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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Protesting on Wall Street.

There's some pretty strange folks doing the protesting. From what I've heard, there's a bunch of the strangeness that's not being shown on the major news networks. I'm guessing it has to do with profanity, offensive signs, strange body piercings and the fact that most of the protesters probably can't spell protest and are only there to take advantage of the free stuff that's being handed out.

So, do I think they'll be successful with their protest and change the world? No. I think one, or more, will make the mistake of doing something really stupid. After the police are through with the entire crowd, the only thing left to do will be to hose down the mess and send in the street cleaning crews.

Here's what doesn't make sense and is probably beyond the reasoning power of many of the protesters: All of the protesting, demands for change and push for revolution has been done before. You can find the final effects in the history of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries that turned to wealth redistribution, with central government oversight. The outcome has been the same: Millions are killed and they die of starvation, exposure, medical experiments or, mercifully, from a bullet in the back of their heads.

So, who do you think will be the first to the "re-education" camps when the dust settles? You got it;  it's the non-productive loud protesters. Their shared dreams will end with the nightmare of bulldozers covering their mass grave. History shows this to be true and repeating this history is madness.

I have to add this comment from Obama at a news conference:

“...I think part of people’s frustrations, part of my frustration, was a lot of [lending] practices that should not have been allowed weren’t necessarily against the law, but they had a huge destructive impact,” the president said at a midday news conference Thursday..."

Has he lost his mind? Surely he can realize the irony of this statement considering the Solyndra scandal and the housing bust, thanks to the madness of sub-prime lending mandates?

Dumbass and dumbasses. This stuff is straight from a "Mad" magazine.

And another add:

The reports are now stating sanitation is a concern. The private park, which is the "headquarters" of the protesters, hasn't been cleaned since September 16. I'm guessing you can smell it two blocks away.


  1. Betcha a lot of these people are nothing more than professional protesters. Just like the Deadheads, they go through their entire lives looking for a protest to attend and attract attention to themselves, rather than be a contributing member of society. It's nothing more than a large block party to them.

  2. Some historical precedents protesters would be wise to emulate: I have heard that after the Ultimate Protest, more colloquially known as the Boston Tea Party, participants were extremely careful to cause no destruction of property or theft during the action, well, except for destroying the tea. The history apparently states they went so far as to sweep the decks of the ships after all the tea was thrown into the harbor. But in any case, here's a suggestion: if you want to be heard, speak clear, but also be polite, courteous and respectful.