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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Maybe The Worm is Turning

I read a news report that stated Peter Stzrok was escorted from the FBI building. That's an encouraging sign. Stzrok not only didn't want Trump in office, he stated in an email a conspiracy to stop Trump from becoming President. Considering his part in the Clinton email investigation, the Muellor Probe, and efforts to hide his complicity in sedition, his actions bordered on treason. 

Maybe Stzrok will finally be charged with a crime. After that happens, there are more bad actors, including Hillary Clinton, that have some illegal activities needing close examination. The evidence is there, and all it will take is Sessions to start the ball in motion. 


  1. Replies
    1. He might. The lyrics might lead to the final downfall of the Clinton clan, and the Obama monstrosity.

  2. What's up with Sessions? Does he have a loved one being held hostage? Do they have polaroids of him in his mother's unmentionables? Has he been drinking Flint water?

    1. I haven't figured out Sessions. Maybe he knows how the final result will be long jail sentences, an is enjoying the show.