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Thursday, December 29, 2016

It's Sure Looking Like....

...the party is over. With all the "no questions asked" free stuff to those that were foolish enough to fraudulently ask for public assistance (some even not legal citizens) and the fact the laws were only ignored, the coming trimming of staff overburden, demand for protecting the law, and easy targets, will lead to a bureaucratic feeding frenzy. Government workers will find they are expected to follow the rules, and those that are so obviously in not need for public assistance will find they are not only expected to return the money, criminal charges might be possible.

The party is over. Philanthropy at gunpoint, willfully ignoring the law, and an angry majority of taxpayers will lead to a reckoning never seen before. It's time, and the mess will be difficult to clean up.

edit: I have to add the change to the amount of government employees will probably startle many. With a business friendly administration, a new demand for accountability, and an unsustainable spending habit by taxing entities, the solution will be layoffs, lower spending budgets, and a realization you can't spend your way into prosperity. 

Many administrative regulation will disappear. While laws may demand certain things, arriving at what's required can lead to creative, agenda-driven, and unneeded administrative rules, which are only allowed by those that run the executive branch of the government. With the removal of certain regulations, the removal of those that administer the regulations will be necessary. 


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! is it JAN 20TH yet??????????

    1. I'm looking forward to the inauguration, too.