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Friday, March 27, 2020

Wages and Producers

Those without the comfort of a public service job are basically S.O.L., the creation of money in the stimulus package will devalue what they make, and the national debt will increase. It's all smoke an mirrors, and the end result may be worse than just letting the virus take its course.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Bureaucrat Goes To Heaven (Posted Again)

I posted this a few years ago. It's just as relevant today


God: Hmmmm. From my records, I see you hounded innocent individuals for months, ruined them financially and had no regrets, yet you took care of your family with your good salary and perks. This brings me to a quandary.

Bureaucrat: I was doing my job as best as I could.

God: Well, I need to do something. You'll spend the next few decades suffering the same anguish you caused. You'll suffer every night of lost sleep, deprivation to survive the financial disaster and feel every moment of dread of every individual. When this is done, I'll still have a quandary.

Bureaucrat: You mean on when you'll let me into Heaven?

God: No, whether I'll have lunch before, or after I turn you over to Satan.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Harsh Realities

Some things on my mind:

- No matter what the government reports, I have no faith in the accuracy, or a motive for my well-being.

- The Center for Disease Control is a political entity with only self-preservation as a bureaucratic goal.

- The main stream media is not only an uncontrolled political entity, they are promoting the goals of a Communist dictatorship, and using their influence to destroy the United States.

- The supposed virus pandemic is far from the apocalyptic description in the narrative.

- Congress is not a cure for problems, but the source.

- Older people will never be considered anything more than a burden on society. Being in that category brings intense anger.

- Children were deliberately indoctrinated to be weak, ignorant, and to be pawns for a political agenda.

- Our economy is nothing but a play toy for extremely wealthy individuals and families.

- The reduction in Christians is not a byproduct of an informed society, but a goal.

- The only thing that prevented the complete subjugation of the United States is the Second Amendment.

-  Regardless of the outcome of this "quarantine", society will forever change, and some of the changes will not be good.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

On the Horizon

I know many people that just can't get by after weeks without working. They'll be desperate for money, irritated because their employer is shut down by government mandate, and not willing to continue with this charade. How they handle this is yet to be seen, but I don't think they'll sit back and wait.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

They Haven't Lost Their Minds

Many times, the description of the Democratic Party is "they lost their minds". I don't think that's a good description. "Minions" is  better, and "indoctrinated". After decades of constant propaganda, the education system has created a citizen unwilling to understand the necessity of the drastic measure of the founders of the United States. What the founders knew as the strong effort for complete tyranny, and their willingness to sacrifice everything to prevent this, led to a bloody war to defeat those willing to destroy liberty for power.

So, I don't think they lost their minds. I think they have a plan to remove the restrictions of the Constitution and subjugate the citizens of the United States. I call it treason, and I have no sympathy for those involved. They've chosen a path that only leads to death and destruction. If that's their plan, those in charge need to be removed from any position that allows this to happen. Also, some need to be prosecuted. They need harsh punishment as an example to those contemplating removing liberty.