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Monday, January 2, 2017

I Need Some Information

My understanding of basic electricity is limited, which leads to the following.

I have a squirrel cage blower on my furnace. The motor won't start the blower, but a little push will allow it to start and run. Since I know a little about electricity, and can look things up on the internet, I've determined the capacitor is not working.

When I removed the capacitor, I found no indication of any polarity, or special marking to indicate the correct connection of the wiring. Since the capacitor doesn't have any markings, and I had to remove the capacitor to find a replacement, I've reached a quandary.

What is the next step, when I find the replacement capacitor. The capacitor is removed, and if the new one has special markings, how do I determine the correct connection, which involves only two wires. Do I check to see which lead has voltage present, when the breaker is on? Do I avoid this, and check for which lead is grounded? I'm confused and need some help.

update: Further research shows an alternating current capacitor in the application doesn't have polarity. 


  1. take the capacitor to the hardware store with you and let them match it. And totally sounds like the capacitor is bad.

    1. Local hardware stores generally lean towards being like the box stores, so I went to the local HVAC supply house, which didn't have one the same physical size. Since the mounting bracket, and clearance, require the same size, I'll go to another supply house in an adjoining city that was recommended.