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Friday, December 19, 2014

Don't Just Fire Him; Throw Him In a Cold Lake

The director of DHS forgot the Pledge of Allegiance. ; and admits it.

Fire him right now. Carry him to the nearest lake with cold water and throw him in. Such a metrosexual confession, with his position, should automatically disqualify him from having any part of national security.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Reality the Media Ignores

Much of the media is parading Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush as the contenders in the next Presidential election, while they ignore how neither represents the majority of the U.S. taxpayers and how both have political ideologies that cause concern.

A strong leader emerges during such times. The common promotion of this leader was once found on television and in the written press. That's not the situation any longer, and the strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the direction of the U.S. is reflected in the huge internet community. It's there the next leader will emerge and the media will either embrace the will of the majority of the nation, or find their slide into economic despair will accelerate.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

False Indignation

The reaction to the intelligence committee of the Senate release of a the report on the interrogation methods used at Gitmo is starting to seep through the filters of the media. Most of the reactions by those actually involved are similar, which is anger and betrayal.

Feinstein, and the rest that were so bold to release the report are using the false premise it's not what the United States stands for and the exposure was necessary. Their "righteous indignation" is only a ruse to distract from the facts revealed by Gruber and a punitive action by Feintstein, who thought she could put the intelligence agencies in place by exposing classified information.

They've tread where only fools go. Their actions will lead to death, violent demonstrations, and a mistrust of those trusted to protect the United States. Not only have they betrayed their office, they betrayed innocent people, that will be the focus of retribution.

Feinstein is done. So are the other members of the committee that abused their trust. When the protection their power allowed is gone, they will not only be the focus of attention by those that work in intelligence, they will be targets of those that want the information they've acquired. They'll spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, and they deserve the uneasy life. As my grandmother use to say " They burned their butts; now they can sit on the blisters."

What will be the outcome? An unwillingness to share information with Congress, more brutal field methods of interrogation, and a realization Congress can't be trusted. Maybe that's best. War is a brutal business and the fast methods of fighting the enemy may allow the shortest outcome. We saw the incompetent reactions during the Vietnam war. Our enemy was defeated, and Congress snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  If they are willing to weaken the United States to promote their party's agenda, they don't need to be involved with the protection of the citizens they swore to protect.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Freshpet Holiday Feast - 13 Dogs and a Cat!

Just when you thought you've seen all the internet, Joanne finds something you never saw.

It's Never Too Late in a Street Fight

I'm seeing some signs of anger, a willingness to fight back, and a determination to win by some of those that felt a polite discourse was the best method.

I compare this to a street fight. In such things, the winner is the one that will bite off an ear, gouge an eye, or pound unmercifully on the genitals of their opponent. It's a brutal encounter, but the final outcome is only one winner, and you can still win if you're not on the ground and your opponent is breaking your ribs with sharp kicks.

Politics became a street fight years ago. It's time for the polite nature of gentle folks to end, unless they want to gasp for breath with broken ribs.