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Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Little Rain, But No Relief

Yesterday, we had a shower in the evening. Before the sun could heat again, it set, which allowed some cooling overnight.

This morning, we had a brief, heavy downpour, which left it cool for a short period of time, but this afternoon there is no relief.

It's 3:30, the temperature is 90, and the heat index is 99. This is much different than an actual temperature of 99, with low humidity. There is no relief in the shade. The humidity doesn't allow much evaporation, so the sweat accumulates, and the misery increases.

Tomorrow offers higher temperatures, high humidity, and more of the really uncomfortable afternoon we've experienced. I have to watch the crew, and insure they don't burn out. Starting at 6:00 am helps. The extra hour of relatively cooler air is probably the most productive hour during the day. After 2:00 pm, the heat can be too much, and any production is minimal. We usually stop around 3:00, and avoid the afternoon heat that causes so much stress, one night of rest doesn't give enough relief.

The oppressive heat of summer came early this year. Whether it continues, without the usual afternoon rains, is to be seen. I've experienced a summer where the afternoon temperatures hovered around 105 for weeks. It was a summer where heat was deadly, and many were so influenced by heat exhaustion, they had to go to the hospital.

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  1. Yikes! We are having the opposite here, with a horrible so-called spring and summer taking its time setting in. My pool picked a good year to have liner issues. Was hoping to have that sucker up and running for this weekend. Still might happen. Got another visit scheduled today from pool company. Today's high 75 so no hurry. I've said it before but worth repeating - who thinks inground pools in Michigan is a good idea?