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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Infrastructure Sleight of Hand

Back in the eighties, there were many grants for infrastructure upgrades in local communities. The money spent was tremendous, and the result was an improved infrastructure. There was a problem. Since I can only use local entities for reference, I can't write the problem was nationwide, but I have a feeling it was.

The repairs were incomplete. In reality, the extra funds only provided a "band-aid", and the significant problems behind failing infrastructures continued. The problems are now compounded by falling tax revenues, unfunded pensions, bureaucracy, unqualified employees, and the ignorance of the taxpayers.

So, we're here again, with Washington pushing for huge amounts of money to repair the infrastructures. I haven't seen the proposals, but if they're the same, it's more good money thrown after bad. Band-aids won't fix the poor use of taxpayer money and ignorant taxpayers.


  1. Just self-funding their bureaucracy. There is no difference btwn the dems and the republicans as far as I can see. Neither represents me. This spending is so out of hand and immoral.

  2. People are complacent. They pay high taxes, or pay high rent, government entities piss off billions, and the only response is the demand for more laws, or legislation, to continue the nationwide milking of the ignorant.