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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Political Climate

The Democratic and Republican parties have been the most powerful for a long time. While they both proclaim they best represent the interests of the U.S. citizen, neither do. Both have entrenched political members that will do anything they feel necessary to control their power. Neither is inspiring and neither now appears as representative by anyone with an I.Q. above a carrot. The congressional approval polls prove my point.

Both parties have lost the trust of working citizens. Most working people don't have private limousines take them to work, special security, almost unlimited access to anywhere and the opportunity of lucrative financial deals offered daily. Most people don't have large staffs to take care of their personal business, guaranteed retirement income after a few years work and complete immunity from the bureaucracies of the EPA, IRS or  OSHA. While this is not indicative of every member of Congress, there's enough to perpetuate the perception and when you add the fact basically poor Congressional members amass huge wealth while in Congress, most regular folks don't feel they're getting a fair shake...and they aren't.

So, when the likes of Rand Paul buck the system, demand answers for the people that pay his salary and continuously push for Constitutional laws, people have the hope there's someone that may stop the madness we call Washington, D.C. and allow greater opportunities without the constant reminder of government intrusion.

I hope many in Washington are starting to sweat. Their playground needs a hero that won't allow the bullying, demands they behave and kicks those that are unwilling to follow the rules to the curb. We need the Rand Pauls to shrink the government, stop out of control spending, return the power of our currency and demand our government is there for us; not them .

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