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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Absurdity at Its Finest

The four members of the "Squad", are given some sort of credibility by a media that's as ignorant as a box of rocks. The four are seditionists, criminals, and generally trashy reprobates that manged to get elected by constituents with the brain power of garden vegetable. The media - of course - doesn't care, but continues with their disregard for decency. After all, they can continue as long as anyone links to them, or the idiot outlets like the AP.


  1. What a terrible analogy to make to garden vegetables, which actually have a purpose :D

  2. The opportunity: they expose the idiocy of the Left.

    The risk: they get power. It has a French Revolution sort-of feeling.

  3. Min wage $20.00 hr Ok kill every small business in Merica. Now go to a fast food joint. no people working all robotics..Go to any market no employees if any business can stay in business.

  4. All in all, the media is losing credibility, politicians drained the money, and more people are paying attention.