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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Obamacare Lite?

I haven't examined the bill proposed by the House, but from what I've read, the replacement for Obamacare will - like Obamacare - keep my insurance rates high, lead to higher premiums, and continue the madness in Washington.

I'm pissed, and think it's time to demand the removal of all taxpayer funded health care for all federal employees. If they can't understand the problems they caused, forcing them to deal with the same problems might get the attention of those so willing to punish producers for a continuation of the Federal Country Club.


  1. Before Obama Care, we had good insurance from the state of Georgia. After the implementation of Obama Care, our insurance had copays, coinsurance, and ghastly deductibles. I have to pay 1200 per family member before it pays anything, and I pay almost a thousand a month for what is essentially a worthless policy.

    1. Mine was good, until Obamacare. The rate increases were unwarranted, and the increasing deductibles leave me paying substantially more for insurance than I'll pay in medical costs.

      It wasn't that many years ago, when a policy for me, and my wife at the time, cost less than $200 a month.

  2. Inertia. Garbage bag zip tie. It only ratchets one way.