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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Some Things Don't Change

 When I started driving, my grandfather (who was an independent insurance agent) told me about the worst company he had to deal with with claims. I looked up the worst paying insurance companies on the web, and behold, it's still on the top ten. That's half a century of being  the worst paying insurance company. What really amazed me was that in the top ten, the companies that advertise the most are the worst. It makes sense, they don't pay their customers so they can pay to deceive with advertising.

Growing Into Oblivion

A local city, with a diversified choice for mayor, was rewarded with a comment the mayor would "like to see the city grow". Unless they're willing to cut taxes, get rid of the bloated employee burden, stop making ridiculous decisions with the infrastructure, become more business friendly, and do something about the growing crime, the city will be landlocked by adjacent communities with more to offer their citizens. Like my hometown, it's a cesspool compared to its former self. Like my hometown,  anyone that can is fleeing, saying goodbye to the money pit called public education, and trying to increase their income by removing the confiscatory taxes that only fund corruption. Growth requires a willingness for business to move to an area. This city is chasing it away, wondering why, and wallowing in ignorance.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mid-Summer Musings

After a few weeks of triple digit afternoons, we finally received a quarter inch of rain yesterday at sunset. It was a pleasant change, and cooled things down to tolerable. It wasn't enough, but that could change.

According to the weather wizards, there's a tropical disturbance developing. The forecast track is to somewhere around Corpus Christi, and onward through the Hill Country. Those over there sure can use the rain. They've been suffering unusual dry weather for the last few weeks, and any crops planted in that area will die without some water. Unfortunately, those along the rivers may find low water crossings impassable, and the unwary find the twenty feet difference in water elevations will ruin vacations. 

Today, the thunderstorms stayed in the Gulf. This left a sunset with high cirrus slowly turning from brilliant white, to a pastel pink accentuated with light blue patches of clear sky. Beautiful is the only way to describe it, and the fledgling cardinals gathering at the feeder added to a fine evening. 

The next few days will determine how much rain we'll receive, but since the forecast places us on the east side of the disturbance,  there's the possibility of torrential rains lasting for a long period time. We're ready if the road floods, and a generator will supply enough power for a window unit if the power goes off.

Until then, I'll enjoy some coffee on the porch. The frogs are starting to sing, and a light breeze is keeping some of the heat away.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

I'd Like To See This

Texas has laws on sedition. More than likely, most states have the same laws. Theoretically, the blowhard dumbasses that call for insurrection are guilty of sedition, whether they're local or at the Federal level. It's time state AG's prosecute these dimwits to the full extent, and show ignoring laws is what is causing the most problems.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Farther Into The Drought

Yards are dying, ponds are shrinking, and the triple digit heat is constantly making it worse. Fortunately, the high pressure blocking the formation of rain is forecast to weaken and the possibility of some tropical moisture is a possibility. We need the rain. We're double digits behind in rain, and it will take a lot over days to even alleviate the drought.