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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Somebody 'Splain This to Me

First, I'll qualify this post by saying I'm writing completely from personal experience. My experience may be unique, which is why I'm asking the question.

I've been motivating around the adult/real world around 40 years. In that time, I've bought some important things, opened bank accounts, dealt with public officials and had various other experiences requiring a form of identification that is official and has my photograph. So, why would anyone assume - by word alone - someone is legally voting?

Have I missed something, or are some people so ate up with the dumbass, they believe saying otherwise is logical ?

I'll await the informative comments.


  1. No, you haven't missed anything.

  2. I want voter ID, but don't you think there is something attractive about taking someone at their word?

  3. Dead people wanna vote, too.

  4. I have absolutely no answer for this, just a suspicion that maybe I've been right all along and this whole "by the people" thing is for placebo effect.
    Jeffro is right too.

  5. I will be of no help whatsoever, because I wonder exactly the same thing. After all, how does it make sense that I get "carded" even making a return at Menards and Target but no one bothers to check if I'm legal to vote. Big WTF in my book.

  6. I like the idea that a person's word is good enough, but when it comes politicians, bureaucrats and the people involved with such things, I'd suspect DNA testing.