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Saturday, June 6, 2015

While They Squirm...

...I just sit and watch.

For years, too much of the media protected the Democratic Party from the scrutiny they have for all other parties. It's probably mostly because the believers in a Progressive  government infiltrated journalism and even graduates with degrees in journalism are poorly trained to be critical thinkers. Even then, those that question the "authorities" on what should be reported are chastised, or become victims of character assassination.

I think the media is reaching the point where introspection is showing their credibility is almost gone. The media has sunk to the same level once only reserved for ambulance chasing attorneys and unethical used car sales people. Their only real purpose for public good is now considered a daily dose of propaganda and even their slanted polls reveal a dissatisfaction by the general public with what is reported.

Hillary Clinton is probably the best example of the failure of the media. She started her career by being embroiled in scandal while helping with the Watergate investigation. What actually happened is still disputed, but it was the start of many scandals. The media, if it was doing its job, would have revealed much more about Hillary and allowed the public to make its own opinion. Hiding key facts allowed her into important positions, and ultimately led to the deaths of U.S. citizens in Benghazi.

The newest information showing what are probably criminal "donations" to the Clinton Foundation may lead to their once "guaranteed" presidential candidate being prosecuted. It's already apparent Hillary is aware of this. Becoming President is her only hope of escaping any criminal activities, yet much of the media is ignoring her avoidance of any interaction with reporters, or the public, which is a bizarre way of running a presidential campaign.. An honest media would know this, hound her, and allow the public to scrutinize her actions over the last few years.

So, now the media has Hillary, and many other, "white elephants" to deal with. If they keep avoiding presenting key facts, they will continue to watch their ratings drop, lose revenue, and find public trust declining further. Exposing those they covered for years will lead to scrutiny they don't want either.  Accurate reporting that shows either incompetence, or culpability, also shows failure, and dishonesty.

I know many in the media are searching for dirt on opponents of their party choices. It's apparent with the report that Marco Rubio had some traffic tickets. Their desperation shows they're squirming and I'm personally enjoying their discomfort. May their discomfort reach the same level as multiple hemorrhoids, a hot summer day, no air conditioning, and an all day car trip across the desert.  

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