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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"I Love Summer" - Heywood Banks is At The Bottom

I have a little knowledge about air conditioning. It helps at some times, but reveals things that are upsetting.

Over the last week, I noticed my truck AC was not as cool as it should be. It's gradually became worse, so I hooked up the gauges, with the hope a little freon would solve the problem, but was rewarded with more of a problem.

I checked the static pressure, and it was good. I turned on the truck, checked the gauges, found the low pressure was high, and the high pressure was low. In fact, the pressure didn't change, which means the compressor isn't compressing, and a little freon  will not fix this problem.

For those that don't know, the ambient gas pressure is directly proportional to the temperature. So, when the gas pressure corresponds with the correct gauge pressure, the problem is not with the amount of gas. This leads to more troubleshooting.

A compressor, when it works correctly, "sucks" the substance it compresses, which lowers the pressure. At the discharge, it has higher pressure, and this indicates the efficiency of the compressor. A lower difference indicates inefficiency. With no difference, it indicates failure.

So, it's time to change the compressor, which should be easy, but it's another thing about summer that makes life difficult.

For your enjoyment, I offer the following....don't stop a baseball with your've been warned.

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