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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Two Hens and Tort

A restaurant in Virginia booted the White House press secretary from the premises. The co-owner did so due to her standards, and much coercion from her staff.

This, in my opinion, is completely up to the discretion of the restaurant. No restaurant, or any business, should be forced to serve those they don't want in their establishment. In a perfect world, the incident would be over, and the restaurant could continue feeding its clients. Unfortunately, that won't happen.

The restaurant is being bombarded by negative reviews, and the detractors are from all over the United States. I'm sure the usual ugly remarks and threats are numerous, which can be hard on a business if it has an internet site. The sheer volume of nasty comment, or emails, can choke a server and increase the cost for business. 

There are many supporters too, but if the supporters are the usual supporters for those so quick to react without thinking, their not known for their spending, or charity. They'll swear their allegiance, and then shake their head, when the restaurant closes the door.

To add insult to injury, there is another restaurant in Virginia with the same name. Their business may suffer, and if enough damage is done, they may seek the help of a personal injury attorney to reduce the losses.

I doubt the restaurant survives. Such actions, with nationwide coverage, don't end well. The co-owner, and staff, probably thought they were preserving their integrity, which is a noble action. Unfortunately their ignorance may lead to bankruptcy, and unemployment. They choose the battle, but never realized they already lost the war.


  1. I dunno. I don't we want to go back to separate water fountains for blacks and whites. Discrimination for politics seems like the same thing to me. Like I said at cube's place, I draw a distinction between being forced to violate your conscience and simple commerce. If a large gay lesbian couple wanted to go into that bakery and buy them out of all the bake goods, I assume the baker would sell to them. It's only when they want the baker forced to use his art talents in promoting their grotesque hobby in frosting. The only way this is comparable was if Sarah used her God-given talents and forced the wait staff to sit in front of her dinner podium while she verbally slapped them around for dessert.

    1. I support any business having the right to refuse service to anyone. It's like freedom of speech, which is freedom of thought. It can have a price, since pocketbook justice can be the most severe.