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Friday, October 5, 2012

There Was No Surprise

I've been reading, and watching, the reactions to the first Presidential debate. I get the feeling many are surprised by the result, which confuses me. How in the world could anyone be surprised? Obama didn't have a record of success when he ran for office; too much of the media never made any effort to examine the man, or his past; and the last four years have been a national debacle of failed policies. Yet, the alphabet networks, and many like them, have plenty of excuses, which make little sense when you examine the reality.

This administration is a litmus test of our society. As in the past, the knee jerk reaction of irresponsibility by our government led to allowing the same government to pursue policies that cause severe harm to the United States. I saw the same after Nixon, when the American people embraced Jimmy Carter, who was woefully inadequate as a President. As a nation, we should be smarter and demand better, but it appears we're going to do these things forever.

Is there somewhere to place the blame? You're damn right there is: We blame ourselves. We're willing to continue to support media outlets that fail to accurately investigate and report on future candidates. Until we do, we'll repeat this unhealthy process until the United States fails as a nation.

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