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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All I Want For Christmas... a phaser and a transporter.


  1. Where would you go, and what time frame? I go through this scenario a lot in my mind.

  2. I really don't want to go anywhere in particular, but there's quite a few people I know that need to be transported somewhere else....anywhere else as long as it's not here.

    The phaser is for stunning anyone that thinks I want to hear their gansta rap at 105 decibels from 200 feet away.

  3. I like YOUR idea better than mine. And it makes more sense. Instead of removing myself from the equation, I could take everyone else out of the picture entirely!!

    Making my list....checking it twice....

    I'm thinking about...oh...mid Europe during the black plague would be fitting.

  4. I want a Tardis and Sonic Lime aid oops I mean screwdriver.

  5. Oh Santa?! Santa?!? I'd take a replicator - that way I can have a phaser, transporter and whatever else I can think up!

  6. "The phaser is for stunning anyone that thinks I want to hear their gansta rap at 105 decibels from 200 feet away. "

    I've always thought that there is a fortune to be made by the inventor of a portable EMP gun. It would be something about the size and looks of one of those hand held police radar guns that when pointed and the trigger pulled, emits a very narrow, highly concentrated, electromagnetic pulse. When aimed at the emitter of said 105 decibel gangsta, one very loud pop and the 105 decibel rap ceases.

    If done just before the light turns green, you can drive off leaving the gangsta rapper in a state of confusion as to what just happened.