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Friday, February 2, 2018

Okay....I'm a Little Freaked Out

Today, I received way over a month of visitors. To make it worse, looking at where they came from, I realized they're sites that have nothing to do with people interested in what I have to write about.

I really don't have clue of why this is happening, except there are some sites looking for more hits, and somehow my blog is being linked.

Whatever the reason, I need to figure out a way to receive a quarter for each visit. Considering the amount of visits today, in a few weeks, I could retire.


  1. That happened to me. The source turned out to be a web page in Germany, though why they would want to run up my stats was beyond me. Someone tried to explain it to me but frankly, I couldn't follow the explanation,my grasp of the internet was too limited. After a few days, it stopped as suddenly as it began.

  2. it was me. I just kept hitting the 'refresh' arrow on my browser until I got drowsy. it is funny when I get a spike and can't explain it. BTW, I'm sending you a quarter.