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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Foggy

After the cold spell on the weekend, it's warmed and brought fog - dense fog like you find offshore. The forecast is for the fog to remain through mid morning - maybe- but there's no guarantee; it could last until the next front pushes it away on Saturday. Until then, it's dealing with crummy drivers that like to drive too fast in the fog.


  1. ....with no headlights on. Morons.

  2. Three years ago, I was driving a stretch of highway in heavy fog when the driver a few hundred feet ahead stood on their brakes and veered to the shoulder. I did the same and crept through the fog behind the other driver. He'd seen the eighteen wheel vacuum truck before I did, which was in the process of a u-turn and taking up the entire highway.

    In a less perfect world, I'd had persmission to pull the truck over, take the keys and warn the driver to never drive again.