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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let the Whining Begin

A debate is the polite way of two adversaries to use words in the attempt to hack their opponent into smaller pieces. The result of the debate last night is pretty well determined and Romney got first blood, although some might say he dealt some punishment that will ultimately destroy Obama's chance for a second term.

Now, the media is involved, since they have a battle for their reporting. So far, it's not good for Obama and even the liberal media is not happy. Their reaction is to attack Romney and some are even attacking Obama for not winning.

So, let the whining begin. The liberals are good at this and I have ear plugs.


  1. The first two minutes of the debate had me seeing Obama acting like a cool black cat and Romney fidgeting and looking at his notes. I got so scared I hid in the crawlspace. I'm glad to find out that Romney pulled ahead, but with the welfare folks joining together via their free cell phones, we're NOT going to get the cheshire cat out of office.

  2. I don't think the core of his welfare supporters will get out of bed on election day.

    They will text each other, lol, agree to meet at elevenish for a trip to the convenience store and spend their afternoon drinking alcohol while scratching lottery tickets.