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Friday, June 12, 2015

What Do You Think They Have on Ryan?

I'm wondering what they have on Paul Ryan to make him refuse to allow the citizens of the U.S. to peruse the bill he wants all Congress to sign, without reading. Something illegal? Immoral? Maybe he was a sleeper, and they finally said the magic word that put him in action.

Whatever it is, he might as well call Jeffords and ask how it is on the dark side. That, and watch his back. I have the feeling his enemies now far outweigh his friends.


  1. Speaking of 'sleepers', anyone hear from Bart Stupak lately?
    There certainly seems to be at least a reasonable presumption that someone has something on Ryan, or perhaps it was just a 'subtle' hint along the lines of ya got a nice life and family there, be a shame if something were to happen to them.........

    1. Washington D.C. is filled with rotten pieces of crap with only personal gain as a goal. Unless this changes, the United States will continue to suffer from irresponsible political actions.

  2. Somehow, Rick Scott was re-elected as governor of Florida. I knew better, but his opposition had dirty hands too. Well, it seems that ol' Ricky managed to hand off to Mitt Romney, his large partnership in HCA. What is that? Hospital Corporation of America. Which bilked medicare last year of 68 BILLION dollars.

    How does that work? I spent 12 hours in the ER of an HCA hospital and the bill was $49,000.

    It's a frightening land we live in, and we're not going to win the war because our enemy is our own and they fight dirty and underground.

  3. if all pols being blackmailed just came out with full confession their enemies would have no leg to stand on. 'the truth shall make you free.'
    remember in one of those mafia pictures how they made a congressman think he had killed a girl after they drugged him?

    just say the truth!