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Friday, October 12, 2012

Now It Gets Interesting

The White House says it was never informed of the security problem in Libya, which means they shove the responsibility back towards the State Department. This now points a finger at the person that is over this department, which is Hillary Clinton. The net is being drawn in and somebody will be thrown to the wolves.

Hillary won't take this criticism. Somebody will feel her wrath and it's going to get uglier. I doubt she makes the same mistake Biden did and place responsibility on the intelligence community; I think she's smarter than that, but I may be wrong. That's not a good path to follow. I doubt anyone in the current administration is insulated from clandestine investigations by intelligence agencies and could be embarrassed, or worse.

I have to add a thought:

As the campaign draws to a close, there are indications that the Obama administration is losing daily, which will mean a substantial change in Washington. Hillary won't accept being drawn in with the losing team and will do everything to prevent being considered a failure - even if it means throwing Obama under the bus. 

We'll know in a few weeks, or sooner.


  1. There's also a story floating around on the intertubes that Panetta actually ordered the OBL strike and only notified Obama when the choppers crossed the Paki border.

    Obama was golfing at the time and rushed back to the situation room to watch. He had been bypassed in the decision because Jarrett had vetoed the two previous decisions.

    Hillary, JCS, Pentagon, Patreus and others knew before the prez. Should be good for some fireworks if it comes out as true.

  2. I've managed people for over 30 years. I've been lucky and unlucky. the lucky times were when I had qualified people to make good decisions at critical times. I've been unlucky when unqualified people made the wrong decisions at critical times. Whatever the situation, I was always responsible at answered to the final outcome.

    I think we've reached the point where it's obvious this administration has too many unqualified personnel. Decisions were based on political reactions, as opposed to what's right and the final result is a management structure that failed. The unqualified people will react in only one way: self preservation. There will be no honor and the honestly will have a cost that too many won't be able to pay.

    1. Good analysis on how Clinton will respond.
      What will Bill do before the election accordingly?