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One other thing: sometimes I write words you refuse to use in front of children, or polite company, unless you have a flat tire, or hit your thumb with a hammer.

I don't use them to offend; I use them to embellish.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sorta a New Phone

I bought a new phone; or I should say the company I work for bought a new phone. It's a Samsung Convoy 3, which is my third Convoy. I've had a one and a two. Number one was run over by a tracked excavator, when it fell from the pouch. Number two must have had too many snorts of sulfur fumes. It would turn off by itself, had a half-assed way of transferring photos to the card, and the ear piece sound was getting what can only be described as rotten.

If you happen to look up the phone (no, I didn't provide a link. I'm lazy this evening and....okay, now you have link.) you can see it's a flip-top phone, which is what I like. Officially, I guess it's considered a "smart phone" because it can access the internet, and this version allows what the 1 and 2 didn't offer, which is the software and capability to actually surf the web; if I was so inclined. I don't, except to look at the weather, or to find a phone number.

The big drawback is the lack of a keyboard. Texts require alphanumeric juggling, which really affects my driving, when I've had a few, am eating a hamburger, and driving through a school I don't do that. I never eat, when I drive.

Still, it's compact, rugged as hell (Have I ever told you how many scars my old phones had after I dropped them on the pavement?) and it's the best alarm clock I ever had. Not only can I hit snooze, I can easily hide it under a pillow and ignore it completely.

To complete my informal product review, I have to comment on the battery charge life. It can go for days, if I don't use the phone very much. Considering I'm liable to forget my charger, that's a plus for me.

I'd recommend the phone to anyone that likes a flip-top, plain Jane phone and has a pocket full of money. Even with a rebate, and an upgrade, it was still a hundred dollars to purchase. The sales person told me it retails for $450. I can understand that. It's not a chicken-shit phone and if you want to communicate, even when you have a tendency break things, work in an abusive environment, need an sd card for preserving photos and messages, are hard of hearing, like to place the phone on vibrate, stick it in you pocket and have a friend call you for five minutes, and don't care if your phone is relatively small... and it haunts you to think yours is small... this is the phone for you.

Considering this is version three, I have the feeling I'm not alone with my preferences. With the typical one year life expectancy for the production of a phone, and the fact this phone has been around for 7 years that I know of, my preferences are shared by enough to keep Samsung churning out these phones and laughing all the way to the bank.

So there you are. Buy a few dozen and use them for stocking stuffers. Samsung will appreciate, if I can only get them to pay me for their product endorsement.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So Many Thoughts...

....and they slip through the cracks.

I think of at least a half dozen things to write about each day. They pop into my mind, as I drive, or just observe; and I forget about them in the evening, or I'm too tired to write them down. After a night's sleep, they're gone forever. 

For example: Today, as I was driving, I noticed a Monarch Butterfly at about a foot above windshield level, between four lanes of divided highway, and cars zipping along at 75 miles per hour. Most people don't even notice such things, but I do. My thoughts wonder to whether an updraft, or downdraft, determined the fate of the butterfly. One foot up, and it continued on its journey. One foot down, and it became something to wash off the windshield of a car. 

I need to find my pocket recorder; so I can place a few verbal notes to peruse later in the day. Most of it's probably not important to anyone, but me. Still, somebody might like to read what I have to write, and it beats hell out of reruns of "The Simpsons".

A Quick Thought

Only a really naive person would not suspect voter fraud in elections; and only a really corrupt person would think eliminating the fraud is not important.

The current election is showing signs many people are voting early to show their dissatisfaction with current government officials. I have the feeling the fraud will be rampant, and can only hope that those caught are thrown into an active volcano.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Strip Mall Wonderings

I was looking at a strip mall the other day. It's been there for years. In fact, during the sixties, it was the place to go and all the big retailers had an outlet there. The big malls pretty well killed the strip mall, so the business that come and go are interesting.

Anyway, I noticed "Mr. Giggles" was closed. Now I never saw the store, when it was open, so I have no idea what was sold. Maybe party goods? How about silly costumes? Clown paraphernalia? I have no idea, but it's closed, so I'll never know.

One part of my thoughts thinks it was a well meaning entrepreneur, a little money ahead, and a bad idea, in a bad location. The other part of my thoughts thinks of a creepy looking man, with a lazy eye, and a really strange sense of humor. Sorta a Stephen King character in real life.

Who knows. The sign is still there. The opportunities for imaginary characters are endless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Technology Wondering

With all the advances in technology, I wonder if the woman's voice that tells me my virus database is updated is real, or synthesized. I guess it's not important, but it's one of those things that crosses my mind.