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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Never Ending Pit

Hurricane Harvey caused a tremendous amount of damage last year. With rainfall amounts over 4 feet, and some over 5 feet, the flooding left property devalued, and some worthless. That's a loss some people can't ever recover from, and those that did are now facing something else: higher taxes.

Some local communities, since they are dealing with devalued property value, are contemplating tax increases to keep their revenue at the point they wish. Meanwhile, those that don't need another cost increase, are still dealing with damage, are waiting for new flood plain rules, and maybe on a fixed income, may be forced to accept another hit to their income.

Disasters are always bad news. Adding the disaster of higher taxes is unconscionable. Those willing to add harm to those that pay their salaries are useless pukes, in my opinion. There are too many taxes, too many moochers, too many bureaucrats and too small of a crowd to gather some of them up for a tar and feather party. If they keep this up, that will probably change.

It's Not Real

When you think of how many huge companies are really only electronic bits, it's a little amazing how fragile these companies are. With a substantial loss of revenue, an unwillingness of people to use their sites, and a short period of time, the facade of wealth can disappear. When you add that these companies really don't have much, except servers, the tech people, and the buildings they need to run their service, investors don't have much of anything with value. A bankruptcy would probably yield very little for vendors, and investors would only have a memory of their investment at worst. Those selling before a total loss would still be hurt financially, and would be soured on future investments in something without any real value.

These are strange times. The illusion is more attractive than the real. The nuts and bolts required are dismissed, while the intangibles are sought.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Economic Boost

According to Chelsea Clinton, Roe Vs. Wade helped add three and one half trillion dollars to the economy.  Her reasoning? The boost happened because the women that received an abortion were more inclined to join the the workforce.

There are no statistical references in the article, although it does explain Chelsea's bizarre line of reasoning. What is most amazing is she's so ignorant to place an economic value on the destruction of human fetuses, and then promote the idea as something good for the country.

I shouldn't be surprised, although I am wondering how depraved society will become before the likes of Clinton are censored, and prevented from any public exposure due to their appalling decay of morals.

Bad Juju

Omarosa Manigault-Newman was fired from the Trump staff. During her firing, while in the Situation Room, she recorded the conversation. Not only did she tape that, she claims to have other tapes.

I don't know if she realizes such things can, and will, lead to legal problems that the proceeds of her book deal will never cover. As possible recordings of classified information, a motion to a judge might lead to an injunction, a demand for the recording, and and end to the selling of her book. If classified information is found, the criminal problems may lead to some time at the cross-bar hotel.

How this all ends up will only be known in the future, but I'm thinking she completed the final destruction of her reputation, and guaranteed a future of closed doors.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

This Morning at Work

It was hot at work this morning, with the usual high humidity and morning showers. Although it was uncomfortable, it was a beautiful sunrise.