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Friday, August 18, 2017

Today's Ephiphany

After watching my family shrink over the years, many people I admired greatly are now gone. Those left rarely attempt to contact me, many are batshit crazy liberals, and I realize I not only don't care for the opinion of many, some have such a bizarre view of reality, I doubt I could spend any time with them without becoming angry, or pointing out how they've succumbed to a bad case of the dumbass.

I don't know if this is normal, but it's my reality.

End of Careers

In response to the collision of the USS Fitzgerald with the ACX Crystal, the Navy will punish the commanding officer, the executive officer and the senior enlisted sailor. They will be relieved of duty and disciplined.

While there are a few theories about what happened, including a conspiracy theory the Fitzgerald was intentionally rammed, the basic fact is a U.S. warship was rammed, while underway. That's unforgivable, except in the most extreme of conditions, and those in charge will be removed from duty after such an incident.

My brother served in the Coast Guard. My father served in the Coast Guard and the Navy. I doubt either would have been sympathetic to those in charge during the collision. Of all the things that can go wrong at sea, having those in command unable to prevent a collision with all the technology now available is unforgivable; and a terrible lack of responsibility to those on board expected to trust those in charge.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

It Will Reach a Point

Most people enjoy their peace; especially when it's their daily dealing with life. That includes going to the grocery store, some errand running, personal dealings with the local government, and ferrying children to and from school.

So, with the ass clowns stirring things up, inciting riots, destroying property, and generally causing as much mayhem they can get away with, most people will reach the point they're had enough, and the reactions might not be pretty.

While the larger cities may be more tolerant of the shenanigans, smaller cities will not be tolerant, and those so inclined to cause people to fear their daily travels will find they're days of fun are over.

I don't know who funds these groups, but they're the problem, and the problem needs to be eliminated.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's the Evaporator Coil

Yesterday, in the process of checking out my truck ac, I put some dyed freon in the system. Today, I crawled under the truck, found oil on the frame, and after checking with the ultraviolet light, found it glowed bright green.

The dyed oil is from the system, and the reason it's on the undercarriage is that that's where the evaporator coil drain is right above that spot.

So, tomorrow the truck goes back into the shop that changed the evaporator coil over a year ago. Since it's such an odd event for the coil to fail, my contention is the coil was faulty, and they should repair it for free. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Have the Red Ass

A little over a month ago, I changed the compressor on my truck air conditioner. I flushed the system, added the correct amount of oil to the compressor, changed the accumulator, replace the screen/ orifice, and pulled a vacuum on my system. The vacuum held, I placde freon and everything was good....until this morning.

On the way to work, I noticed the ac wasn't cooling. When I had time at lunch, I checked the pressure, and it was low.

This evening, I added some freon, checked the pressure, and the final result? The compressor is not working.

So, I'm pissed. At the time of year, when the heat is worst, I have to deal with crappy auto parts.


Monday, August 14, 2017

So, What Happened?

There was a fiasco in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. Some terribly ignorant, or determined official gave a permit to those that would obviously collect violent dissenters, and then the police stood down. Whatever the motivation, the decision led to what anyone else would call a train wreck about to happen.

One was killed, when a young man drove into a crowd of people There are no facts stating his motivation, and the new narrative by the media is he was a conservative Republican with an agenda.

So, what happened? An official was either directed, or decided to give a group of radical individuals the opportunity to create mayhem, and injure innocent people. With an obvious directive for the police to stand down, only the worse could happen.

Personally, I believe it was an orchestrated event, with those that realize huge profits from hedge funds right in the middle. They have huge resource, can buy any corrupt official, and the media is too stupid to realize they're puppets for those they constantly decry as evil.

Is there a solution? Yes, stop watching any of the alphabet networks, including your favorite crappy sitcom, and start educating those you know about how they're nothing but pawns in the effort to create havoc for money, and power.

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Probably All Crap

With all the posturing by North Korea, and by the United States, all I can think of is the two nations talking in private, keeping the B.S. stirred, and the media lapping it up like a kitten with spilled milk.

Maybe I'm too skeptical, but I doubt seriously North Korea could launch a nuclear warhead to their beach, and the United States has enough anti-missile hardware on station to prevent anything beyond. Otherwise, it's all just part of the grand scheme to keep enough tension to influence the money in the favor of those that profit most from building war machinery.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Somewhat Amazing

With all the news that's important, many media outlets are reporting on the court battle between a DJ accused of grabbing Taylor Swift's butt, and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift says she was grabbed, reported the incident, and smiled for the fans, as the meet-and-greet continued. The DJ says he didn't, and is suing for losing his job.

I guess Taylor didn't have the mental acuity to slap the crap out of the DJ. That, or she realized the photograph of the DJ's hand appearing near her butt would look suspicious.

Anyway, with the inability of Congress to repeal Obamacare, the media attempting to stir up war, and the continuing investigation to find out if Trump helped Russia influence the election are not nearly as important. Maybe they should attempt to pull fingerprints from Taylor Swift's butt, or get some DNA sample. I'm sure they could find at least one volunteer for the job.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Inflation and Not Paying Attention

Inflation, since 2008, requires you to spend 13 cents more for each dollar to buy the same thing you could buy for a dollar. If that doesn't affect your thoughts of the government, nothing will. It's like adding water to milk, except most people would raise hell, if they found out the milk they bought was 13 percent of added water.

Understanding Dieting

The physics of dieting to lose weight are simple. If your caloric intake is less than required, your weight will decrease. Reverse the process, and your weight will increase. Even small changes eventually have huge results.

So, there you go. As a physics teacher once told me: "It's easy to lose weight. Just get up from the table, while you're still hungry".

Your'e welcome.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

So, What's Next?

Mueller impaneled a grand jury. In most situations, this means he's justifying expenditures, possibly getting vengeance, or pursuing a legacy. Whether this is what's happening will only be known in the future.

There's another possibility: Due to the political nature of his appointment, and his knowledge of how damaging his opinion can be, his decision might be to absolve him of any political motivation, and allow what's considered the people's right. He can present all the evidence he's accumulated, give it to the grand jury, and since the evidence is so tenuous, if not non-existent, the final decision of whether Trump, or any of his cohort, did something that demands a warrant will finally rest with a panel of citizens charged with determining whether an indictment is required.

Time will tell, but the entire event is tainted with political motivation, and an unwillingness of too many to corrupt the liberties demanded by the Constitution. The guidelines established by the Constitution were followed, and Trump was elected by the correct paths to follow. This irritated many, showed a weakness of perception by those too willing to think they are special, and led to some of the most seditious efforts to destroy a government founded on principals of liberty.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Should I Hold My Breath?

According to news sources, A.G. Jeff Sessions is to make an important announcement on Friday. The announcement is to inform about the criminal leaks in the government.

Unless he states half the Obama Administration will be drawn and quartered at sunrise on Saturday, I have little faith justice will be served; and believe it will be more pandering.

I might be wrong, but history shows the Federal Government is a huge money pit run by those willing to do anything to keep their power. Otherwise, a high dollar committee of reprobates, with the power of law.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Silence of the News Readers

Debbie Shultz is in a world of trouble. Of course, the news readers for the alphabet networks aren't saying much, so it's probably safe to assume she's guilty of something; and there's a good possibility her immediate future is not very rosy. She knows too much, the crimes she might be involved with are very serious, and the crowd she's been running with really don't care much about the rules of law, or the moral consequences of harming your fellow humans.

I think her best move is to come clean, turn over a few of the rotten reprobates she dealt with, and hope they give her a slot in the witness protection program. She'll need that. Regardless of her stature, she's fish bait to those willing to do just about anything to assume, and keep their power. I doubt she follows this advise, and expect just about anything to happen.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

As the Leaks are Stopped

It's looking as though the leaks from the current administration are dwindling. As they stop, the liberal media is becoming upset. This I like, since it exposes more of the arrogant stupidity of the media. While they scramble to continue their narrative, Trump shows he's in control by tweeting something they know is his way of poking them with a stick.

I like this; too much of the media is run by those willing to commit sedition to continue their power. They deserve to be punished, and their power needs to be returned to the media willing to publish only verifiable facts.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

No More Potato Salad

Those occupying, and working in the lofty towers of Washington, D.C. enjoyed a picnic for too long. It's been a grand picnic, with all they could eat, fun games, days without worry, and what they perceived as a never ending source for their enjoyment. After all, with just a few words written on paper, they could demand more, and the picnic continued.

There's no more potato salad. It's gone, and all the written demands won't produce any more potatoes. They're limited in supply, and the unwashed masses they robbed to continue their picnic not only are almost out of the potatoes they need, they're angry because they know their dire straits, and know those that always had free potatoes will want more, without doing anything, except demanding. They're preparing for what they know will not be pleasant.

So, the picnic continues, but the sun is low in the West, the food is running out, and the night is approaching.

Friday, July 28, 2017

If You Had Any Doubts

John McCain is not good for the United States. Many thought that for years, including fellow P.O.W.'s that were in the Hanoi Hilton. While this opinion wasn't shared by many, it was mostly due to doubts, and ignorance; until last night's vote.

After McCain's vote of no on starting the process of ridding the U.S. of Obamacare, it's more than clear he's only a worn-out, has-been, lying word merchant. He never intended to do what he proclaimed he would in the past.

May his days in the Senate be numbered. He's useless, as far as I'm concerned, and a traitor to the constituents he supposedly represents, and a danger to the safety of the United States.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So, When Will They Arrest Him?

John Brennan, former CIA director is calling for sedition. That, and he did so on CNN. When will Sessions bring charges to a grand jury?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lining Up the Goats

While the media, and many in the nation's capitol, have tried to ignore a certain prosecution, it's coming, and I'm wondering who will be the goats, when the charges are filed.

It will be interesting to watch, but Hillary Clinton's campaign, and the candidate, have more spare baggage than they can carry. How far the lower echelon will go to protect those above is yet to be determined, but I have the feeling it won't be much. They're vermin, and vermin will devour their own to survive.

Now I Know

I was driving home, when I saw van with a "Jesus Locksmith" on the side. It went by too fast to get the phone number, but still know how to reach him....or not.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

GMO Nonsense

Regardless of religious beliefs, professional knowledge, and whatever you're told, all food is genetically modified. That's a fact, and that can't be changed.

Scientifically modified food is a different thing, although the constant attack on such things is usually a strong effort to line the pockets of those that can make money by placing "Non GMO" on their label.

So, although they don't use the the term "Non Scientist Modified" to explain food modified by modern scientific techniques, that's what they mean. Whe they don't use that explanation is beyond me, but I have the feeling political correctness, and typical obfuscation of facts is in play. Maybe it's because scientists, politicians, and mass marketers are not willing to confess their strong effort to mislead the general public. I can understand that, if enough people were more aware of the efforts of all three above, the bounty on all would be substantial, and filled daily.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Something to Think About

The boob tube had a show with windmills, and my wife commented on how she never realized how big they were. I told her of seeing miles of them during a trip to South Texas, and explained how they're basically a money pit, since they wouldn't exist, if our tax dollars weren't wasted on hucksters with the ability to influence the pool of ass clowns we call Congress.

She continued with the conversation and explained how she always found the phrase "save energy" odd. I agreed. After all, what are we saving it for? Tomorrow? Next week? A special Christmas event? We laughed about it, I thought more about it, and decided to write in my blog.

If the truth was known, the energy the government wastes would probably make those with the propensity to cry bawl for long periods of time. That, and how much is wasted on paying for what I call "criminal enterprises" funded by tax dollars.

So, what are we saving energy for? That's easy to answer: We're saving it so some criminal ass-wipe, with the help of the dumbasses we pay to run our government, can have another opportunity to steal our labor, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Laws and Legislation

I'm tired of the garbage created by courts, attorneys, and legislators who are attorneys. The tedious obfuscation created by court documents removes the expeditious reason for good laws. Otherwise, legislation from the bench not only causes harm, it removes the checks, and balances, demanded by the Constitution.

What's the solution? Removing the ability of attorneys from serving in the legislative branch of any government entity for a period of five years after surrendering their license to practice law. That, and the penalty of jail time, fines, and forever unable to practice law by anyone that doesn't follow this rule.

Attorneys are useful, but not nearly as necessary as they think they are. Obfuscation, corruption, and ridiculous methods to address the courts, and to write effective legislation,  made the profession as seedy as that of unethical used car sales people. We have too many, and they need to be culled.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Airline Rep Goes To the Fast Food Restaurant

AR: "I want a large hamburger, with fries, and a medium drink.

Clerk: "That will be $7.45"

After giving change, the clerk hands the rep a small cup,

AR:  "I paid for a medium drink"

Clerk: " I know, but we gave another customer your cup."

AR:  "That's not right."

Clerk: "I'm sorry, but that's all the cups we had, and the other customers ordered medium drinks, so we gave them your cup. That, and we're out of large buns, so we're giving you a small bun"

AR: "Look, I paid a large hamburger, and a medium drink. If you didn't have either, you shouldn't have taken my money as though you did."

Clerk:  "'I'm sorry, but we never know exactly how many people will order large hamburgers, with medium drinks, so to handle the problem, we sell too many, even though we don't have the items."

AR: "That makes no sense at all."

Clerk: "If you think that doesn't make sense, you should try booking a flight on an airline."

Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Solve the Argument

According to some scientists, human influenced global warming is happening, we should spend trillions to slow the process, and if we don't, we will all die.

Other scientists, skeptical of the theory, found evidence of data manipulation; if they could get the data used by the scientists that claim AGW.

I think there's only one way to solve this problem. Scientists need to put their lives on the line. Those that say there is definite proof, should show us the proof, and if it's not true, they have to jump into a tank of 33 deg. Fahrenheit tub of water, and remain for thirty minutes. If they can be revived, they will never again be eligible for funding from any source for research.

Of course, those that corrupted data, and used that data to support their theory can always just say they were wrong, and all will be good....after they spend 10 minutes in 33 deg. Fahrenheit water on live television.

After it's all settled, and it's proved wrong, Al Gore, and all of his sycophants, will be rounded up, and dropped into an active volcano.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Starfish Cactus...or Not

My wife had a cactus for years. It's a cactus that is known to have a large flower, even if it's a small cactus, and the flower is beautiful.The cactus never bloomed, until today.

It's beautiful, isn't it? There is one problem: it smells like roadkill. It smells like an armadillo, baked on the shoulder of a hot asphalt highway for three day. Not only will it nauseate you, the green carrion flies gather on the flower as though it was rotten meat.

Still, I like it. It's one of those unique things that gives pause, and appreciation.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fried Chicken, and the Alphabet Networks

Years ago, a local fried chicken restaurant opened. I visited right after the opening, and was impressed with the dinner.

About three months later, I decided to return, so I did, but things were different. The chicken was still good, but not impressive. The same could be said for the side dishes. I chalked it off to a bad night for the restaurant, and didn't visit again for about another three months.

When I walked into the door, the smell of burned grease was apparent. My initial reaction was to turn around, and go back out the door. Instead, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and decided someone overheated a smaller fryer, and the chicken would still be good. I was wrong.

The chicken was far from tasty. The taste of burnt oil was strong, and the chicken was overcooked. I didn't eat much, and decided I would never return.

As it turned out, even if I wanted to return, I only had a few days to do so. The restaurant closed soon after my last visit, and it was obvious to me why it wasn't successful.

My experience with the restaurant is the same as my experience with the alphabet networks. While they may have offered something worthwhile in the past, they now offer very little, and any news is corrupted by personal opinion, fabricated stories, and outright personal attacks to promote a liberal agenda. So, I don't watch them.

The networks shouldn't be surviving, but they do. Enough know their agenda to make a huge difference in their revenue. The only reason I can see for this is the willingness of people to continue their daily meals of burned, fried chicken  Whether it's from ignorance, or some foolish desire to have access to one favorite item doesn't really matter. It's ridiculous, and they'll continue to be fed crap, until they decide to change their behavior.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Municipal Foot Shooting

A local community, which grew like a weed, is having growing pains. With a money pit local larger city just across a bayou - and in a different county - the smaller community was a haven for those wishing to leave the problems associated with the larger city.

Thirty years ago, the municipal area was only a wide spot in the road. With two highways running through the area, and much old money, or timber land, for sale, developers jumped at the opportunity to build crappy streets, throw some tract house in place, and leave, while the leaving was good. Drainage problems developed, water and sewer, was a constant new demand, traffic increases outran the local highway system, and the schools were forced to spend their windfall taxes on new schools.

With the growth now reaching further out than many want to drive, and the loss of willingness by many due to the easily observed problems, the community is reaching out for more growth, but the fact they're reaching out means they're becoming worried about the beast. They thought they moved far enough away, but the beast they ran from is getting close.

Problems are rampant, but the biggest problem - in my opinion - is the almost complete lack of future planning. This problem doesn't any have single source for blame, but with the rapid development, there are drainage problems, infrastructure problems, access problems, and the erroneous belief by many: they were moving away from the problems of the larger city. Shrewd minds, smart development, and harsh decisions are demanded, but it's a municipality; such things rarely have people with those qualifications.

Most people won't face it, but municipalities are rarely run by those most competent. With restrictive laws, and restrictive regulations, an incorporated geographical area has mandates that few are willing to tackle. Any elected official probably is only a fair word merchant, with some money behind them, and their ability to find qualified help for the city is not only limited, it's almost a guarantee they'll hire a favorite over a qualified person. That, or follow silly equal opportunity regulations and place a person that's not only not qualified, they're arrogant with their ignorance, since their career only advanced because they fit some hypothetical model of diversity.

I'll watch this community, but from my perspective, the future will only be more urban sprawl, haphazard growth, infrastructure problems, and increasing crime. Otherwise, the same problems most of the citizens ran from, except the higher taxes, which are sure to come. Running a community costs money, and since they're usually run by mostly mediocre people, the costs can only go up, and the increase in taxes demanded, until everybody runs again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hamster Wheel

I guess I shouldn't be so amazed, but too much of the news is now like hamsters in their wheel. They're trying hard to go somewhere with fictional leads, with the hope hope their fabrications will influence a substantial amount of people demand to Trump resign,  yet their effort don't lead them anywhere.

The fascination of watching the media running in their wheel is fading fast. People are not paying attention like they were, and the constant squeak is getting annoying.

So, When Do They Call it Sedition?

There are scores of people in the United States fomenting rebelling against the Trump Administration. Included are high ranking government officials, and many in the media. To make things worse, many of these people are quiet when individuals violently destroy personal property, or attack people that don't agree with their politics.

When will this be called what it is? When will the Attorney General do his job, and prosecute individuals obviously involved with seditious behavior? While political discourse is necessary, this isn't political discourse. Using the media to promote fictional news, allowing politicians to promote violent behavior, ignoring the rule of law, and harboring illegal aliens are sedition, which is not only against the law, it's against the United States as a country.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Strange Behavior

George Lopez, the comedian, is now another member of the group that committed attempted career suicide. I won't link to the story, but it's all over the internet, and I have a feeling his ass pocket will be bruised badly by his behavior. Of course, he'll be the darling of the liberal crowd, which if there's any justice, will have to attend any performance without any security, or police presence. Time will tell, but if he appears on anything I'm watching, including commercials, I'm changing the channel, and telling anyone that's around what a sorry piece of puke crap George Lopez became.

For those in Houston, George is coming to Houston in September. I recommend you don't go to his show. You probably can't change his politics, but you sure don't have to finance his strange behavior.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Different Perspective

I was emailed a link about a month ago. I hadn't checked that account, so it's a little dated.

The email was from a journalist, that seems to understand the demands of their profession, and how they operate in an environment that is hostile from many sources.

I leave you with your own opinion, but I think it will be different, after reading.

Here's the link.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Light Show

We had some unique weather today. I awoke to a north wind, which is unusual in Southeast, Texas this time of the year. Usually, the breeze indicates a very dry spell, with low humidity. The land cools enough at night for the air to migrate to the south, and the cooler air causes thunderstorms to form in the Gulf. After daylight, the cooler air on the Gulf will migrate to the north, and a sea breeze front will form. This will lead to a line of thunderstorms that can make it a few hundred miles onshore.

This weather pattern is different. The north breeze continued all day, and a line of thunderstorms formed to the north. These storms, if they don't dissipate, will eventually travel to the coast. Usually, this happens near nightfall, and the lightning is something to behold.

Radar shows I might have a spectacular light show around dusk. I'll enjoy the show, and sip some scotch...if the mosquitoes don't carry me away.

Mockingbird Annoyance

This is a good year for Mockingbirds. It appears they've had successful breeding, and the youngsters perch around the house to sing....and make noises that sound like back-up alarms...and electronic noises that start to become annoying after I realize they never shut up.

I'm thinking the parents will eventually chase them away, and the parents will be as before, and not sing to the point of me thinking of going for my air rifle.

I did notice the other types of birds will sing more, when the mockingbirds pause for a few moments. I think they probably feel the same way I do, and wish the children would be more seen, than heard.

Off the subject, but something I found interesting, I had visitors from two dot edu sites. While I may have missed them before, this is a first, as far as I know.

I wonder if it's by coincidence, or I've been found by a research group attempting to study the habits of a neanderthal, southern man with opinions not typically shared by those that inhabit the ivory towers of education. Maybe they'll learn something. I sure hope they do, and they realize the lofty heights they inhabit cause them problems with logic, due to the lack of oxygen.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Corrupted Journalism

I Googled "journalism societies". There are many, yet journalism is slipping daily into the quagmire of disrespected professions. There are even noble codes of ethics with these societies, but without any method for punishing journalists for unethical practices, it's just words on a sheet of paper.

I don't know a solution to improving the perception of journalists, but I do know it will never improve without those in the profession condemning those without integrity, and public disbarring of those members from their society that fail to follow the mandates of good journalism.

One thing I did note in my little research is a feeling the First Amendment is under attack. It's not, unless you categorize the fabrication of "facts", misleading reports, and outright personal attacks by journalists as an attack. Freedom of the press doesn't include character assassination, the deliberate presenting of lies, or sedition.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gone Too Far

CNN threatened someone that created a video that ridiculed the network, which they found to be offensive. Their threat included "doxing" the individual, which is making public information that is not available without express permission. To a casual observer, unaware of such things, CNN crossed the line from insulted, to criminal behavior, which is a felony in every state, and at the federal level. Considering the report the person they're verbally assualting is only 15 years old only makes it worse.

At this time, enough feel CNN went to far, and the clamoring for retaliation against the network, and their sponsors, is appearing all over the internet. While CNN may recover from their action, the network will never be the same. Revenue will fall, viewership will tumble, and their staff will find they are not welcome in enough places to severely reduce their ability to report the news.

Personally, I haven't watched CNN, or any of the alphabet networks for decades, so my distaste for their brand of "news" hasn't had much of an effect on a network that misrepresents facts, or creates what they call facts, to promote an agenda.

Maybe it's time for more people to boycott the network, and its advertisers. While this seems like a terrible thing to many, the past reveals this is just more of the same unethical, corrupt brand of journalism practiced by the supposed journalists at CNN. This isn't the first time the network crossed the line, and it won't stop until they're made accountable.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Work Ahead

The signers of the Declaration of Independence placed their signatures, and then the work began. England was not about to let their cash cow leave, and the repercussions were sometimes brutal.

Many died during the war, and some lost every world possession they had. Times were tough, the English were far from kind, and the final defeat of the English came at terrible costs.

I look at the current United States, and realize how many are willing to trade liberty for supposed security. Money can be found without effort, many in the government are willing to subjugate citizens to keep their power, and the "educators" are becoming propagandists for ideas foreign to the founders. It's easier to allow the removal of freedoms, than to demand the government follow the wishes of the founders.

Celebrate the Fourth of July. It's a day to be remembered, but it's a day to understand those that created this great country did so at great peril, cost more than just worldly possessions, and the goal was to demand a sometimes ethereal condition called liberty.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Subsidized Madness

Health insurance is subsidized, so are many farmers, the same goes for some corporations, many supposed green energy products, and foreign countries. According to those that steal the money through taxes, it's for the common long as it's not me. Somebody needs to pay for this crap, and most people are too stupid to realize the actual taxpayers are not endless supplies of money.

Meanwhile, the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/murdering sacks of crap crowd continue to dance to their puppet masters, recruit more through a corrupt education system, and ignore that logic dictates their plans for Nirvana not only failed miserably in the past, Venezuela is a glaring example of a current failure.

Things always change, and I'm seeing some changes happening, but not enough. The demand for accountability was branded on the American system, with the election of Trump. If things don't change enough, I don't think the next demand will be nearly as polite.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Before you look up the word in the urban dictionary, or on Facebook, this doesn't have anything to do with a television show, or clueless ass-clowns.

My back porch is a smorgasbord for reptiles, and amphibians. At night, the light attracts hundreds of bugs, with the majority of those that don't leave at morning being June bugs. I think their exuberance for the light leads to collisions with the bulb, or the side of the house. Regardless of the reason, there are usually around a dozen each morning dead, or dying on the porch.

Green tree frogs will perch on the patio door window for their nightly feast. I assume they eat just about anything that will fit in their mouth, which can be anything from moths, to strange looking insects right out of a science fiction movie.

Toads will wander from their hiding spots, and wait on the ground by the steps for their meal. While they appear clumsy, and slow, their speed is phenomenal. The catching of an unwary insects is faster than the blink of an eye, and the size compared to the toads is sometimes astonishing. It may take a few minutes for the toad to finally complete its meal, with plenty of mouthing, and crushing, to swallow a bug that may be wider than their head.

The frogs, and toads, are gone by first light, which leaves the "gizzies". The word gizzie is from my wife. It's her term (and now mine) for the anole lizards so common where I live.  They vary in size, but they are territorial, and the smaller lizards usually defer to the larger, unless it's a male and female. They have a tolerance for each other to a point. Eventually, one, or both, will wander away, and a new lizard will take over a territory on my back porch; sometimes finding a sleeping spot in a plant. They'll crawl into their spot at sundown, and not budge until morning light.

As I wrote, every morning leaves about a dozen June bugs on the porch. Within a few hours, they're gone, and currently, I assume its "Fat Boy" that's enjoying the feast. Fat boy? That's the name my wife gave a medium sized lizard that occupies the porch by the steps. With its stomach bulging, it lounges in an asparagus fern, while it digests breakfast. Judging by the stomach bulge, I'm thinking Fat Boy is eating a substantial amount of the June bugs.

One other denizen wanders to the porch to feed: a large red-headed skink. It will eventually arrive, quickly eat, and is gone back to the cooler ground under the porch, or in the shade. I've never seen ti eat, but considering it's timing, and the shrinking amount of June bugs, it's only logical to assume it's taking its share.

Eventually, when the weather turns cooler, the June bugs will be gone, and the smorgasbord will end. At that time, the critters that eat them all summer will semi-hibernate, and only appear on a warm, sunny day, if at all. The cacophony of night creatures ends, and the only sound at night is the wind in the trees; the sound pleasant and relaxing; broken only by the call of a night bird.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Not Paying Attention

My job requires me to travel. Although it's usually locally, sometimes, it may be out of state. It gives me an opportunity to observe, and with my construction knowledge, I see things differently than many.

I'm observing the gradual decay of cities. Not just a few isolated cities; all cities. Streets are becoming less maintained, public buildings are showing wear, private homes are abandoned, and it's obvious most cities are having budget problems.

With some cities, the decay is almost startling. The decay indicates lack of money, lack of qualified repair personnel, and a shrinking tax base. People are fleeing, businesses are closing, and the property tax value shrinks accordingly. Houses that might once have been repaired are rotting away, and even if the city condemns the property, it's just another drain on the budget. When the property is auctioned for taxes, the value of the property is a small percent of the value it once had.

What's the solution? There is no quick solution, since ignorance is the biggest reason for the decay. Elected officials aren't qualified to shovel dog poop, but they're voted into office for their party affiliation, or the color of their skin, or their slick commercials, or their wealth.....the list goes on forever. Regardless of the reason, most voters are woefully ignorant of the basics of government, fiscal responsibility, how crime is like cancer, and their responsibility in the entire mess. To make things worse, those qualified are shrewd enough to stay away from politics. It's easier to move to a rural area, and avoid the pitfalls of living in a failed community.

So, it's only going to get worse. The ridiculous pensions, waste, squandered resources, and outright corruption in city governments will continue, and those accepting their ignorance will continue to wallow in their ignorance.

I think some may think there will some sort of bailout, but they fail to realize it will never come. Eventually, many cities will be bankrupt, those expecting a pension will find there will only be pennies on the dollar, and those that can, will leave; never to return. Too many were not paying attention, and it will be too late to do anything.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Playgrounds and the Supreme Court

Missouri has a law that states no public funds can go to any church or religious institution. There was a state grant for playground equipment, and a Lutheran school was refused an opportunity to receive some of the taxpayer funded grant; so they sued.

The suit eventually worked its way to the Supreme Court, and in a 7 to 2 decision, the court ruled for the plaintiff. Sotomayor, and Ginsberg dissented, which is not surprising, but their reaction shows volumes about their inability to understand the Constitution, and the First Amendment.

The law preventing religious schools from public funds is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

"...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"..."

The state of Missouri, by refusing the school the same opportunity as secular school, was punishing the school for failing to abide by the rules secularism. That's not what the First Amendment mandates, and it's tragic two Supreme Court judges can't, or won't, base their opinions on something other than politics.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Be Careful For What You Ask For

Detractors, including many in the media, for months asked for a probe into Russian meddling in the election. They were focused on the President, but after months of probes, Loretta Lynch is now a focal point. 

The testimony of Comey not only shows Lynch meddled in the election, it's purported there are emails assuring members of the Democratic party the investigation into Clinton's emails wouldn't go too far. Add this with her almost clandestine meeting with a candidate's husband, and you have something much more than media conjecture.

The last administration operated in unison with their political party to promote an agenda, regardless of whether illegal acts were part of the process. With the media running interference, they deepened the acceptance of corruption that pervades the capitol. To made things worse, the murder of Seth Rich reveals the possibility murder was even acceptable to continue their goal.

I don't know where the investigation will lead, but Lynch doesn't have the power she once had, those she collaborated have shown they have no integrity, and she may find her best move is to provide evidence to shorten any sentence she faces. Time will tell.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Maybe They're Not Very Smart

If you look at the minority leader in the House of Representatives, you find an aging, very rich, somewhat demented, and out of touch woman, who can only offer her party members platitudes and ridiculous talking points created by the media that runs the party. It appears the Democrats are not only becoming less important, they're not very smart.

Personally, I think they should keep her in her important position. Her fecklessness is doing more to reduce the influence of the Socialist Democrats than anything else, and it doesn't cost any money.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tropical Shenanigans

A tropical storm is forecast to come ashore in my locale over the night hours. While the forecasters thought there would be more rain, the rain bands are now over the coast, and they look heavy on the radar.

I don't think we'll lose power, but the satellite dish will become less concave, and the signal will be lost after the rain cuts down the signal.

I'll watch, probably enjoy a fitful night of sleep, and enjoy the lower electricity bill due to the cooler temperatures.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Power of Firing

Once, I fired an entire crew for their inability to do what they said they could, and for misrepresenting their experience. It left me short-handed, but the upside was there wasn't a crew doing more damage.

That's what Trump needs to do. Fire people, left and right, until he starts finding those that can get the job done.

I think he needs to start with Muellor; Comey's buddy, and not a good choice for special council.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Comey testified. He refused to answer any questions in public about a dossier that few have seen, has known errors, and was compiled by a group working for Russian interests at the time it was compiled; and initially financed by a "never Trump" Republican. While few have seen this dossier, it apparently has enough tidbits of classified activities to prevent public scrutiny.

Personally, I feel this dossier leads to the past administration, and many of the reprobates currently in power. They want it to remain secret, so the "D.C. Good Guy Club" is doing just that.

Comey testified he leaked personal memos to a Columbia professor. If I had to guess, he did it in confidence to protect his interests, but his supposed friend - probably a progressive minion - thought it was too good to allow to sit. They released it to the media, and the rest is history. Still, such written information is bound by strict rules, and failing to abide by these rules involves criminal penalties.

All in all, the most striking part of the testimonial, in my opinion, was how a man that once ran the F.B.I. did so without any consideration of the importance of keeping criminal investigations out of the public view, allowed a former Attorney General to dictate his actions, never reported these actions to Congress, and then leaked privileged information to someone without any thought of possible consequences. To add insult to injury, he stated he considered Trump a liar, To sum it up, he colluded with Loretta Lynch to help the Hillary Clinton campaign, and it's obvious he did it to hurt Trump. Lynch's actions demanded an immediate report of the attempt to influence the investigation, and her meeting with Bill Clinton only further proves an attempt to influence the election. His failure to report the influence only reinforces culpability.

As time goes on, more will be revealed about Comey. Those that worked with him that didn't care for some of his actions will open up to investigators charged with investigating Russian influence on the last Presidential election. With the Lynch revelation, the failed Russian hack attempts pale in comparison to the attempts of the last administration to illegally influence the election. May those involved eventually face criminal charges, and may the final legacy of Comey be that of failure, instead of what the liberal media decides is correct at the time.

I want to add, for those that don't know, James Comey's career was not in law enforcement. His first job out of law school was as a clerk for a district judge in the southern district of New York. After that, his career continued in law, until his stint as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

One of his career highlights was the successful prosecution of Martha Stewart, while as a U.S. Attorney. 

Considering his lack of experience in law enforcement, years in the judicial branch of various government entities, and his testimony to Congress, the biggest problem that appeared was the obvious lack of foresight by those that allowed him to head the F.B.I. His complete lack of law enforcement experience should have removed him from any consideration for the position.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Irony and Stupidity

The name Reality Winner as the name for someone busted for releasing classified information is more than ironic. If it wasn't her actual name, someone just glancing through the news would think they found an article from "The Onion". It's her name, and reality is setting in.

News reports state she was in the Air Force before she worked for the private contractor where she had access to the classified information. I would think she'd realize the consequences of such a bad decision, but then again, she may be lacking in the ability to understand how terrible her action will be perceived.

There has been a plethora of leaks from people in the government. These leaks, which may only be created information, led to days of speculation by the media, and those against the current administration ran with unsubstantiated information to support their efforts to hamper. Beside being embarrassing, the leaks - or supposed leaks - indicated those leaking needed to found.

So, now we have an official leaker, which according to news reports, confessed her crimes and knows the severity of her actions. What she doesn't know is she will be crucified. I expect at least half of the maximum penalties, when she is sentenced; if she isn't charged with something more severe than mishandling classified information. Espionage, or treason, could be the charges by a U.S. Attorney with an agenda. That would lead to a circus of media coverage, and the possibility her stupidity will leave her in prison for nearly all her life.

This is one to watch. I have the feeling Reality Winner will be used as an example to show those so willing to give away classified information how it might not be so cute.

Newer news reports state she was denied bail, since she downloaded to a thumb drive, they're still sorting through what she acquired, her not stating she wanted to burn down the White House, and support for terrorists. 

Stupidity might not be the best description. Devious, vengeful traitor might be a better description. 

Lesson Learned From D-Day

If someone had assassinated an insane paper-hanger before he became the Fuhrer, D-day would have been unnecessary.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Almost a Quarter Century

It's been 24 years since the Feds decided the Branch Davidians were a cult, and exterminated all that resisted. Researching the event can lead to all types of opinions, but one fact remains: The government felt the compound was a cult, they wanted to see what they had in their compound, and Bill Clinton allowed Janet Reno to attack the compound after a 51 day siege. Seventy six of those in the compound died, including women and children.

Maybe the Branch Davidians should have proclaimed they were Muslim, and their compound was a mosque. Considering how things are today, nobody would think of attacking their compound, or consider a search warrant.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Quitting the Climate Accord

Trump signing out, many countries say it's an iron clad agreement, and we can't sign out, and the liberals are foaming at the mouth. I like this. We don't need to harm our economy for the cult of voodoo climate change. They've done enough damage, and it's time they're removed from political power.

As far as the nations that think we can't sign out of the agreement, I think they might want to consider the ramifications of threatening the United States.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"I Love Summer" - Heywood Banks is At The Bottom

I have a little knowledge about air conditioning. It helps at some times, but reveals things that are upsetting.

Over the last week, I noticed my truck AC was not as cool as it should be. It's gradually became worse, so I hooked up the gauges, with the hope a little freon would solve the problem, but was rewarded with more of a problem.

I checked the static pressure, and it was good. I turned on the truck, checked the gauges, found the low pressure was high, and the high pressure was low. In fact, the pressure didn't change, which means the compressor isn't compressing, and a little freon  will not fix this problem.

For those that don't know, the ambient gas pressure is directly proportional to the temperature. So, when the gas pressure corresponds with the correct gauge pressure, the problem is not with the amount of gas. This leads to more troubleshooting.

A compressor, when it works correctly, "sucks" the substance it compresses, which lowers the pressure. At the discharge, it has higher pressure, and this indicates the efficiency of the compressor. A lower difference indicates inefficiency. With no difference, it indicates failure.

So, it's time to change the compressor, which should be easy, but it's another thing about summer that makes life difficult.

For your enjoyment, I offer the following....don't stop a baseball with your've been warned.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

I posted this in 2013. The words are what are on my mind today. 

I'm not a veteran. I never served in the armed forces, so I only have a glimpse of what they face.

I've been away from home, had things happen I had no control over, and suffered with worry until I was home in a relatively short period of time. It was nothing like what our armed forces face, when they're thousands of miles from home, everything turns to crap and they have to keep on doing what they're doing, in spite of the fact they've lost family, or their house burned down, or their spouse moved on....the list goes on forever.

When you add all the adversities life presents -  and death -  those that served were removed from all they loved, cherished, hoped for and were anticipating. They left this earth, while the problems continued and their family, and friends, were left with only memories; embellished by a loss that's too deep to express.

The loss of a loved one is never something to be taken lightly. The loss of a member of our armed forces accentuates the dangers the world presents and society can only observe the damage, without any real method to repair the damage. Those left behind only have fragments of their former life. They scrape up the pieces and try to put  it together again.

Honor those that left while serving this great nation. It's a tiny thing to do, when compared to their sacrifice.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where the Constitution Fails

I'm guessing too many attorneys were involved with the writing of the Constitution. It's apparent that of all the branches, the Judiciary operates almost completely unchecked, since federal judges are not only arbitrary, they ignore laws, and manipulate the citizens with capricious opinions. With those opinions, and the rules of courts, not only are laws written by elected officials nullified without a good reason, those sworn to uphold the law are faced with criminal charges if they don't comply.

What's the solution? Term limits for a start. That, and a Congress with the backbone to impeach judges. Even if not successful, the impeachment process not only besmirches the reputation of the judge, it demands the justices behave as intended. While the judiciary may like the power they have, they also know their power is tenuous. They operate completely on opinion, and their opinion only has the weight allowed by the citizens.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Stopping For Gas

I had pulled to the pump, the pump was starting, put the spout in the tank, squeezed the handle, and heard the screech of tires.

The convenience store I stopped at is on the corner of two highways. One runs straight through the intersection, and the other ends at the intersection. A light controls traffic, but traffic on the opposite side of the intersection does not stop for the light. I was on the opposite side of the pump, with my back to the traffic.

The turning lane for those wanting to travel on the intersecting highway is long, since the evening traffic is always heavy. Sometimes, when there is a refinery expansion, traffic backs into the inside travel lane of the two lanes that don't stop for the light.

The speed limit at this intersection is 55 mph, and increase to 65 mph right past the intersection. For those that spent a long time in traffic, this is the opportunity to make up for lost time, but for those not paying attention, there can be consequences.

I've seen a few wrecks at this intersection. Usually, they occur when someone tries to pull from the turning lane, or is following too closely and runs into the stopped traffic. Most are fender benders, but with the speed limit, some lead to cars that won't be fixed, and terrible injuries.

A friend's mother and father were killed at a cross street that is right beyond the start of the turning lane. The traffic was heavy, backed into the inside lane, and a good Samaritan let them in. They pulled into the outside lane, a fast moving car couldn't stop, and the car slammed into the side of their car. They were just visiting, the visit was over, and they were on their way back to Illinois.

I was turning to see what caused the screeching tires, when I heard the thump. For those that never saw, or were, in a car wreck, the sound is unmistakable. The larger the thump, the worst is the wreck. This sounded like someone took off a mirror, or sideswiped a vehicle.

As I finished my turn, I saw a small section of burgundy trim flying in the air, and a small, gray pickup squealing to a stop on the far shoulder. Since the pickup stopped in the turning lane was the same color of the trim I saw flying, I assumed the gray truck hit the burgundy truck, but something didn't seem right.

All these events, and thoughts, happened in less than five seconds. Thinking it was just another fender bender, I turned back to verify the pump was pumping, before turning back around. I would now spend more time observing the scene.

I was trying to surmise the accident. I couldn't determine how the gray truck hit the burgundy truck, since it was obvious the driver was not trying to pull into the other lane. I was thinking: "Maybe the driver of the gray truck was distracted, and veered from their lane." Before I could complete my thoughts, I saw a young boy running from a house across the highway. He was hollering, ran to the edge of the highway, and was holding his hands next to his head.

My initial thought was the boy knew somebody involved in the wreck, but when I realized a small group had gathered around what appeared to be a bumper on the road, my thoughts went into another direction. People don't gather around bumpers, and I started wondering if the accident happened because someone was avoiding a dog, which was now laying in the road.

I had to spend a few more seconds examining the scene, before it all became clear. It wasn't a bumper, and it wasn't a dog... it was a child, who was laying without moving. One woman was crouched next to the child, and she appeared to be saying something. A young woman was approaching from the house across the street. She was crying, shaking her head, and obviously in shock.

The pump stopped, I put the spout up, and went into the store for my receipt. The clerk, who was just stepping back inside, said: "He was just in here." As she printed my receipt, she told me he was a young man, and just bought some Skittles.

I was still trying to digest what I just observed. I knew exactly what happened, couldn't fathom how anyone would let someone so young try to cross dangerous traffic, and began wondering about the driver that hit the child. They must be devastated, wondering what they could have done differently, and would not be able to logically determine they did nothing wrong. There will always be the nagging thoughts: "If I had been just a few seconds later, I would have missed them." "Maybe I was driving just a little too fast." "Was I distracted, and not paying attention?" The thoughts will haunt them forever.

The emergency vehicles were arriving in droves, as I started my truck. Pulling from the convenience store, I could see the opposite side of traffic was stopped. As I traveled further, the long line of stopped traffic indicated some would be late arriving home.

I looked at the local news after I reached home. The child was identified as a 10 year old boy, and he was flown to Houston, which is around 100 miles away. Since we have an exception trauma center locally, I could only assume the injuries required the specialists of the children's hospital in Houston. A later report stated he was responsive, but couldn't move.

The only thing new on the news this morning is the name of the boy. Unless he dies, there will probably never be anything more about his condition. Hopefully he survives, but judging by the sound of the impact, if he does, he'll spend a long time recuperating, and may not ever be the same.

The entire evening was bizarre after seeing the accident. While I usually can just forget about such things, this one just hangs on. While my thoughts are still on what happened, I can only imagine the thoughts of the driver that hit the young boy. The news had a picture of him sitting in his pickup, with the door open, holding his head in one hand, and holding on to the door of his truck with the other. You can tell he's devastated, and know he'll never be the same.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's Called Espionage

According to news reports, confidential information about the terrorist investigation in Manchester was leaked to the New York Times. The New York Times, as usual, printed the information, which now removes any sharing of information with the U.K. authorities. Otherwise, not only is critical information being removed from U.S. officials, it's now apparent the New York Times is not only involved with sedition, they're involved with espionage.

So far, those leaking information are doing so with impunity; but sooner or later, one will be caught, and that person will lead do more, or they'll be thrown under the jail. Their family will become suspect, all their associates will be investigated, and those in charge will find they're under the microscope.

This is going to be interesting, and I'm wondering how the New York Times will handle any demands for sources.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

So...We Have a Special Council

Robert Muellor was appointed as special council to investigate the suspected link between the Trump campaign, and Russia. That, and anything else that happens to pop up during the investigation. The latter is where the fun starts.

I was around during the Watergate fiasco, and once owned the book "The Right, and the Power -The Prosecution of Watergate" by Leon Jaworski. It's an interesting read, and would probably have been a good reference before the Democrats started clamoring for a special prosecutor. That, and reading about Koreagate, which Jaworski also investigated. Some of the loudest may find the investigation wandered into their own little corner of the corruption, and suddenly realize they not only exposed, criminal charges may soon follow.

So, here we go again. Days, weeks, months, years of conjectured, meddling, constant theories about the investigation from those subpoenaed, absolutely no real news, and some revelations that will give many in Washington D.C. nightmares. This will be a long ride, but a good civics lesson.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Idiots and Worms

Supposedly, James Comey wrote down his memory of a meeting with Trump, and the memo indicates Trump was trying to get Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn. This has some of the media crapping in their pants, and most of the rest repeating the demands of liberal politicians that have no clue of how an impeachment works, or the necessary proof to support articles of impeachment.

This is a can of worms only idiots would open. While it's obvious the New York Times wants Trump out, I doubt they realize revealing Comey supposedly had memos of his conversations with high ranking official leads to the same types of memos for the past administration. These memos will now be the focus of investigations of the past administration that are ongoing. If they exist, they'll reveal things the liberal media doesn't want to reveal. If Comey destroyed the memos, or claims they don't exist, what little credibility he has will be lost forever, and any memo he presents can be claimed to be written after the fact in an attempt to punish the man that fired him. Comey is now as worthless as toilet paper to the Democrats.

This will be interesting, but I have the feeling the liberal press has gone to a gun fight with a knife. They can't win, and become more irrelevant daily.

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Commission on Voter Fraud

Trump created a commission to investigate voter fraud. The reactions are all over the board, and some groups are demanding refusal to requests from the commission.

I think this is a good idea. While I think there's much more voter errors from incompetence, and manipulation, the commission will expose these problems. That, and probably discover evidence of how failing to demand identification removes the ability of a voting district to verify if voters are qualified to vote.

Time will tell how this turns out, but I have a feeling the results will expose things voters need to know.  Of course, they'll have to veer away from the alphabet networks to find any facts. That is a bigger problem than voter fraud.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Reasonable Assumption

With the firing of Comey, the constant leaks to obfuscate, and investigations all leading back to crimes involving leaking national security, it's obvious those orchestrating the current effort to damage the current President are either still high up in government, or former high officials of the last administration. Comey was just the first to fall, since he was avoiding his job. Those next may find they either testify for prosecution, or face stiff criminal charges of their own.

I'll sit and watch this one. It's reasonable to assume the criminal acts of government officials are protecting people they either fear, or fear the repercussions of prosecuting these people.

While all the detractors continue their efforts to cause problems, those responsible for following the laws are stepping up their efforts to find corruption. May they be successful; and may some semblance of integrity return to the nation's capitol.

After some of the things I've read today, I've decided the loyal followers of the Democratic Party are either bat-shit crazy, or so mentally challenged, any event requiring more thought than what color crayon to use is beyond their ability to participate.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home Again

This is a photo from the end of my driveway. A thunderstorm was brewing, and the evening breeze was cool.

I'm home from Louisiana - for now. I hope I won't be called back, but will go if necessary.

I woke this morning, made some coffee, thought about breakfast, and made some S.O.S. For those that don't know what this is, it's browned pan sausage and cream gravy served on a biscuit.

We had a front overnight, so the temperature is in the fifties, and the clouds are still thick.

I plan on writing about my travels around where I was working in Louisiana. The surrounding area is interesting, full of history, and dynamics of commerce are well represented by what's there, what's gone, and what's just barely hanging on.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Allman Brothers - Pony Boy

Way back when, the Allman Brothers came out with the "Brothers and Sisters" album. Tucked away in one of the corners was the following song. It never had the "hit" qualities, but sometimes people don't really understand there's magic in the dobro; gentle tones, rattling notes as the bottleneck coaxes the strings, and the lure of the South to pull you away.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Main Stream Hocus-pocus

I know this may be a surprise to many, but all the main-stream media reports, all they try to promote, and their opinion, is nothing but pure, unadulterated bullshit. Their perception, opinions, and observations are founded upon an unrealistic view of reality, which most would consider insanity.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Some Thoughts for Today

I'll start with Bill O'Reilly. While he may have been what is not considered politically correct, I doubt he's of the same caliber as Bill Clinton, who is known for being a philanderer and a rapist. While bots caused the destruction of his career - thanks to the ass-clowns now running Fox - they ignore the Clintons, and their reprehensible actions. O'Reilly got a raw deal, and Fox is filled with pinheads.

I know it's what the news organizations want to report, but to seriously consider the efforts of North Korea as dangerous is ludicrous. They don't have the technology to start a world war. Even if they did, China would stomp on them like a bug, if they caused too much trouble with their biggest customers.

The Supreme Court has a new member, which is forecast to be good. I'll sit and let my feet hang down on this one. The Republicans are batting zero on their last few picks, and the country suffered because of the dumbassery.

Aaron Hernandez was found hanged in his prison cell. While many suspect foul play, it really doesn't matter now. He was a bad man, and they won't have to pay for his room and board any longer.

I'm not happy with the lack of concern on what I have to pay for health insurance. That, and the obvious lack of interest in cutting the government to the bone, and allowing taxpayers to keep more of their money. Could this be politics, and bureaucracy? Of course; they're like the worst of parasites. Even ticks find them deplorable.

That's all for now, except for my opinion of the Mississippi river: It's amazing to behold, and even with the levees controlling the water, the sediment from the floods of the past left soil almost unbelievably rich. The soil is almost black, and the fauna is lush.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where Life Brings You

I haven't been writing much, but it's not because I don't want to; it's because time dictates other activities.

I've been remodeling a house, which is daunting at best. My wife (new wife and more than special) worked for nine months to reach the point of moving in; and still have much to do.

Meanwhile, while this is going on, I've been sent to Louisiana for a project that is expected to last about 4 weeks. It's a bad time for this, but it's one of those things that don't require my vote, and a little above my pay grade.

Anyway, my expectations are shattered. All the advice, warnings, and opinions don't match my own, and it's been a good experience.

Where am I? Working in an industrial facility in St. James, Louisiana. It's on the Mississippi, on thewest side, about halfway between New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. For those that never visited, I'll explain below about the location.

St. James is on what's known as the "River Road". Louisiana 18 follows the Mississippi, and can best be described as winding, rural, and beautiful. While it's accessible from many faster, modern highways, the actual highway has a lower speed limit, a huge levee on the East side, and the levee is manicured by short well trimmed grass. Only a few bridges allow access across the Mississippi. The bridge I use is called the Sunshine Bridge, which is on LA - 70, and allows access to the industrial facilities that are on LA-18.

The people here are the salt of the Earth. Polite, kind, helpful, and far from the cold-hearted denizens of large cities. To me, that's the sign of a healthy society. Those that live here understand acts of kindness, and the cultivation of integrity, have more value than all the wealth in the world. It's refreshing, and I feel privileged to share their world.

So, I'll be here, until finished, which I hope is sooner than anticipated. I like it here, but it's not home; and home is where my heart is. I have a wife that I wished I'd met 40 years ago, and she's filled a huge hole in my life.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pensions and Disaster

Using a search engine, and typing in "pension plan crises", will reveal more information than you'll have time to read. Considering the magnitude of the budget shortfalls of pensions, you'd think there would be a strong effort to fix the problem.

From what I've read, many pension plans are basically bankrupt. More goes out than goes in, less contribute to the plan, and the brewing disaster is already affecting the credit ratings of some states.

There are only two ways to fix the problem:

- Find the revenue to make up the shortfall.
- Reduce pension payouts.

Regardless of which method is used, it seems too many are just taking the ostrich approach, but waiting only leads to major problems. If bankruptcy is the final outcome, the "plan", which is the agreed reduction in liabilities by creditors - may lead to pennies on the dollar. To someone already retired, pennies on the dollar of their planned income is a disaster. For taxpayers that may have to make up the shortfall of public pensions, the increase in taxes to pay for foolishness is unconscionable.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bannon is Out

Steve Bannon is now not a member of the National Security Council. While the press scrambles for information, and will probably make up some news in the process, Bannon released a statement informing the media his job cleaning up the mess Susan Rice made was complete.

While many won't believe his statement, his original purpose he described makes sense. When you add the fact Trump is someone that completes tasks, and needed someone he could trust, while Flynn was being replaced, it makes sense for Bannon to step down. If he still has a value to the administration, you'll see him in another position. If not, he'll go on with his successful life.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In a Less Polite Society...

...Susan Rice would be waterboarded, and then thrown under the jail for betraying her country. That would only be fair, and then they would have the names of the rest of the traitors.

May they all be found, tried, and any responsible for the deaths of U.S. citizens be executed.

Monday, March 27, 2017

They Won't Admit It

Although they'll never admit it, most government entities - from the smallest, to the largest - are so full of generalized crap, nobody really knows how the system they manage (I use the term loosely), actually works. People complete parallel tasks, and the tasks have no real use, but somebody, with an equally useless task, created the task to justify the money they're paid to complete a purpose without any use.

Added to the lack of purpose, or reason, are the taxes we pay for bad decisions, worthless tasks, empty building, land without commercial use, parks nobody visits, pamphlets nobody reads, commercials that air when few watch, supposed government travel, bonuses (even to incompetents), borrowed money, aid to damn near any foreign country that asks...the list goes on. The taxes, which can only come from the private sector, are not only completely used up, government entities borrow money to compensate for the constant incompetent use of public funds.

To make matters worse, those elected, or hired, are generally as useless as teats on a boar, and any that might have had some use in the private sector, are soon ruined by the madness called government.

There is a solution, but the general masses would never consider just saying no, on a Spring day, after they pay their share of the extortion. So, the madness continues, and the huge machine called government, blips, grumbles, shakes, and lumbers down the road of madness, with pieces falling away, a multitude of leaks, belching noxious fumes, toward the final destination where it's completely dismantled, and those foolish enough to build another, start the task of building a new equally ridiculous machine.

Meanwhile, the media - equally filled with bureaucrats and madness - will report the entire process, with total disregard of facts, and pat their own backs for being so condescending, and obnoxious. Their reports will lead to soliloquies embellished with a somber expression, and updates.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Reconcile Them Until it Hurts

Congress can remove all expenditures mandated by the ACA through reconciliation. I doubt they will, but have the feeling those that are reluctant to complete the task they were sent to Washington to complete will find their constituents are unwilling to send them back for another term.

The detractors will demand a replacement. They can blow their replacement out their rear ends. Government is the problem with healthcare; not the solution.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Simple Solution

I read about a Hawaiian judge that granted a temporary restraining order against the President's current executive order on immigration restrictions. The judge is wrong, is ignoring all protocol, and abusing the power of their court.

What's the solution? Impeachment is the only real simple solution, although Congress can pass laws about judicial misconduct, which I'm sure the judge will ignore.

If somebody in Congress writes up the charges of impeachment, I have the feeling enough will vote for pursuing the charges, and the judge will be removed from the bench until the charges are dropped, or he's tried by the Senate. Although they may be vindicated, their career will change, and many of their decisions might end up being reviewed by higher courts.

Whatever happens, allowing the judge to ignore law, arbitrarily legislate from the bench, and abuse the power of their office only makes things worse for judges in the future. Either judges censure through writings, and condemn the judge for their actions, or find their silence leads to consequences harmful to all citizens. While their censure may not be as important as censure from citizens, their stand will lead to enough citizens demanding relieve from judicial activism.

The Federal Judiciary is failing to police their ranks, and prevent radical judges from continuing their anarchist methods from the bench. It's time they did, and necessary. Allowing the reckless judges to continue their actions will eventually lead to an impeachment, the exposure of their incompetence, and further sully their reputation.

I Wonder

The President has much power, and I doubt anyone could stop him from firing people at will, without any repercussions. People might complain, but what are they going to do? Write their congresscritter? Go on television and complain?

I wonder what would happen if he did. Say, just wake up one morning and tell all his cabinet members he wants them to fire 40% in their department by tomorrow morning. Would the citizens complain? Or, would they commend his actions?

I would be extremely happy if he did. Washington is broke, there are too many bureaucrats, and I can do fine without all the meddling of bureaucracy.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Doctor is In...or Not

My primary care physician retired at the end of 2016. I found out they were retiring during my visit right before Christmas. The staff was surprised I didn't know, and even stated they send out notices to the fact. Whether they did, or not, isn't important, since I didn't receive a notice. 

Another doctor, in another office, accepted the patients, so I went over on the same day, received a packet to fill out, did so, and returned it to schedule an appointment. The appointment date was this morning, so, as usual, I fasted and prepared to give some blood, and meet my new doctor. That was my mistake.

I called Monday to verify my appointment, had the office person confirm the date and time, told them I would be there, and everything seemed fine...until this morning. 

After arrival, and filling out the sign-in form, I was told the doctor would be out today. Since my prescriptions are almost out, I asked the person behind the counter about another appointment. They informed me the doctor was booked up for a long time, but I could see a nurse practitioner next Monday at 11:00 am. I told them I would be there, but was informed it would be for an initial consult, and I would probably be scheduled for blood tests at a later date. They are supposed to be able to fill my medications, but my instincts tell me the bullshit is thick with this information. Time will tell. 

The person behind the counter stated they left me a voice mail, which I didn't receive. Even then, if they had the time to send me a notice, why didn't they tell me the day before yesterday, when I called to verify my appointment? 

So, I'm pissed about the major "advances" in medicine, with the advances seeming to be doctors don't really give a rat's ass about their patients, charging full price for having nurse practitioners doing their work, and paying staff to lie to their patients. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Did You Notice?

The hullabaloo about the new healthcare law didn't include the proclamation: "Those paying high insurance premiums will receive a substantial reduction in rates" If it did, I missed it, but I doubt it.

So, now it's back to the same old bullshit. Lawmakers demand insurance, hang the lie on it about how it will reduce rates, and the rates continue to be cost prohibitive, except for them. They get it free, we pay for it, and they don't give a rat's ass of how much it pisses us off.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Obamacare Lite?

I haven't examined the bill proposed by the House, but from what I've read, the replacement for Obamacare will - like Obamacare - keep my insurance rates high, lead to higher premiums, and continue the madness in Washington.

I'm pissed, and think it's time to demand the removal of all taxpayer funded health care for all federal employees. If they can't understand the problems they caused, forcing them to deal with the same problems might get the attention of those so willing to punish producers for a continuation of the Federal Country Club.

Monday, March 6, 2017

This is Nothing New

The President stated his offices were wired for spying, during his campaign. While many in the media, and in politics, are claiming Trump is lying, I doubt he'd makes such a bold claim without some evidence.

Supposedly, a FISA judge authorized the surveillance in October for national security purposes. The reason, as reported, was for national security, which, since it wasn't a criminal investigation, gave the Obama Administration access. The question is what information, if any, was gathered, who accessed the information, and who instigated the request for surveillance.

I doubt former Presidents didn't do such things; and we know Nixon was culpable in the attempt to bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. The President has broad powers, and can use many without public scrutiny. Abusing the power frightens citizens, since the power can lead to violence against those that are perceived as threats.

Where this all goes is a crap shoot, but the underground bureaucratic part of our government is obviously out of control. Trump exposing it is a step in the right direction; but I have the feeling the backlash by this shadow government will soon be seen. Operating on the fringes, or outside the bounds of legal standards leads to a secretive, sometimes dangerous, branch that doesn't answer to those that fund their endeavors.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Somewhat Amazing

I observe the news, when I can. One thing I've noticed is the constant attack of the infrastructure repairs Trump wants Congress to finance. The outcry of the expense, and how to pay for it, always ends with only two options: raise taxes, or more deficit spending. The best option, which is cutting federal spending, seem to be ignored by many, which I understand. When so many depend on suckling from the federal teat, too many think it's a normal way of life, and are entitled to their spot.

I'll watch how this all turns out. My hope is huge cuts in wasteful spending, including reciprocation to donors, parallel agency functions, overstaffed agencies, and useless positions to satisfy bureaucracy. These are only a few cuts, and anyone with private sector management skills could find many.

While private citizens are forced to adapt to economic changes, the federal government either inflates the currency, or borrows against the future, without considering how it affects future generations. It's time for this to end, and the Washington D.C business complex to face the same harsh realities those in the private sector face daily.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Neanderthal Retaliation

At the last of his term, Obama removed the filtering of the NSA, and allowed all intelligence agencies access to raw intelligence, without any vetting by the agency with the responsibility for preventing the data to be misused, or leaked by those without the clearance.

While I've been suspicious of the NSA, at least the information was bottled up tighter than it now is. Private information collected without warrants was not available to just about anyone in law enforcement. Now, not only are private citizens at risk, government employees, with loyalties to others - or being paid to spy by anyone without the U.S. interests at hear - can subvert operations, slant the news with illegal leaks to unscrupulous media outlets, and the ability of the government to function is reduced due to the tedious effort to plug the leads.

Personally, I think the courts will be too slow to solve this problem, and the same goes for investigations. This slowness will infuriate some with not only a strong loyalty to the United States, they'll have the power of neanderthal retaliation on those caught misusing classified information.

For those willing to take such chances in the future, I advise you to realize all the money in the world won't hide you from those with the power, and resources, to find you. If you're lucky, you'll be prosecuted, but I'm betting some of those coming for you won't be willing to take the time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Maybe It's Time

I read a news report about a college where many students want areas that don't allow people with white skin to have access. In my opinion, it's just another sign the too many university level students are not serious about their education. That, and too many have a sense of entitlement.

Maybe it's time for all public funding of universities to end. That, and the elimination of government backed student loans. Too much of it is wasted, those graduating are too many times only barely more functional than a good high school student, and with the liberal indoctrination, too many are obtaining degrees without a practical application.

Personally, I think it is. Considering student loan debt is over a trillion, collecting is hard, too many will take too much of their life to repay, and it's obvious the universities are only in it for the money, the money pit of college education shouldn't be the responsibility of the taxpayer.

I know many will disagree, but that's fine. They can allocate more of their income toward the education of others, and leave mine alone. I have to deal with enough dumbasses daily. Funding a constant stream of dumbasses is a waste of tax dollars.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I Think He's Crossed the Line

John McCain, according to news reports, is criticizing Trump's presidency, while overseas. While he has a right to his opinion, deliberately undermining the President in foreign countries is walking on the thin line between opinion, and sedition.

Personally, I see McCain as a career politician, who was groomed for politics by his family, and those in his party that like to orchestrate the control of the United States. His loyalty is to something other than the United States, and his current actions indicate he's willing to avoid constitutional processes to promote his personal agenda.

I don't know how this will turn out, but McCain's brand of Republican politics is not favored by the majority of those affiliated with the party. I feel his days are numbered as a political figure, his arrogance will lead to shameful behavior on his part, and his legacy will be further tarnished.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Purge Ahead

It's apparent the Trump Administration has operatives making an effort to hamper his presidency, and are willing to commit crimes to achieve their goal. I'm sure these people will now be hunted, some will be charged, and many will find they not only lost their job, their pension will be lost also. It's time for this to start. Let the purging commence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lying, Thieving Sacks of Excrement

The media, and most in the government, fail to pound out the losses anyone not working for the federal government realized in the last eight years. Double digit inflation, tripled insurance costs, stagnant wages, and increased regulations decreased the take home for those in the private sector, and due to the devalued dollar, the decrease in spending can only be described as deplorable.

So, the lying, thieving sacks of crap that live in D.C., or peddle their daily manure, are still failing to realize the slow simmer is beyond the point of civil discourse. It's now about survival, and if it takes firing 50% of federal workers to increase my salary, then that needs to happen by sunset this evening. Either they fix it, or the angry taxpayers will.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Limits of My Concern

The press is upset because Trump allows reporters that don't share their sense of importance. I guess I'm supposed to be concerned, but I'm not. All their whining only make me want to ignore them more.

There's a growing concern (That's what they want me to believe) about protesters inciting violence, and destruction of property. While news report show the cities where these actions are acceptable, most cities - especially in Texas - have citizens that will not only fight back, they'll happily offer a few bucks to bury the stinking corpses they piled in front of their business.

Trump is deporting illegals aliens. I'm supposed to be concerned about them, and their families. Considering the amount of corruption by this group, criminal activity, unwillingness to assimilate in our culture, and the drain on public funds, my concern is the current administration is going too slow. Former administrations either ignored these aliens, or promoted their ability to come to the United States. If I had my druthers, all members of these former administrations would sacrifice their pensions to pay for cleaning up their mess. That, and they'd personally go through the United States and remove any signs in Spanish.

Putin and Trump seem to be getting along, but I'm supposed to be concerned. I was more concerned when the former chuckle-head Secretary of State brought a cheap, crappy "reset" button along for her first visit. I'm sure she thought it was clever, but from my perspective, she made Pee Wee Herman look like a serious character actor.

Liberal judges are ignoring laws, and legislating from the bench. This is a concern, but the real concern is those ignoring their duty to not only remove them from the bench, but to remove any licenses. After all, they all swear to uphold the Constitution. Ignoring their oath should have strong consequences.

Personally, tar and feathering is my suggested punishment for many politicians and public officials. I'm concerned my suggestion will be ignored.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Call It What it Is

A federal judge wields a lot of power, which makes an injunction a powerful tool to cause an immediate cessation of an action; and the opportunity for a plaintiff to use the courts to obtain relief. It's a good thing, but requires evidence of immediate harm, witnesses, and legal citations establishing standing.

The judge that placed the injunction of Trump's executive order didn't demand the proper evidence, ignored the law that allowed the action, and the appellate court did the same.

This is anarchy. Any other word doesn't describe arbitrarily ignoring laws, rules, and the legal representative powers given to an elected official.

A more effective legislative branch would immediately censure the judges, and pursue impeachment for what is obviously an abandonment of the rules of law the judges swore to uphold. They abused their power, and created an atmosphere where citizens have no recourse to protect their rights by the methods outlined in the Constitution. These judges present a danger to all citizens of the United States and should be removed.

Monday, February 6, 2017

I Don't Think Enough Understand

With all technology available, research opportunities, and tremendous resources, it's almost hard to believe journalists now reached a point where their credibility is in the tank. False statements are reported as fact, fictitious events are presented as real, and political beliefs are interspersed with reporting.

I don't think enough of those involved with reporting the news understand they're not only losing their audience, revenue is falling, and the largest organizations will find there aren't enough investors to keep the doors open. Stockholders will sell their stock, and if the selling is brisk, the ability to function might leave in a substantially short period of time.

I don't think erroneous news is new, but with available technology, more people realize how many lies are perpetuated by what is now called "fake news"; and the reaction is distrust embellished with anger. Where there were only a few news outlets, there are now thousands available, and it's apparent some of the largest have an agenda, and it's not what the majority wants.

I don't know how this will turn out, but it's obvious the damage is great. Journalists are now immediately suspected of a lack of integrity, and the vocation is not considered as honorable as it was before. That's tragic, when you consider the opportunity lost, and the disgrace of what was once a noble profession.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Structural Nightmare

The Millennium Tower is sinking. At around an inch per year, the problem of sinking is compounded by the uneven process, which makes it 6 inches out of plumb at the top - at this time.

Like any building with foundation problems, leaks are developing, cracks are appearing, and concrete is fracturing. Unlike most buildings, the tower has 58 stories, and is 645 feet in height.

From what I've read, the problems that caused the settling are pilings that used friction for bearing, and dewatering activities for construction around the building.

Lawsuits are piling up, and while they accumulate, I have a feeling the building will become dangerous before the litigation is over.

After looking at some of the pictures of foundation stress cracks, and spalls, I'd be uneasy just walking into the building. Since the majority of the structure is concrete, when the right amount fails, there will be no slow bending; the concrete will shatter, and the reinforcement rod will not be able to support the load. Even if the building doesn't fall, the fracturing concrete can produce shrapnel, which is just as deadly.

I doubt there are case studies with similar problems, and the engineers examining the building probably are probably working with computer models, instrumentation, and guessing. While they can probably arrive at a method to stop the settling, I doubt there's any way to level the building, which leaves those that invested in the building (mostly high dollar residential) with unique problems. Even if they decide to stay, their floors will never be level, and their walls will never be plumb.

We Have a Nominee

Trump picked Neil Gorsuch to replace Scalia. From reading about his record, there will be some tooth gnashing, pissing, and moaning from the Democrats, who will attempt to prevent Gorsuch from replacing Scalia. I think they'll fail, especially with the nuclear option available. The Democrats used the option to flood Federal courts with like minded judges, and it's only fair the Republicans return the favor with Supreme Court picks.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slow Simmer

I stopped for some coffee early this morning at one of my usual spots. While fixing my coffee, I listened to the conversation between the clerk, and a few customers at the counter.

The conversation was heated, and the determination was accented by the frustration. The topic? Illegals, immigration, and the obvious attempt by some to continue the ridiculous process of allowing people into the United States without careful vetting.

While the media, and many liberal pockets in the U.S. continue to promote their agenda, they're failing to notice the huge amount of real estate, the people that live there, their increasing anger, and how those they thumb their nose at can - and will - respond to threats against their prosperity, or safety. These people produce the raw products required for those that produce nothing but paper, bureaucracy, and public debt. Ignoring their wishes can have unwanted effects for those that think their population density demands they have more control of the United States.

Time will tell how this turns out; but self-sufficient, determined, and very strong people - that want the deluge of people coming to the U.S. to slow to a trickle - have had enough. Protesting won't change their mind, complaining only makes them more angry, and demanding they accept the madness Obama started is a waste of time. Obama, and his liberal sycophants,  don't have to deal with the crime, or live by those that are only here to abuse the system.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ignorance, But Not Bliss

I know I'm ignorant of many immigration laws, but have the feeling my ignorance is much less than most people; especially those most vocal about Trump's executive order. The final impact is yet to be seen, but I have the feeling those most upset will find protesting, or threatening, will only lead to more resolve by most in the United States, and even legal immigrants will find a citizenry tired of being forced to embrace those of which they are most wary.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Not Where I Want to Be

NASA has a live feed at the International Space Station. Every now and then, something appears, and the UFO hunters become very vocal.

No matter what the objects are, or if they're evidence of alien life, I wouldn't want to be up there, in a high tech beer can, without an exit door and a return craft. Call me a sissy. I don't care.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Paradox

For years, I've watched the constant battle to guarantee an honest election, without fraud. On one side there's the demand for identification, and on the other is the demand to stop the effort for identification, with the statement voter fraud either doesn't exist, or is so minimal it's not important to consider.

You can't really determine if there is voter fraud, unless there's a form of identifying voters. You can't state there is little, or no fraud, if there is no method of determining if a voter has the legal right. So, the paradox, at this time, lies with those that think voter identification is not necessary, while using the excuse there is little, or no voter fraud.

Trump stated he wants an investigation into voter fraud, which is getting negative responses. I can understand a concern for spending money on such an investigation, but think it's important. If the investigation finds nothing, then I'll feel assured an effort was made to guarantee my vote is not negated by someone that doesn't have that right. If it does find fraud at the level Trump believes was reached, then the effort to state voter fraud is inconsequential becomes either ridiculous, or criminal culpability.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Underwear in a Knot

Many in the media are starting to whine about being the focus of Trumps irritation.  I'm thinking they'll need some Xanax; especially after more of their lies are exposed, and some reporters are banned from briefings.

It's a good start. The dishonest, goal oriented media is probably the biggest problem the United States needs to address.