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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Mind

I  recognize the signature, although it sure seems to contradict the constant chatter from the same person.

Some may call it hypocrisy. To me, it's business as usual in Washington.  


  1. Back in 2006 he was just a junior Senator and didn't even have access to a pen much less the check book.

    1. A substandard Senator at best. His only credentials were the ability to talk without substance, abuse the gullibility of his constituents and continue his walk through life as a man without a history.

      I blame the media for this. The media will ultimately be held accountable and - if we're lucky - those that place the blame aren't future historians shaking their heads at the foolishness of the generations that made one of the biggest mistakes of recorded history.

  2. Do you ever watch COPS? The punk always says: "That's not my dope". or "That's not my car". Recently I heard a dude say: "These ain't my pants"....

    "That's not my signature" will work for him.