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Friday, March 3, 2017

Somewhat Amazing

I observe the news, when I can. One thing I've noticed is the constant attack of the infrastructure repairs Trump wants Congress to finance. The outcry of the expense, and how to pay for it, always ends with only two options: raise taxes, or more deficit spending. The best option, which is cutting federal spending, seem to be ignored by many, which I understand. When so many depend on suckling from the federal teat, too many think it's a normal way of life, and are entitled to their spot.

I'll watch how this all turns out. My hope is huge cuts in wasteful spending, including reciprocation to donors, parallel agency functions, overstaffed agencies, and useless positions to satisfy bureaucracy. These are only a few cuts, and anyone with private sector management skills could find many.

While private citizens are forced to adapt to economic changes, the federal government either inflates the currency, or borrows against the future, without considering how it affects future generations. It's time for this to end, and the Washington D.C business complex to face the same harsh realities those in the private sector face daily.


  1. If only. But the fools keep getting elected.

    1. They do, and I blame it on the ignorance of too many people that vote.

    2. Some are not ignorant.
      They vote themselves income.

    3. They do, and until all federal workers are not allowed to unionize, and elected officials have term limits, stealing form the taxpayers will be a thriving business.