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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Worm is Turning

George Zimmerman is suing NBC for airing an edited 911 call.  The edited call had an obvious effect on public perception and NBC will find it was expensive - whether intentional, or not.

A digital police photo was reluctantly released during discovery for the upcoming criminal trial. In the photo, Zimmerman's face clearly shows injuries, which I would think lead a rational prosecutor to reserve their efforts to prosecute. However, that's not what happened. Political posturing took precedence and the zeal of advancement clouded the judgement of people that are expected to be unwilling to place political aspirations ahead of justice.

So here we are. Zimmerman's life is forever changed for the worse, except for a possible monetary judgement, which could allow him to survive for the rest of his life out of the public arena. He might be convicted, but I have no doubt an appeal will bring even more evidence of a unbridled prosecutor with a personal agenda. That won't play well at the appellate level; especially with the suit for damages.

If Zimmerman loses in the criminal court, the civil court may be his vindication and any attempts by the defendant (NBC) to settle will only further prove there was a deliberate attempt to railroad Zimmerman for gain.

We'll eventually learn the outcome. Personally, I think this has been a fiasco and those involved with attempting to prosecute Zimmerman have made a huge mistake. Time will tell, but in the future, things will change and I doubt those unwilling to admit their mistakes will find their efforts yielded any gains.


  1. I hope Zimmerman is acquitted and that he successfully takes NBC to the cleaners for its capricious actions. However I can't help but think that all this could have been avoided had Zimmerman just simply called the cops, backed off, and let them handle everything. As a neighborhood watch, that's all he was obligated to do. There was no life or death matter until he chose to confront the situation himself. That's where I sometimes have problems with self-defense and stand your ground laws, when they are used in situations that could have been entirely avoided.

    1. I think he was fed up with the inability of the police to make any headway with stopping the criminal activity in his neighborhood. While he could wait, he knew it wouldn't lead to any arrests and he followed to insure a suspected criminal left, or was interviewed by police.

      If what I've read is correct, Trevon attacked Zimmerman. Since Trevon isn't around to corroborate, or refute the contention, the only real evidence is what forensics discovers and the condition of Zimmerman.

      Still, I have to wonder what reasoning was used if Zimmerman intentionally went out of his way to harm Trevon. Why get close? What call the police? He could have just stalked him, shot him, disposed of the gun and another gang related death would have only graced the 25th page of the newspaper.

  2. Honestly, when a black kills a white and is prosecuted, it's called RACIAL BIAS. When a white kills a black, it's called RACIAL BIAS.

    When blacks from one neighborhood kills a black from another neighborhood, it's called a vendetta and the whole neighborhood takes care of it while police are looking for leads.

    Heaven help a cop who actually finds the black, handcuffs him, and gets BOTH neighborhoods surrounding him.

    We've been told to have an open mind until our brains fell out and we got outnumbered in the streets and at the voting booth.

    I know I sound prejudiced, but I wasn't born this way. I learned it from the very ones who use it as a club against us.

    1. The majority of people are decent, although this majority seems to be shrinking.

      I blame race baiting and an unwillingness of the media to address one of the big problems: People that make tons of money by using race profiling to promote their agenda. You can see it in politics, supposed religious organizations and even in the entertainment industry. They keep stirring the crap and releasing the stink. If they did what was right, they'd demand the complete removal of any race criteria from all government documents, the census and educational facilities.

    2. And then Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up.

  3. Jesse and Al aren't far from complete irrelevance. Hopefully, they didn't make too many enemies, or fritter away their extortion money.