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Saturday, November 9, 2019

As Things Change

This is the time of year I most enjoy. The temperature, and the drier air, make most clear days as pleasurable as they can be. The one thing missing is spending some of these days with my oldest brother. He loved these days like I do. His death left a huge hole in my life, and I'll miss him as long as I remain on this earth.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Watching the Ducks

The mist on the pond this morning was higher than the trees. With the temperature hovering around 38, the warm water allowed plenty of the mist, which barely stirred in the almost still air. The sky was clear, except for a few cirrus to the east; pastel orange wisps above the almost quiet surroundings.

I watched the ducks slowly start their morning. All are butterball fat, spend very little time foraging, and keep their eyes peeled for someone to come feed them. They are patient, and will become excited when the can is opened, and the feed spread on the ground. That, or some bread is brought, which is thrown into the air, or right into their opened mouths. Like circus animals, they've been trained to catch the bread before it hits the ground.

As I watched, I was thinking how we turned them into Democrats. They expect food without any effort on their part, they stopped foraging for their own food, and those that once flew are now too fat, or lazy. They waddle, or swim to the food, instead of swooping from the sky to be first in line.

These ducks are lucky, because nobody here is interested in harvesting them for a tasty Sunday dinner. Of course, that could change. I like baked duck, and duck gumbo. They don't know this, and if they did, they would have left long ago.

Friday, November 1, 2019


I used to click on Drudge every time I started my computer. Over the last few months, I noticed the reports he links were slanted toward the liberal narrative. This led to refusing to go to the site, since it appeared Drudge was just another shill for the Progressive reprobates.

So, has Drudge sold out, or has the media barrage removed any balance to the news? I don't know, but I do know I don't visit the site very often. Regardless of the reason, further attempts to nullify my vote only indicate either collusion, or ignorance; and when more of these tabloid sites disappear, the better the country will be.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Watching "Dirty Jobs"

I've been watching Mike Rowe, and his crew, on the television this morning. His show: "Dirty Jobs" was, and still is, popular to many. I've seen some episodes more than once, but always  enjoy seeing them again. Why? The show reveals the tremendous amount of manual labor required to keep what we call "modern society" on the rails.

While the lure of higher education keeps many thinking it will bring wealth, and success, both may not be what people want, or need. Wealth doesn't buy happiness, and success isn't always measured in the accumulation of things. Neither guarantees health, and neither always endears a person to others.

I've observed the caliber of young new hires for the last few decades. At one time, they were more acclimated to working, and taking on responsibility. That, and they weren't thin skinned like those found today.

I'm finding I have less patience with dealing with youngsters given too many things in life, and never forced to understand their feelings sometimes need to be placed on hold. I don't have to cater to their emotions. There's work to be done, and they're expected to do the work without reacting like an emotional third grader.

There are many opportunities for young folks willing to get their hands dirty. For too many, dirty hands will be a first time experience; even though they're in their early twenties. All they have to do is pay attention, do the menial tasks first, and learn a trade that may allow them more wages than many professionals. Whether enough take this path is to be seen. If they don't, there are many Mexicans standing in line for the opportunity.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Some Things You Can't Buy

Around the time of Hurricane Harvey, my wife started a quilt for me. It involved cutting multiple pieces of fabric into 2 inch square, pinning the squares into a pattern, sewing the squares together, placing batten, sewing the backing fabric, sewing the border, and finally the part she likes: sewing the quilting pattern to hold it all together.

This was when she had it all the pieces pinned together:

This is the final quilt:

She spent many hours on this project. She'd be inspired, put it away for awhile, and for some months, she didn't even want to keep quilting. The bug hit her again, so she finished, and is starting another project.

I think she's an artist, but she can pick out every tiny detail she doesn't like. That's the artist in her, and doesn't lessen the fantastic thing she made out of love.

I'm blessed.