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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm Not Familiar With Some Things

I had a friend receive an email message that piqued my interest. Apparently, one of their friends had plans that were delayed, so they relayed that fact and added: "I'm bored."

I don't think I've ever been bored, Distracted? Yes, that and irritated, too busy, tired, hungry, curious, wanting to stay busy, and needing a nap. I won't add "horny", because that might offend some readers.

My first reaction was: "How would I answer that email?" My first thought was: "How about I come to your house and light your sofa on fire?" I know that would remove their boredom. In fact, I bet they'd be scrambling like a squirrel with fleaI s on its ass.

I could continue: "Have you cleaned your toilet? What about that dust ball under the kitchen table? How's your spice supply? Is it up to date? Do you need to add something to it? What about your closet? When was the last time you went through your clothes and hauled what you don't wear to the Salvation Army?

So, I don't get bored. If nothing else, I can write, or think about a few impossible things. My mind never stops, and I never have reached the point I can't find anything to occupy my time, which is more precious than all the gold in the world.


  1. I have never understood those who say they are bored. Like you, my mind never stops. I have often wished I had a little switch located just behind my right ear that I could use to shut my mind off. But then I would run the risk of being bored. And that would not be tolerable.

    1. If nothing else, my toenails may require my attention. At my age, they can be a daunting task to trim.

  2. I have occasionally been bored, but not in a long, long while. I think boredom is for the young. Now and then, I wish I could experience a little boredom. I could use a few hours of having nothing important do to.

    1. I doubt you'll ever face boredom again during your life. Time is so precious, and even if it's only spent sitting and watching a sunrise, it's time well spent.