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Monday, January 16, 2012


I've had it for last few days. I sound like the old wrestlers from the 60's that were clotheslined so many times, they almost lost their voices. It makes me feel like Ivan Putsky, or Jose Lothario, or Paul Boesch. If you recognize those names, then you're older than dirt.


  1. Those names don't ring a bell. But I'm pretty sure I was sounding like Moms Mabley two days ago. Remember her?

  2. I remember Mom Mabley. For awhile, I think I sounded like her, too.

    I don't remember Bobo Brazil, although my wrestling watching was pretty limited.

    Two of my brothers were fascinated by electronics, so they fiddled around with different antennaes, added a linear amplifier and boosted the really poor signal from a UHF channel in Houston. We'd watch "Houston Wrestling", which we weren't particularly fond of, but it was cool to be able to watch, since it was out of Houston.

    Sometimes, the picture would be clear and when an FM station started broadcasting Don Kirshner's "Rock Concert", it was more than cool.

    Considering the technology available today, our efforts were almost Stone Age. Cable, satellite and the internet have brought just about anything anyone would want to watch to big screen televisions in digital stereo.

  3. I love having laryngitis, it gives me an excuse not to have to make small talk with chatty GenPop.
    I kind of remember the name Ivan Putsky. And I invented mud, by the way.

    1. The rough voice is kind of neat, but when I saw all the white spots on my tonsils, I was a little freaked out. A half water and half peroxide gargle solved that problem.

  4. I vaguely remember those names, but I for sure remember Bulldog Bob Brown. Andre the Giant plus retinue were supposedly snowed in the local cafe in Kalvesta for a few days in the seventies, and about ate 'em out of supplies.