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Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Suppose I Should Write Something

I won't write about the weather. With all the rain, there isn't much to write, except it wasn't a good time to be in a flood plain, or traveling one of the local roads that have a tendency to flood. Some wrecker drivers had a good week, that and I imagine some car salesmen are salivating like a pit bull about to steal a steak from the pit. I doubt mechanics were really that excited. Submerged cars have only one repair, and it only involves large machines, with hydraulic presses.

I won't write about politics; other than it's apparent all the efforts to crunch economic data in favor of the current administration failed. I know they worked real hard to subvert the data, but sometimes even deceptive number crunching doesn't change the facts.

I won't write about the muckity mucks with the national soccer sport. It has a name, which I can't can't remember, but the acronym sounds like something you'd name a mutt you adopted at the pound.

I won't write about Baltimore. Enough are writing about what has turned into a shining example of corrupt politics, ignorant administrators, and the media frenzy that destroyed a city.

I will write about the blue jay family in the yard. What started out as two is now five, although I've only seen four together during the last few days. I need a system for determining which is which. I thought of paint, but I can't make the blue jays stay still long enough to paint a number. Maybe I should just enjoy them as they are, and keep the peanuts coming.

For some reason, the following song popped into my head as I was making coffee this morning. I wonder why? I never cared much for the song.


  1. I mentioned the weather when I finally broke down and wrote something.

    1. I think of things to write during the day, but don't have time. When I do have time, I developed the attitude of "Bleh", so I don't write anything..

  2. I take numerous breaks due to my bi-blog polar disorder. Sometimes too busy, sometimes just not feeling inspired to humor myself. If only I had blue jays breeding in my yard. If you don't post an update on their progress, I may simply explode! Now if you'll excuse me, I have Ed's post to read about the weather. This is gonna be good!! :)

    1. The birds have really allowed me some moments of peace, which I need. Without such peace, I become an ogre, hide under bridges and harass people on bicycles.