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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

People Should Be Paying Attention

After watching a multitude of commercials, and watching people I know, the use of voice activated devices is becoming a dependency. I understand the convenience, but these devices remove certain mental exercises that may be necessary. That, and anything that can listen to a command can broadcast all sounds received.

I din't know how this will all end up, but I really don't see it ending as well as perceived. There's a point where convenience leads to laziness and a lack of initiative. Both lead to dependency, eventual poor health, and a society ripe for manipulation by those without the best interests of citizens in mind.


  1. My question is always "who else is listening?"

    1. Whoever it is, whether private, or government, doesn't have the privacy demanded by the Constitution in mind.

  2. I have one in the bedroom. I hope my NSA agent likes snoring.