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Friday, January 15, 2021

Tired of the Deep Piles

 I'm tired of the B.S. that's piled up by the media every day. Outright treasonous rags - with large media outlets - print lies, stir crap, attempt to destroy those that don't subscribe to their agenda, and want people to believe they are actually reporting the news. They're run by evil asses, and their employees are the scourge of society. That's the small thing.

According to what I've found (after pulling out kernels of truth from the piles of manure) is that the capitols of states, an the nation, are full of National Guard troops to keep the peace. This makes me think of the ramifications of this action, and those that used their power to accomplish this task. Calling in the Guard is serious business, and according to news reports, it's a reaction to an FBI warning.

So, here we are with a substantial amount of the state capitols shutting down, and D.C. being basically under martial law. Since the only known order for the guard is to keep the peace, and reports are that some will be armed, who are they expecting to be so organized they need to the extra help?

Reports state that numerous people are being arrested for the event at the nation's capitol. The media is basically silent on who these people are, which makes me think they aren't conservatives. If they were, the media would be dancing with their long knives and slashing away at who they despise. That leads me to more thought.

At this time, Trump is still President, and the military of the United States is totally under his power. Where is all this going, and is there more about this calling of the Guard than appears? Has the FBI used its power to complete the coup? Is the President readying the nation for a return to justice? We won't know today, but will soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Censorship and Free Enterprise

 Facebook blocked Ron Paul from his page. I won't link, since there are links all over the internet. It's amazing, but not surprising. Facebook is run by Fascists, and regardless of opinions, is a private company and operating within it's right. That leads to more amazement. People who supposedly are upset by the turn of politics in this country continue to keep their Facebook page, watch their football on the alphabet Nazi networks, and if my suspicions are correct, have no idea they're supporting those that are willing to destroy the United States. 

People who are not willing to give up their guilty pleasures for liberty surely don't deserve it, and should not be surprised if they lose it completely.

I have to add that I had a brief conversation with Dr. Paul years ago. He's a thoughtful, gentle, well-spoken man, and can only be considered a "threat", if you're so settled in your thoughts, you're scared of ideas that demand you take the responsibilities of liberty.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Communicating Thoughts

The Federalists Papers were published under the name Publius in various newspapers. The essays were the thoughts of some of the founders of the United States, which eventually solidified into what we know as the Constitution of the United States. They were important to an experiment into a nation where individual liberty was more important than any government official, or agency. Even the President has no special consideration in our system, and if you've paid attention over the last few days, you know that's true. 

The most important thing about the Federalist Papers was that they were available. They could be read; unlike the censorship appearing by social media over the last few days. If the reason for this isn't apparent then understand without communication, all important ideas are as fruitful as a tree in the desert. That's why it's more than important to understand the local television station, radio, newspaper, national networks, social media platforms, and all other forms of communication taking part in censorship need to be taken to task. There are other ways to find information, and it's best to avoid the outlets that are part of censorship by intention, or outright ignorance. They are not there to help, and they are as dangerous as the propaganda outlets of the Communist nations.  

Thursday, January 7, 2021

What Happens When... piss off over 50 million people? I don't know, but we'll see. One thing, nothing will change as long as a President that did nothing wrong is censored by social media. That's were it begins, and ends. Without the ability to communicate, a message of importance is useless.

So, are you still on Facebook? Twitter? Some other site that censors free speech? If so, you're are part of the problem, and not the solution.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What's Real?

 The mainstream media can't be trusted to report without embellishing their agenda. Facts are hidden, dismissed, or twisted to subvert reality. Critical thinking is absent from the commentators, and most of the reporting is by vapid, empty headed news readers that think they are important. So, what's real?

There are far more many people that don't believe the news than do. That, and government - from local to national - is not only distrusted, there's an anger towards those that not only abuse their power, they waste precious tax dollars stolen by fiat decrees. Property taxes are raised by revaluing real estate, regulations destroy small business, and the typical approach for reducing spending is for elected officials to raise their salaries. 

What about voting? There's widespread fraud, and I don't know a single person that feels that voting leads to the will of citizens. How can this be tolerated, and how can the mainstream media ignore the fact a vote is useless, if the voter is not legally able to cast a vote? How can officials not be dragged to the square and hung for their treason of allowing people to vote without identification?

The one thing I see that is different about current events, when compared to the past failures of Socialism is the sanctity of the second amendment has not been completely subverted. That is the only thing left to prevent total tyranny. Hopefully, it will never resort to outright violent rebellion, but unless our elected officials stand their ground, the repercussion of the election fraud may be rough.