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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fire Ants

I found one on my coffee cup. This means they're foraging for food and found a way to get into the office. So, it's time for some poison and bait.

For those that never had experience with these critters, they can build nests in walls and you may find yourself covered with them while you sleep. They don't bite; they grab with their mandibles and sting like a wasp. The toxin is painful and can cause severe allergic reactions. At best, the sting leaves an irritating pistule. At worst, the result may be a trip to the hospital, or death.


  1. Ha Ha - he said pistule!

    I agree, ants can be a pest. My problem is in picking the right poison bait. Don't like the sprays cause that just reains them to stay out of sight. I hate smart ants.

  2. There are a few specialty poisons for fire ants. Those that work are carried to the queen, who eats the bait and dies. The workers also eat the bait and the dwindling survivors pile the dead ants in piles outside the nest. Eventually, the earth mound is nothing but empty tunnels.

  3. I like the sound of body piles. Now I want fire ants.

  4. Ugh I hate those sonsabitches. I have my yard treated every year with that once a year stuff. Works pretty good.

  5. Years ago, my brother noticed some fire ants in his bathtub. After about a week, when the few turned into many, he was freaked out when he bumped the wall and hundreds appeared. He ended up tearing out the wall, exterminating the ant and removing the nest. They'd carried dirt from the yard and deposited it in the wall.

  6. Have you heard the Texas plan to control fire ants? Check it out:

  7. Wow. The ant has their brain eaten away until the head falls off. Kinda like Sean Penn and Michael Moore.