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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debate Last Night

I watched some of the debate, but found I was so disgusted with the President, I couldn't watch any longer.

The truth:

-The economy is not better.
-The military is shrinking.
-Health Care is more expensive than ever and the new regulation are driving costs higher.
-The Middle East is in a constant state of turmoil. Religious terrorists and ruthless dictator killed thousands. To add to this constant erosion of freedom, Iran is in the final stages of having enough high grade fissionable material for a nuclear bomb.
-Due to "quantitative easing", which is the increase of money, without any real backing, the dollar has devalued tremendously over the last three years. To put it in perspective, the amount of gold required to purchase oil has changed only slightly. The amount of dollars required has increased substantially. Otherwise, the value of anything, including labor, has been reduced. Workers make the same money, yet it only buys a portion of what it once purchased.
- The Senate has reached a point where it does little and only contributes to the problems by stopping legislation from proceeding.
- Federal agencies are dictating policy with administrative rules. Congress is being bypassed and the effect is a reduction of freedom and increase in costs to do business.

Obama failed as a President and the United States is suffering due to his failures. The debate only reinforced my belief he would say anything, regardless of whether it's the truth and with disregard to the consequences.

Are you better off than four years ago? I'm not and I don't personally know anyone that is.

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