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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


We had a cold front yesterday evening. This morning revealed a perfect fall morning, with the temperature in the forties.

As I walked to my truck, Thanksgiving crossed my mind. We're planning on having it at the relatives, with the usual feast. We've had it there before, so I know it will be a special day.

My thoughts wandered to Thanksgiving over the years. The memories are many: chilly days, azure skies with mare's tail clouds, the aromas of Thanksgiving meals, and the people I shared the days with.

Things are different, yet the same. So many in the family are now gone, but there are always new relatives to share the day. That's what makes Thanksgiving special, and leads to the excitement while waiting for the day.

For all that read here, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is one of your best.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

When Academia Stumbles

Universities, from Ivy League, to local community universities, peddled unrealistic dreams, overcharged, allowed poor performance, and ignored those that turn the wheels for so long, they finally reached the point of possible insignificance. Many not only don't want to recruit from university candidates, they make it a policy to avoid such practices.

Academia has stumbled, corrupted the goal of higher education, and released hordes of inept, unprepared people into society, with enormous debts.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things That Don't Exist

Many things don't exists, with the most common as a "gun free zone". Criminals will carry weapons in a gun free zone, so will police, and citizens that realize the danger of not having protection. So, why is this mythical place continued to be promoted?

It's Part of the Job

Trump was elected President to stop the inflow of thousands of unvetted aliens. Meanwhile, those that think it's a good idea to let anyone into the United States, without any restrictions, are successful in keeping the President from doing his job.

I think the only solution, at this time, is to close the door completely. It's within the power of Trump, and it's time he exercised the power. While many will complain, or attempt to stop it in court, they're efforts will be stopped, when those working under Trump are forced to either resign, be fired, or follow the order.

Some will be harmed by the action, but I've reached the point that's less of a problem than allowing people into the United States that have crime, murder, or mayhem as their goal. No new aliens, no new problems.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nobody Owns Anything

Think about it. everything you think you own is owned by bureaucrats, and taxing entities.

Refuse to pay taxes to a local corrupt government? They'll file papers, send people with guns, and take your home. Then, they'll sell it for pennies on the dollar to satisfy their bureaucratic necessities, and ignore the foolishness of their actions.

Refuse to pay taxes on your income, in protest of wasteful expenditures? They'll take your bank account, garnish your wages, and demand penalties, with interest, on your effort to control out of control government officials.

You can't expect any bureaucrat to refuse their job to take what is only allowed by a polite society. They can't conceive a society that reached the point they will say "enough is enough", and take out their anger on those that follow legislative guidelines that ignore personal liberty.

Still, the past reveals all societies eventually reach a breaking point, and the result is never pretty. Whether our society ever reaches that point will only be revealed in the future. I can only hope it doesn't involve violence.