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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thoughts for Today

I think I'm losing my compassion. Maybe it will return in full force, but considering the dregs of society I encounter daily, the apocalypse is becoming more than necessary. 

The Presidential race is now become a dance of ass-clowns and the fawning media. Considering the huge amount of money being spent to lie about just about everything, all national problems can be solved with the tar and feathering of at least a half dozen Congress-critters every month. Televise this necessary event, and use the money received to pay for the removal of the salaries of bureaucrats to pay the national debt. 

The Super Bowl happened again - and again - I was completely uninterested. I'll become more interested, when people pay a few thousand dollars to watch me work. 

I see dogs on the highway almost daily. Their neglecting masters allowed them to wander into traffic, and a log truck turned their loyal pet into strawberry jelly. I think the wrong critter was run over. 

Gas is cheap, but the huge oil field industry is closed down. If this happened to government workers, the media would not only be keeping it in the news hourly, the demand by politicians would require at least one dozen politicians to be tarred and feathered monthly....maybe daily. Daily sounds better to me.  

Now, on a happier note: I like the bloggers, and people that visit my blog. Why? Because they are smart. I like smart people. They make me realize how dumb I can be. 


  1. Your thoughts for today ring true in all respects but one. Nobody could ever describe you as "dumb."

    1. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. That makes me feel dumb.

  2. Replies
    1. See my reply above. I'm blessed with the ability to remember many things, and the capacity to add more. Adding as much as I can is a goal.

  3. Be glad Obama cannot be re-elected for a third term, then you'd see the total annihilation of our country and exactly HOW dumb americans are. Dogs are the collateral damage no matter what is going on. People do not have empathy, at all, for anything other than themselves.

    1. My mother always said: "The pendulum swings both ways; and it never swings lightly".

      I've taken that to heart. Changes bring many things, but the evil of Progressive thought reached a point of no return. It only brings destruction and the power for evil people. The majority of the United States knows this and is moving for good changes.

    2. As far as dogs: The species has a devotion to humankind that can only be described as phenomenal. People that don't understand the responsibility of taking care of this noble species are not qualified to have one as a companion.

  4. I understand your feelings! However, as for me, you should not treat the situation too serious. Unfortunately, we will have a new president and he/she will not be good:(