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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Just a Theory

With so much of the news being influenced by conjecture, partial reporting and outright lies, what really is happening is mostly not available for scrutiny. With only pieces of information, logic is required, and theories develop.

I have a theory that most of the criminal collusion investigation was a ruse. Most of the evidence was available for the Trump team, and the opportunity to use the information for good use was available. Many things could be planned, an agenda set in motion, and a golden opportunity to mislead a hostile media appeared.

Many in the media are now operating as though they are insane. They so want to destroy the current administration, known bad sources for information are used, and the efforts led to some situations where the outcome was not only embarrassing, the integrity of huge news agencies was shattered forever. To make it worse for these outlets, they continue to be led by carrots of bogus information, and follow these leads to their possible oblivion.

This is a perfect opportunity to use the media as a diversion, implement huge changes to an out of control bureaucracy, and expose the corrupt parts of the media. A few twitter tweets, and the narrative is set. The media has the opportunity to not investigate what they know will expose the corruption of their chosen players, and run with nonsense without any real value.

If I'm right, their are huge changes in the government that will be basically ignored. Some have happened, such as the lowering of the number of government employees, and the dismantling of regulations most people had no idea were drastically influencing their personal bottom dollar. These are not good for the liberal media, since is proves their agenda was harmful. So, these will be ignored, or spun as something they know they can't defend with logic.

The midterm election is now in motion. The opportunity for conservatives to beat their opponents with their failed policies is now much easier, and all the efforts to condemn conservative ideas will be close to futile, when it's apparent by working folks they have more money in their pocket, and a better life. It's a good time for one political party, and with some juicy tidbits of corruption to add to the effort, those that were so secure during the last administration may find they backed the losing team.

Hopefully, we won't again see the Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


  1. Replies
    1. Coasting, failing to represent constituents, and continuing ill gotten money is probably the reason they're that way. It's much easier to play the game than try to win.

  2. yes they are good at that. and depends on how many oprah swooners are driven to the polls.

    1. A more advanced civilization would be baffled by many of our people and wonder how the human race wasn't eliminated eons ago.