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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where It All Started

Blogging starts, when the mind is too full. At least that's what caused me to start.

Someone told me - at total stranger at that - I should start blogging. So, I tested the water, placed a foot in to test the temperature, and promptly fell in; I came close to drowning.

Anyway,. that person has a blog. She used to post more, but even with less posts, I push aside all projects, when Lee Ann posts to go see what she has written.

Go see and take a gander. Read the archives and make sure you comment. Be careful; her razor wit, well structured thought (maybe a little demented...or not) and willingness to injure detractors can disembowel a troll from a few hundred feet.

One warning: Some might find her language a little salty, or the subject offensive. I don't, but then my job doesn't involve coordinating social gatherings at the local churches.

Of course, I regret writing this post, but it's better than having a honey badger gnaw my genitals for breakfast......yes, that was the threat.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Evil of Expectations

Life has taught me a few things. Some good; some bad, but one lesson that I learned - and too many people refuse to believe - is that a huge government hurts the poor.

How so? The larger the government, the more access to those willing to use the government to promote their personal agenda. It's all about numbers; the more people you can subvert, the more you can use for personal gain. The poor become pawns and they're rewarded for their ignorance with supposed efforts to help with their plight. Meanwhile, people make a living on useless programs, taxes are raised to cover the costs and those that are in the most need of every dollar they can muster, find everything they purchase is more expensive.

The middle class (I hate that phrase. Everyone in the United States is sovereign and any class system is only more politispeak.) face higher costs and they can only do everything they can to survive without the indignity of government help. The government doesn't care this happens. In fact, it's a windfall for bureaucrats and government employees. With the removal of personal liberties by the acceptance of public help, another minion is created to continue the subterfuge.

A smaller government means less intrusion, lower taxes, more opportunities and a return of power to the individual. The poor have an escape, the government stays as a public servant to those they represent and those with wealth are allowed to increase their wealth without the dishonest intervention of government. This wealth is shared by offering jobs, increasing compensation for those already working and a playing field where opportunities are for all; instead of only those with the resources to pay for the huge amounts of paperwork involved with regulations.

A government is a necessary evil to keep a large society safe, informed and regulated by necessary laws to allow justice; both for crime and equity. Allowing it to be anything else only leads to the problems the United States now faces. We are a nation of laws, but the laws should be simple, never intrude on personal liberty and kept to the minimum amount. When there are too many, and complicated by unrealistic goals, personal responsibility is removed. Bureaucrats acquire power, interpret complicated laws and mandate through administrative regulations, which create unnecessary jobs that only suck the wealth from the private citizen. This removal of wealth affects those with the least amount of money the most. While an increase in living cost is only an insignificant amount to those with resources, those in the most need of relief from dire financial conditions are faced with a cost they can't afford and their ability to escape from poverty is further removed.

A bloated government needs the poor. They use them as pawns to acquire power, manipulate resources and continue the bureaucracy. Their only hope to continue this trampling of liberty is to keep the poor ignorant, forever beholding to the scraps they allow, and successful obfuscation of their true purpose. They've been successful with this endeavor. This will never change as long as those most afflicted by their efforts continue to relish their ignorance and refuse to demand a smaller government.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

They'll Just Pick

The name of the song? "I'll Just Pick" and the band is the Dixie Dregs. If you've never heard of them you might know Steve Morse.

Enjoy and look them up on the interwiz. There's fine music to be found.

Bodies Falling From the Sky

News reports state that bodies fell from the sky, after a window rattling boom. They landed in yards, fields and one even went through the roof of a house, where it still remain; a naked woman waiting for authorities to retrieve the body.

I don't know about you, but the horrific event is revealing more horror. Not only is the actual occurrence disquieting and chilling, the aftermath, rhetorical squabbling and finger pointing brings an uncomfortable feeling. The reaction by those involved is not that of reasoned, responsible people. The raw emotional actions remind me of primitive societies; not modern nations of law, with the demand of accountability and the lack of political motivations for justice.

It takes exceptional world leaders at times such as these. Unfortunately, one key player - the United States of America - is selfishly absorbed in nonsense and it's reflected in the current President.