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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Reasonable Assumption

With the firing of Comey, the constant leaks to obfuscate, and investigations all leading back to crimes involving leaking national security, it's obvious those orchestrating the current effort to damage the current President are either still high up in government, or former high officials of the last administration. Comey was just the first to fall, since he was avoiding his job. Those next may find they either testify for prosecution, or face stiff criminal charges of their own.

I'll sit and watch this one. It's reasonable to assume the criminal acts of government officials are protecting people they either fear, or fear the repercussions of prosecuting these people.

While all the detractors continue their efforts to cause problems, those responsible for following the laws are stepping up their efforts to find corruption. May they be successful; and may some semblance of integrity return to the nation's capitol.

After some of the things I've read today, I've decided the loyal followers of the Democratic Party are either bat-shit crazy, or so mentally challenged, any event requiring more thought than what color crayon to use is beyond their ability to participate.


  1. Pelosi and Schumer and Pocahantas and et al. bat-shit crazy AND mentally challenged. It'd be humorous if there wasn't half the country filled with like-minded wing nuts.

    1. The real insanity really becomes apparent, when you realize how many others voted them into office.

  2. I've been reading some left wing blogs. Their thought processes are so different from my own, that I simply can't understand or follow their logic. If, in fact, they are at all motivated by logic.

    1. I have some relatives that are liberal. While they are well educated, and far from stupid, their ignorance, failure to examine facts, and dogmatic repeating of the liberal mantras indicates they have mental problems.

  3. I agree, Jess. I have a large number a family liberals, many of whom are 'educated'. They know a lot of stuff, but most of it is wrong. A skyscraper of quality steel built on sand foundations. Facebook era makes for awkward family picnics these days.