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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Golden Rule

You can look it up. There's more than one rendition and links to most all religious faiths. In my mind, it's necessary for a healthy society to function.

I suppose the rule could be subverted like all rules. It could easily be determined to only exist for one segment of society, or to justify unfair treatment of another, but this would be no different than any other rule, or law, that selfish individuals subvert for their own gain. That's the unhealthy part of a society. Envy and avarice have always been a plague and ruins of both are scattered throughout history.

I could write chapters on this subject, but it would only be reiterating what has been written for centuries. In my mind, the rule is what determines if a society survives, or disappears like all before. It's simple and really needs little explanation. Following the rule only requires an honest introspection without rationalization and subversion. That, to me, is the hardest part of following the Golden Rule. Few can be honest and admit they have allowed their weaknesses to justify their actions.


  1. I think most people now think of the Golden Rule as "He who has the Gold makes the Rules."