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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cooked Numbers

"Official" unemployment rate was reported at 8.1% by the fine lying sacks of crap folks that proclaim such things. Sounds good, huh? It does, except those numbers don't reflect the people that are not in the labor force, which means they're not counted because it's not politically advantageous. This number rose by 522,000 in April, which is over a half a million people for those that are challenged by zeroes past one or two digits. Otherwise, if you're unemployed and not actively pursuing a job - which means you're probably living off my taxes - you're not counted so that the current administration can put a feather in their ass cap and pretend everything is looking better. 

Personally, my thoughts on what to do with lying bureaucrats don't fit in with the current accepted methods of dealing with liars that exist because most people still allow confiscatory taxes without any recourse for the taxpayer. Maybe that's why everything is so out of hand. 

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