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Monday, May 7, 2012

OWN is not Doing Well.

The Oprah Winfree Network has turned into a money pit according to this report. The amounts of money, to me, is staggering but what really caught my eye is that the report states the big investor is The Discovery Network. Oprah has little invested, except her professional reputation, which probably won't affect her money.

I don't think this falls under the old saying: "you get what you pay for." Apparently, a tremendous amount of money has been paid for a product that doesn't work. This wasn't a bargain and the costs are astounding.


  1. She hired Rosie. And it didn't work out. See my shocked face.

    Kinda clues us all in on her acumen regarding TV shows other than her own.

  2. I have to give her credit for not sinking her own money into such a risky business venture.

    I'm thinking she had a feeling that her loss of ratings before her show ended was not just a fluke. With her obvious progressive slant and adoration of the current President, she alienated many of her viewers and the younger crowd, that might have boosted ratings, just weren't interested.

    "Has been." is the cruel Hollywood description of Oprah. If she's smart, she'll bow out with grace. If not, her ego will ruin what good reputation she has left.