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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Enjoying the Evening

The news sucks. Not that it isn't important, but it's full of signs that the pandemic of dumbassery is unabated; and a substantial portion of the world population is suffering. So, I'm enjoying the evening watching fat doves try to become fatter, a few brown headed cowbirds definitely accomplishing the same task, and the occasional blue jay make a quick trip to find a sunflower seed.

It's rather nice this evening. The temperature is in the mid seventies, the wind is from the South, and the wonders of nature convince me humans are generally ignorant.

My only problem is deciding whether a squirrel getting into the bird seed requires capital punishment, or not. It's a toss up between forgiveness, and gumbo.


  1. I vote for forgiveness. We all need a little leeway sometimes.

    1. I'll just move the food; unless the squirrel decides to find something else to irritate me; such as trying to find a way into the attic. That's definitely a capital offense.