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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Fall

Fall means different things to everyone, but it's a special time for me. I deal with oppressive heat for months, which gradually causes an unhealthy state of mind. Sometime during every day there is the longing for relief, which finally arrives when the first cold fronts lower the humidity and bring pleasant clear days with light northerly breezes.

This year is different. Due to the drought, nobody is burning leaves. I'm missing the smell, which accentuates the cool autumn air like an incense. It's integral to the experience, but this fall I'll have to do without. I guess it's a fair trade, since we didn't have to deal with a tropical system, or the torrential flooding that some summers bring. I'll take the trade and enjoy the time of the year I like the best.

I know colder days are coming. I'll be uncomfortable and deal with times when my feet ache from the cold. The cold damp wind will cut to the bone. Sometime during every day, I'll be longing for the relief of a hot bath and a warm bed. Until then, I'll enjoy what I have.

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