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Thursday, May 10, 2012


That's the price per plate for a fundraiser dinner for President Obama. Even if I had the money to spend, I wouldn't spend that much to go sit and listen to a politician tell me how wonderful they are. In fact, if I had so much money that that amount was inconsequential, I think I'd do something a little more productive, like give it to the Salvation Army, or help somebody get through a financial crises due to a medical condition.

As I write, and think about this, I realize I wouldn't spend $40,000 to see George Washington even if he could come back to life and was attempting to jump the Potomac on a Moped.

** Update: News reports indicate about a 15 million dollar haul for the event. That will buy Obama a few minutes of commercial prime time. 

He needs to choose wisely. From what I'm seeing, the money will be limited this time and he may need to trim his spending.


  1. Snork! Pretty jaded as well here, too.

    If the limo liberals who are at the Clooney dealio really gave a crap, they'd be trying to help out with all the problems LA is having, perhaps a fundraiser or thirty for that. Nawwww, Clooney is shiny and evah so kewl. More important.

    Besides, just a little grease in the right palm will have Teh Won taking care of all those nasty problems using someone else's money anyhow.

  2. The fall from "greatness" will be particularly hard for the Obamaspock. When he's out of office, there won't be much of a call for his rhetoric, he won't have Air Force One and he won't be able to afford to send Michelle to some other country when he wants.

  3. I would probably consider giving 40k to NOT have to spend an entire evening with a bunch of sniveling self-indulgent asses who hate the American system that allowed them to be paid for being sniveling self-indulgent asses.