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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Loss of Words

A very dear person in my life is facing something I faced, yet I find I'm at a loss for the right words. I faced the same thing long in the past, but I find I'm digging deep for the correct thing to say, and can only watch the event that is near.

I wrote about the passing of my father. He had a struggle, and it wasn't pleasant to watch. I was young, though, and he was too, but I was surprised by how quick he was gone. Maybe it was avoiding the inevitable on my part, or maybe a denial of the possibilities, but at the age I was, my father was still a rock of strength to hold to forever. Losing him was something that never crossed my mind.

I watched late last night, as family gathered to be with someone that the doctors say will never wake again. A minor stroke led to the initial hospital visit, and a seizure last night was followed by a massive stroke. Surgery is risky, and it's not his wishes for heroic measures that can only leave him unable to perform the simplest of tasks; his life one of lying in bed; intubated; all days possibly in a coma; and all dignity stripped away forever.

So the death watch has started. A man that once was a leader of his fellow workers, a rodeo competitor up to months ago, and dearly loved by a family now huddled in a small room filled with medical instruments, is now at the start of another journey. His time here is short, and the time of loss is starting for those that must wait for their journey,

I guess there are really no words that can comfort, or take away the raw emotions these times bring. Only prayers, and hugs seem to offer some relief. Nothing can take away the loss, nor erase the memories that tumble into your thoughts like oak leaves on an Autumn day. It's a finality to one journey, and those left behind can only gaze across the great chasm and imagine what lays beyond for those they wish could stay longer.  


  1. Jess...I'd say you found all the right words in this post. And most times the words mean less than just being there with a hug when needed. You are a good man.

    1. Words seem so hollow to the tremendous loss and emotional burden.

      Thank you for your words, and thank you for your comments.