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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)

Way back when, when AM radio was king, I'd play pool at a friend's house, we'd solve all the problems of the world, and it was a simple task; if they'd listen to the brilliant suggestions youth demanded.

This song was played, but it was the short version, so the advertisers received all the air time they paid for.


  1. The long version is so much better. Seems like when AM radio was king I listened to FM.

    1. My father was an electronics guru. He was trained during his years of service in WW2 and Korea, and continue his career of electronic wizardry until his death.

      AM and FM are two different manipulations of the electro-magnetic spectrum. AM changes the size of the radio wave; FM changes the frequency.

      AM is less stable, with the bad result of static if the energy to transmit is beyond what is anticipated. FM doesn't have this problem, but too much frequency manipulations used to lead to broadcasting beyond what was licensed by the FCC. That's what led to the original soft-spoken, mild mannered conversation on FM. Too much power could lead to bleeding into the frequency of another licensed broadcaster, and fines.