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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ignorance in Abundance

I think I awoke in the twilight zone. I've heard more ignorant comments this morning than are possible. Surely, some alien force has sucked brain matter from people that should have more sense than a handful of clay. I anticipate the rest of the day. By evening, I'll need a sedative, or a brain transplant.


  1. Must've been reading Yahoo comments.

  2. Actually, I was listening to comments from a coworker during a safety meeting. To make things worse, I was in a pissy mood, so I challenged their remarks, which resulted in comments so ignorant, the first comments were as brilliant as the writings of Einstein.

    I shook my head, had another doughnut, poured another cup of coffee and went back to work. It was that, or a trip to the liquor store.