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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Not Buying It

Hillary says the lack of security in Libya was her responsibility.

"...This was a many-hour ordeal that we were all involved in, and I was deeply concerned as you would obviously assume, to hear about an attack," she said. Not only was the picture coming out of Libya murky, but also, "Then we couldn't find Ambassador Stevens, and we were trying desperately to figure out what happened to him and to Sean Smith and to the others who were there..."

Deeply concerned? Yes she was. She was, and is, concerned about her legacy. If she was so concerned, why was there almost no security in Benghazi? Why did the State Department ignore the requests for more security? Why did she make the ridiculous statement a riot caused by a video escalated and led to the murders? Why did she continue to allow this explanation to be accepted for a week after the attack?

Responsible? You damn right Hillary Clinton is responsible. Why is she still operating in an official capacity when it's obvious she isn't qualified to run a Tupperware party? If she thinks this will somehow vindicate her actions, she's wrong. This only confirms every citizen of the United States is in danger due to the ass-clowns in this President's administration.

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