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Saturday, August 1, 2020

I'm Tired of This

The Coronascare is slowly proving to be a ruse. That, and the protesters are slowly being revealed as organized militant terrorists. The media isn't covering it, and the politicians are using this all as leverage or points for posturing. To add this madness, the Democratic Party has a candidate that is obviously unable to even clean the toilets in the White House.

I'm tired of the ridiculous pandering to those that need to be awakened with a swift kick in their butts. Society doesn't function by the ramblings of imbeciles, and reducing the ability of producers to produce endangers the existence of a peaceful society. This all needs to end, and those financing this madness need to be shot.


  1. Yep, you are absolutely correct. The way I say it is, it's time to start killing people.

    1. They're killing people with impunity. It needs to stop. If they can't protest peacefully, they need to face the consequences of a return of violence.

  2. Replies
    1. This all reminds me of the tumultuous times during the late sixties. The push led to shove, National Guard troops were cornered, and the return fire got the attention of the nation.

  3. And the 60s gave us a repudiation of the left until they came up with Watergate.
    Praying it happens again.

  4. I hate to tell you this, but we haven't even seen how deep this rabbit hole goes yet.