinking many will feel a little betrayed when they realize only 28 cents of every dollar they donated actually is used to find a cure for a horrific illness. If they're like me, that seems like a paltry proportion to use for what the money is actually given to accomplish.

I Really Don't Care

About what? Whether it's the correct time of year to make gumbo.

"It's too hot for gumbo!" is a response I've heard. Following that line of reasoning, nothing should be cooked during hot months. Everything has to be raw or eaten frozen. Hot meals are enjoyed year round and I still haven't determined why gumbo is considered a cold weather food.

I've been told the same thing for chili, which doesn't make sense, because the summer baseball food of hot dogs are commonly covered in the stuff. I like chili in the summer as much as I do in the winter. It tastes good, is relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

So, whether you dislike the idea, or not, I made chicken and sausage gumbo today. For those that think it's a bad idea, it doesn't bother me you feel that way. I have more for me and it's really, really good.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Of Scotsmen and Heritage

The bagpipes are seldom spoken of in a positive way. Still, I like them and the music that's played on the odd instrument once made from the skin of a sheep. It's part of my heritage and I can feel my ancestors calling when I hear the songs.

Enjoy, or not.