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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gastric Bypass Confusion

I've known a few people that had gastric bypass surgery, but I don't know any that  achieved long term weight loss, or kept the band. Two I know have lost substantial portions of their stomach, with one developing a baseball size abscess after removal surgery and is now in the hospital with kidney failure.

From what I know, the surgery demands multiple meals each day, with the meals only being a few spoons of certain foods, and a stern warning for avoiding certain foods, such as nuts. Otherwise, the success of the surgery is a physical restriction, possible pain, and a substantial lowering of the amount of food allowed in the stomach. A low amount of daily calories equals a reduction in weight.

So, what's my confusion? Why not try the diet, with the portions allowed, and avoid the surgery? Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a cattle prod and give your family specific instructions to hit you with the prod if you go beyond the six ounces of food allowed? That would be easier, safer, and allow pain free splurges when they aren't around.

I dunno. Some things I find hard to fathom, and gastric bypass surgery is one of those things.


  1. I once asked my Dr. for a diet to lose weight. He said, "Don't eat so much." Seems a lot more simple than surgery.

    1. I had a science teacher in high school that said the same thing.

      After reading, and seeing, the pitfalls of the surgery, I can see all types of simpler solutions. The drawbacks of gastric bypass surgery are downright dangerous, and I just can't see how anyone would choose that path before just limiting their food intake.

    2. Because it seems to calls for no self control.

  2. There's a local hospital that closed and was bought by a company that converted it to a regional bariatric surgerry center!
    An obese lady in my bible study went out of state for her surgery.
    Without lifestyle changes it's useless. Put it all back on and more.
    She just entered the hospital as she can't walk now.

    1. That's sad. While it's an approved surgery, from my vantage point, it requires strict adherence to the mandates of the adjusted diet, and any variance leads to disaster.

  3. What I great idea Jess. You could market a "shock" necklace for the obese like we have shock collars for dogs that bark incessantly. When they reach for a second helping the would get a shock from the necklace.

    Brilliant. And much cheaper for insurance.