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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Price of Freedom

The price of freedom is apparantly around $400 in food subsidies and $1200 in shelter subsidies. That's pretty cheap but it's enough for too damned many people in this country. I'm probably low on the numbers, but I'm not up to speed on how much money is slushed from the sweat of those that work and given to those that don't.

I guess I should be polite, but it only prolongs the inevitable agony of rationing and a cruel government. So, you that are part of this problem don't deserve the air you breathe. I have no compassion and only detest more the bureaucrats that help perpetuate this system of thievery.


  1. AND, according to the commercials asking for money: For 15 cents a day, you can get a child overseas treated at the clinic, given all the shots needed, feed them and send them to school. Try that in America.

  2. Fifteen cents each day wouldn't pay for the paper the bureaucrats use to doodle while they piss off the taxpayer's money.